• Animation: What I learned today

    Need help getting a new Brony caught up on all the episodes of MLP? Mr. Poniator has got you covered with this quick run down of the episodes from seasons 1 and 2! Check it out after the break.

    Thanks for letting me know about this Kyo!

  • Short Equestria Girls Bump on MAD

    Mad did a tiny little joke about Equestria Girls.  Head on down below the break to check it out!

    Thanks to Richfiles for the heads up.

  • Nightly Roundup #695

    Robotech along with the likes of DBZ and Sailor Moon were probably some of the first anime series I was exposed to when I was a kid. Good old Toonami! It has been quite awhile since I have seen anything related to Robotech and leave it to ponies to bring it back to the forefront of my mind.

    Anyhow, news time guys! Check it after the break.

  • Story Updates - June 24th

    Story updates! With cover art that make me want to play WoW for some reason. Go read stuff.

  • Spotlight Music: Defender of the Night / Metal Core Pony

    Remember that old Adventures of the Lunarbolts RPG we haven't heard much about in a while? Well, they assure me it's alive and well, and have released this song from their upcoming volume 2 album of songs from the game.  It's a nostalgia bomb to the classic game music of old for those that were around back int he SNES days, and if the rest of the game is as quality as that, I'm excited. 

    And in slot #2 is a parody of Tenacious D's Master Exploder.  Fans of that stuff know what to expect here, others might be a bit confused! Those guitar solos are epic though. Check both out below the break! 

    1.) Defender of the Night (Adventure of the Lunarbolts Soundtrack - Volume 2)
    2.) [Tenacious D] Metal Core Pony ft Zorku & GatoPaint (Master Exploder Parody)

  • ActPony - ActRaiser Pony Hack

    Some of my earliest video gaming memories involves ActRaiser for the SNES, so I was happy to see this project land in our inbox yesterday.  In the same vein as other pony hacks such as Cave Derpy, Pony Fantasy, the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past mod, Act Raiser is getting an overhaul to replace the main hero with Shining Armor and your angel companion with Fluttershy (though admittedly it would amusing if the angel was replaced by Angel).

    The mod is still in development, but you can check out what the developer has accomplished so far in the video after the break.

  • Animation: The Bravest of Fillies

    While our Kiki Memorial post was some time ago we believe this animation (made in Blender, not SFM) deserves some attention, not only for Kiki's sake, but because it is a well done animation in of itself. Check out this wonderful piece after the break.

  • Spotlight Music: The Odyssey of Zecora / Talk Like Zecora

    We have a double helping of Zecora this time around, starting with an epic orchestral piece from Pony Visitation, and finishing with a parody of "Walk Like an Egyptian".   Find both fo them below the break! 

    1.) The Odyssey of Zecora (Orchestral)
    2.) Talk Like Zecora (parody of "Walk Like an Egyptian")

  • Changelings

    Rapid transformation into anything you please? How did Chrysalis fail again?   Ridiculous I say! Clearly she only made it "appear" to be a loss, while sneaking her subordinates into pony society under the guise of an invasion. 

    All of Ponyville is now changelings except for the mane cast in season 4.  How does this make you feel?
  • Japan Time! - Fall Weather Friends

    It looks like the stream is actually working this time around, so head on down below to watch Fall Weather Friends... right now! (3:30 Pacific, 7:30 Japan Time)

    As always, hit the switch in the corner to turn sound off. 

  • Pinkie Pie Micro Comic - Discussion/Download Links/Variant List

    I totally dropped the ball on this one and had the date completely mixed up.  Sorry about the delay on the post!  As many of you know, the Pinkie Pie micro series comic released a few days ago.  Have some links:


    Physical and Variants
    Cover A
    Cover B
    Retail Incentive Cover
    Botcon Variant (Probably Ebay on that one if you aren't going to Botcon)
    Chapel Hill Comics
    Double Midnight
    Jetpack Comics
    Larrys Comics

    And be sure to listen to the song afterward or while reading that part! 

  • Hasbro Copyright Claims Hashbrony's 3D Printer Ponies

    It looks like another casualty has happened in the world of fan content.  3D pony maker Hashbrony received a message from Shapeways saying Hasbro filed a copyright infringement notice against his shop.  It is unknown as of right now if still-processing or new orders will still be shipped, but they are going to be axed completely within 24 hours. 

    If you want to mourn their removal or roll some dice on a last minute purchase, you can find the store page for them here.  Expect this link to be dead soon though!

    Thanks to DatsQ and WhittleZimmy for the heads up.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #844

    Murder bridge!  The best map ever added to League of Legends. Can't say the same for that camp though.  Anivia is still way cooler. 

    [1] Source
    Price of Ascension. Picture I.

  • Simple PMV Compilation #35

    Junebug is a simple pony.  She loves living the simple life.  On weekends, she watches simple PMV's while eating home-made vanilla ice cream on her simple couch. 

    How simple.

  • Poll Results: How Do You Get Your Official Pony Comics?

    Aw, looks like I'm in the last category with my love of Comixology.  I guess I would have ended up with iTunes if it actually worked on my devices!  I'm actually proud of all you physical comic buyers out there.  You are better than I will ever be.

    And holy Chrysalis, that's a lot of people not reading the pony comics.  You all really should give it a shot some time!  

    Onward to the next poll: Worst pony drama of the year! Hit it up on the sidebar. 
  • Discussion: Pinkie Pie Joins You For a Prank

    Back to ridiculousness! 

    Surprise! Pinkie Pie just burst through your monitor/phone/whatever you are reading this post on and wants to invite you for the ultimate Pinkie Pie Prank!  Her grand plan? Make you plan it!

    With your new-found 4th wall/physics breaking pink pony on tow, what kind of prank do you use her unique abilities for in the real world?  And who do you plan on pranking?  Hit the comments up with your masterful ideas.

    And if you can't think of anything, what do you do with Pinkie Pie while she is here visiting? Lets say she has a three days, then needs to return to work at Sugarcube Corner. Shes up for anything,  and has a gyrocoptor, so be creative! 

  • Editorial: Hype. Equestria Girls, EQD, Episode Followups, and Twilight Sparkle

    We've recieved a lot of negative feedback for that followup/editorial of Equestria Girls that went up yesterday.   I usually prefer to stay neutral on these sort of things and let them blow over, but after watching a bunch of The Final Bosman and seeing him re-evaluate past episode issues, I thought I'd try something new and clear the air a bit!  I (Sethisto) haven't actually seen the movie yet, so don't expect critique about that directly. 

    Let's start off strong and answer the big question people keep posing in the comments: Does EQD have anything to do with Hasbro?  We don't, actually.  In fact, I haven't talked to anyone from Hasbro in almost a year and a half.  We do talk with DHX and Hub people occasionally, but they aren't the ones that decided to release a humanized pony toyline, and they definitely don't pay us.  The only thing EQD runs off of is the Google Ads you see at the top, and they have nothing to do with pony (outside of that command they added to their hangouts thing).

    Continue on below the break!