• Nightly Roundup #685

    I heard you guys wanted some Rarity so have some Rarity! Now that you've recovered from her fabulousness let us head on to the news!

  • Music of the Day #125

    Music of the Day! We have 15 songs this time around, and actually get to headed with a music pony instead of Luna.  I blame the lack of Luna

  • Scootaloo is Underrepresented, Plus Scootaloo Scootaloo Scootaloo

    Poor Scootaloo.  We have had Applebloom and Sweetie Belle so far in the pony name series of videos, and her turn has finally arrived.  Unfortunately, there were only 27 instances of "Scootaloo" across three seasons.  Clearly we need another Scootaloo focused episode. 

    You can find the extremely short video below the break, and while you are down there, hit the comments with ideas for the next Scootaloo episode!

  • Writers Announced for Everfree Northwest

    If Everfree Northwest crams anything more into their convention it's going to explode at the seams! The staff at Everfree are proud to announce a slew of writers showing up at the convention as community guests which happens to include our very own PK! Check after the break for the full list.

  • Past's Analysis: Magical Mystery Cure

    Here we've got a mammoth analytical video about Magical Mystery Cure, defending the episode's quality and pointing out all kinds of neat little tidbits that you might've missed. Check it out after the break!

  • Happy Birthday Daniel Ingram!

    Today's the day everyone! Daniel Ingram, one of our beloved composers on MLP, has his birthday today. Thank you all for sending in what art you could for this special day and don't forget to head over to his Twitter to give him some birthday wishes. Happy birthday Daniel, we here at EqD hope you have a wonderful day!

    [1] Source
    Daniel Ingram's birthday (colour)

  • Ponies in the News: Slate Misses the Mark, Daily News and BetaBeat want Ponies Back

    We have a few articles floating around the internet due to the release of Equestria Girls in a few days.  Over at Slate, they appear to think we are overall celebrating the idea that ponies have been transformed into humans, specifically for adult purposes.  The article goes so far as to recommend Googling said adult content for details.  I'm going to lean toward ShortPacked on that one.

    And on the other side of the fence, both BetaBeat and Daily News have released articles expressing dislike for the idea of humanized ponies, primarily due to their doll-like figures. Daily News brought in some parents of the real target demographic to speak their minds on the topic.  It's actually pretty interesting to see what they have to say. 

    I'm sure loads of these will pop up as EQG goes mainstream.  Thanks to Masem for sending these over!
  • Spotlight Music: Again / This Day Aria Chiptune

    Sim Gretina and Eile Monty team up for an excellent new romance song in the first slot, and if vocal new style stuff isn't your thing, have a bit of This Day Aria chiptune style below that.  Check them out after the break!

    1.) Sim Gretina feat. EileMonty - Again
    2.) This Day Aria Chiptune (Fearson Remix)

  • Story Updates - June 13th

    Story Updates! We have three in this one.  Find them all below before Chrysalis DEVOURS YOUR SOUL.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #833

    Mirror Pool edition!  What would you do with something like that?  Could you trust your clones to not ruin your reputation?

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    The Mirror Pool

  • Five Reasons Why Rainbow Dash is Better Than The Xbox One

    I try not to get too political on this blog for marshmallow ponies. At least, I don’t get political unless it’s funny- then all bets are off. For example, when we were covering the rumors that Archmage Twilight Sparkle had sprouted some new appendages right in the middle of Ponyville’s town square, a little opinionation was unavoidable. Man, it’s a good thing that never actually happened. Could you imagine the fallout?

    Unsubstantiated news events aside, I’m glad to report that this article, like all of my writing here on Equestria Daily, contains only facts. Cold hard facts. It’s always a heated topic when any one pony is elevated above another, but this is different. It’s not another pony we’re talking about, but a video game console that shall remain unnamed to protect the innocent.[citation needed]

    For example, I can safely say that Rainbow Dash is better than this console on the basis of...

  • The Brony Chronicles Part 1: Origins

    After a year in development, The Brony Chronicles Part 1 is finally here! This is the first in a three-part documentary about bronies, which chronicles the entire history of the My Little Pony franchise, as well as the history of the brony fandom from its inception until now. It's an insightful and entertaining video with lots of fantastic music and PMV-like segments, so be sure and check it out below the break!

  • Random Merch: Wallets, Clothing, Dog Tags, and More!

    Time for more random merch! Yay~  We start with wallets up above found over at tfaw.com.  I'm not sure if these are intended for personal purchase at a whopping 191 dollars (plus 80 cents) and 24 wallets included, but I figured I'd list them anyway.  And below the break a load of other stuff.  Now go look at stuff to spend money on!

  • Comic: Equestria Girls Ending / Go Fly a Kite 3 / The Other Tom / Pinkamin-A

    We have a bit of spoileryness in that first one, avoid it if you want to avoid anything with EQG.

    Now go read some comics! 

  • Bronyville Episode 109 – Friendship Goes Cross Country

    Dear Princess Celestia,
    Good morning to you! It’s a bright and shining day and I have a feeling you’re a little to blame. Well, in thanks I give you another episode of our show involving the folks of Musiquestria came on to talk about their cross country tour. Sandy and I cover the news, some viewer questions, and coolish things.
    Apple Cider
    PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

  • Gamelofty Pony Game Update on Android

    A bunch of updates have been added to the gameloft game for those still following it.  Have a list from Ajnrules:
    -The cover icon changed from Rainbow Dash to Fluttershy (sadness)

    -Octavia's been moved from Ponyville to Canterlot (so I can't have her work together with DJ-Pon3 anymore)

    -They added a theater where you can watch ads for gems
    New Canterlot decor
    Special Hedge (2000 bit)

    New Canterlot ponies
    -Beauty Brass (35000 bits)
    -Frederick Horseshoepin (18000 bits)
    -Parish Mandermane (60 gems)
    -Sunset Shimmer (38000 bits) (!)
    Hopefully you all haven't lost your mind playing ball toss a million times!
  • SFM: Vinyl Headbang

    It's early, you look like you could use a wake-up call, so grab a Vinyl Scratch and do it!
  • Nightly Roundup #684

    Elemental edition!  I always preferred ice, but fire is cool too.

    Have some nightly roundup stuff below the break.It's a shorter one, but PS4 fans should find something to enjoy in there.