• Flash Fiction Event #3 Results - Father's Day (AT LAST!)

    Inexcusable, absolutely deplorable!

         I'm sorry, everypony.  My humblest apologies for the long, long, LONG wait on the results of this.  Real Life rather kicked me in the teeth.  This brutal heat wave over here (and lack of AC) hasn't helped matters.  You all have waited long enough.  Figured I'd drop this before the fireworks got too underway over here in the states for the 4th of July.

    And now, without further ado, the results.  Same sort by primary tag and all.  Lots of sad stuff this time around.  Have tissues handy.

    [Slice of Life] 

    Snowy Flanks - Spike Finds His Father
    ArgonMatrix - The Apple Doesn't Fall Far
    The_Unnamed_Pawn - Father's Day Fishing
    Celestia11 - Rarity's Father's Day Disaster


    Desideratium - A Rainbow-Patterened Laughingstock
    Pond - Dear Dashie
    NotARealPonydotcom - I Love You, Dad
    Shikilicious - A New Light
    Closer-To-The-Sun - Be Strong Now
    Arakos - Heirloom
    klystron2010 - The Light Killed My Children
    LiamNeighson - Father's Day
    Cloud Wander - It Is My Fate To Enter Every Door


    Yukito - Diamond Tiara Makes Breakfast-In-Bed
    TheAntimonyElement - Mi Amore

         So there you have it, folks, 15 entries for you for this exceedingly late results post.  I'm terribly sorry again for how long this has taken.

         The next event is scheduled for July 10th, and will be extended, for reasons I'll lay out when it rolls around.

         The hint for the next event? eh, sure, why not... "Screech and squawk, featherbrains.  It's time to go hunting."

  • Black Nerd Reviews Equestria Girls

    After throwing his EQG premiere video out to the masses a while back, the Black Nerd has returned with a review of the movie.  Fans of his stuff will probably enjoy the hell out of it, others may be slightly confused and then enjoy the hell out of it. Behind all the sillyness is a pretty objective listing of the strengths and weaknesses of the film.

    Anyway, find it below the break. 

  • Brony Study Seeking Ex-Bronies

    If Twilight Sparkle were here, she would be proud.  The Brony Study, which you may remember from their giant analysis on the fandom as a whole via 5000 pony fans taking a giant quiz, is moving on to another phase.  This one focuses entirely on ex-broinies, or anyone else that has left the pony scene behind.

    Head on down below the break for the full press release and links to go help out!

  • Story: Lavender Unicorn Syndrome (New Part 7!)


    Author: Sharaloth
    Description: A terrible affliction has befallen the peaceful town of Ponyville, and the lavender unicorn and her friends are right in the middle of it! And the edges of it. Heck, it's pretty much lavender unicorns all over.

    A story unrelated to anything.
    Lavender Unicorn Syndrome (New Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Weird Random Comedy, Silly Premise

  • Poll Results: Zombie Apocalypse! Who Do You Bring?

    Welp... the zombie apocalypse is over, and it looks like Luna has done it yet again.  No matter what situation she is in, she always wins.  I wonder why the swarms of Hasbro Licensors out there haven't jumped on the badnwagon yet?  As far as I know, Luna plushies aren't exactly overflowing from the sewing machines yet. 

    Next Flash poll: Worst pony!  WILL LUNA FINALLY LOSE A POLL?
  • Story: Trial Run


    Author: UnlicensedBrony
    Description: It's obvious to everypony, themselves included, that Applejack and Rainbow Dash have romantic feelings for one another. The only reason they're not together is that they're both convinced that a relationship between them could never work out. Rarity, on the other hoof, is convinced that it could, and Rainbow Dash agrees to a 'three date trial' to prove her wrong...
    Trial Run

    Additional Tags: Short Cutesy Appledash Get Together

  • Flash: Epic Pony Rap Battles of History - Scratch Vs Octavia / Moonlight Moonlight / Best of Flutteray

    Animation is what the fandom was built on, so it's only natural that this stuff has become the norm.  We start off with a bit of Octavia Vs. Vinyl Scratch battling it out rap style, followed by a few short ones dedicated to both Snowdrops and Achievement hunter.  Click the images to go check them out!

  • Hot Topic Adds Sports Bras

    Yay and Muffins, two phrases that seem to be repeated constantly over at Hot Topic.  They emblazon everything from hot pants to wallets, and now sports bras.  I'm guessing this stuff is still selling really well, or we wouldn't see all these new articles of clothing pop up.   Does this also mean a huge boon in the amount of female pony fans?  I remember it used to look like the opposite of Equestria in terms of equal numbers between the sexes.   I guess only meetup images and conventions will tell!

    Derpy Sports Bra
    Fluttershy Sports Bra

    Thanks to Micheal for the heads up!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #854

    That right there, that is a painting I'd hang on a wall.

    Have some art! We have a bunch of it today.  

    [1] Source
    Princess Luna and the Shadowbolts

  • Limestone and Marble Pie Clarified

    While these two were finally named a few days ago, there never was a clarification on who exactly was who.  Luckily G.M. Berrow, writer behind Pinkie Pie's Rockin Palooza, has set the record straight over on Twitter.   Apparently Limestone is the pony on the left, with Marble on the right.  Now go fix your fanfics!

  • Princess Compilation

    Princess Princess Princess.  Surprisingly enough this is a word used way too often in this show.  Subliminal messaging perhaps? I haven't a clue.   I wonder if they have a princess quota per episode?

    Anyway find the compilation below!

  • Music of the Day #137

    I honestly don't know how Music of the Day ended up swapping to mornings.  This stuff seems to happen a lot here on EQD.   I blame music submissions coming in at odd hours!

    Onward to 14 songs!

  • 6 More Months of Micro-Series Comics On the Way

    According to a mass email from Larry's Comics, they have already been committed to another six months of Micro-series comics.  So far we know the CMC are getting one, along with Celestia, I'm definitely looking forward to the next four after that though! Have a direct quote: 

    Great news: My Little Pony micro series #6 : APPLEJACK variants ship this Wednesday!! IDW has made the micro series an ongoing.
    I just committed to 6 more months of variants.

     So who do you want to see for October, December, and onward?  I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet we get a some Luna or Derpy.

    Thanks to Ripestars for the heads up!  
  • Comic: Ponyville Library AFter Dark / Pinkie Pie Cosmic Guardian / Good Intentions Gone / Hush Now, Quiet Now

    Twixie, Pinkie Pie's multi denominational capabilities, Luna cooking, and Fluttershy learning about life.  It's comic time! Click for full.