• Nightly Roundup #694

    I've gotten some demands for Doctor Whooves as a header for the Roundup and I'm happy to oblige! I really need to get back into Who myself now that I've gotten a taste of it.

    On to the news! Tons of it tonight, especially meetups. Looks like I wasn't the only one who wanted to go to the theater this weekend.

  • Music of the Day #130

    I guess hooves would kinda work for that.

    Onward to music! We have eight today.  Find them all below.   And as always, please include a genre ect ect.

  • Random Media: Dash's Mom / SFM: Footprints on the Moon / Summer in Ponyville Episode Three - Say "What" One More Time!

    We have something for everyone this time around in random media! We start off with a dubstepy PMV with Rainbow Dash's hypothetical FireFlye mom at the forefront, followed by a short owl city SFM video, and finish with a radio play! Hopefully one of these satisfies your urge for pony media. Hit them up below.

    1.) Dash's Mom [PMV]
    2.) [SFM] [Ponies] Footprints on the Moon
    3.) Summer in Ponyville Episode Three - Say "What" One More Time!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #92

    This was probably one of the most badass official pony things ever.  Chrysalis Vs. Twilight was amazing.

    Onward to wallpapers!

    [1] Source
    Revenge of Deception

  • Plushie Compilation #118

     Fluttershy is on a mission to wiggle her way into your heart! Which is rather dangerous considering exposing the heart to pony tends to result in heart attacks leading to coma and/or death.

    [1] Source
    Dangerous Mission Fluttershy

  • Questria: Princess Destiny Fundraiser

    I certainly don't need to tell you how ambitious the fandom is with all number of projects going on at any given time. From animations, artwork, and music, to games, plushies and customs our fandom does it all! Keeping with that fashion, a new game project of epic proportions has popped up spearheaded by the artist Doxy and he has started a fundraising campaign to hopefully make it a reality.

    Questria puts you in the role of a mentor to a young princess whose goal is to develop into the best princess she can be through your steady tutelage. It is an adventure meant to be SFW (with maybe a little sauciness) so don't worry if mentioning Doxy made you do a double take. For those of you familiar with the Princess Maker games this would be old hat to you all. Curious? Check out the Indiegogo page linked below for the full details and a demo video! 

    Indiegogo Page
  • Horse Painted Like Rainbow Dash in Russia

    Over in Russia, a bunch of crazy kids decided to paint up a bronze horse statue to look like Rainbow Dash.  According to a Google translation of the uploader's description, this happened around 4:00 AM at Green Valley Avenue.  It looks like the incident was even caught on tape based on the news report.

    The community nearby apparently wasn't too pleased with this, and will have to have it cleaned up professionally. 

    You can find the video in Russian after the break.

  • Spotlight Music: Up in Cloudsdale / Hard to Exist / Shadow & Light

    We start this one off with an old fashioned country style song featuring EileMonty and Dustykatt on vocals, followed by another one of those autotune everywhere songs from ElectroKaplosion, and finish with an electronic track with a complete mystery of a genre. Just give it a shot! Roll those dice! Go listen to music below the break.

    1.) "Up in Cloudsdale" by Dustykatt Featuring EileMonty
    2.) Hard To Exist (Original Song) {Tom the Rock}
    3.) Shadow & Light (Crystal Empire) - CommandSpry

  • Drawfriend Stuff #843

    I really need to pick this game up at some point.  A week ago Newegg had a sale for 20 bucks off on Ebay, but I hesitated and missed it by a few minutes.  Doh!

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Outlasting the World

  • Story Updates - June 23rd

    Story updates! I admit, today is pretty slow for normal posts! Onward. 

  • Comic: Rarity, Get Your Sword / Raritvy Vs. a Giant Crab / Karts

    Crabs seem to have invaded the world of comics now.  Some day I will research this phenomenon outside of being amazed at some of the incredible art it produces in Drawfriend posts. 

    We also have some Mario Kart, which I just found out makes Halo sales look laughable.  The more you know!

    Click for full.

  • New Pinkie Pie Toy at Target

    It looks like Target may be getting a new lineup of toys for all you brushable/set fans out there.  The wording on the label calls it "Pinkie Pie's Botique".  Outside of that, the only big change here looks to be the slight translucent look and glitteryness.   

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!
  • Nightly Roundup #693

    I can't seem to get this newfangled nightly roundup template to work, so have one with the old style! I blame Trixie. Shes so Trixie~

    Speaking of Trixie, you should all go look at the moon tonight. 

    Onward to news!