• Nightly Roundup #679

    Time for some Applejack because we still have quite a ways to catch her up with all the others so how about a pic of her with tons of AJs in the background? We love you AJ!

    Also, thanks for the well wishes last night guys! Headache is all gone and I'm back to being my springy, weird self. So let's dive into the news with gusto, shall we?

  • Music of the Day #121

    15 Songs this time around.  The music just keeps on flowing!  Head on down below the break to check it all out!

  • 24-Hour-Long Golden Apples of Discord: Kallisti III

    Want to listen in on a whopping six pony staffers while helping charity out at the same time?  Bronies for Good is running yet another massive event on the 22nd of June, with a huge cast of major pony players in attendance. 
    Dear offseasoners,

    By reading these words you prove your allegiance with the rare breed of the offseasoner, a particularly committed species of pony fan that sticks around even when there is no new episode to sweeten the wait for the weekend.

    Your diligence does not go unrequited, because it allows you to learn about such events as the third iteration of the 24-hour Kallisti livestream brought to you by Bronies for Good, GalaCon, BronyState, Ponyville Live, and Celestia Radio.

    During Kallisti, great fandom artists will draw your requests live on air, while our prominent show guests answer your questions from the chat. Be charitable in style and bookmark the following viewer page now.
    Full release and list of DHX staff joining the event below the break!

  • In-depth Look at the History of Hasbro's Rivalry with Mattel, and Why We Need Equestria Girls

    Here we have a detailed history of the rivarly between Hasbro and Mattel, with speculations on Equestria Girls' nature as competition to Monster High, by FIMBronystories of Reddit. Check it out below the break!

  • Comic: Sweetie Belle's Talent / Being Applejack / Scootaloo's Playtime

    Got to love some Sweetie Belle! She seems to make for some of the more amusing comics starring the CMC or maybe it is because she has such a dramatic sister to play off of.

    Comics again, click for full.

  • Five Fundamental Laws of (Equestrian) Nature

    All universes that we know of behave according to a set of rules we call fundamental laws. These laws shape the way the universe evolves and reacts, governing everything that exists within it. Those these laws may not manifest in an obvious way in some universes, the Equestrian universe is - as we know - more insane than we generally give it credit for. I mean, there are even rumors that Princess Cadance is actually a really awesome-looking insect queen that feeds on love. If you can’t trust your local bubblegum ice cream princess, who can you trust?

    It takes a keen mind and a good set of methods to delve into and discover these governing laws. Because I possess neither of these things, we’ll have to work with what we’ve got. Also, since my monthly paycheck consists of a packet of Skittles and half a lion, we’ll also have to wing it with the science. I can do that, I have a degree in science. As a result, I’m pretty sure that these laws exist:

  • Story Updates - June 6th

    Story updates! Have a bunch of them below the break.

  • Funko Cupcake Ponies (Update - Photoshop Mockup)

    Twilight Sparkle screwed up a spell, and now everyone has cupcake heads.  That's the only excuse I can think of for these.  As with the Pop! figures shown earlier, I'm sure we can expect to see the cupcake ponies in the near future. 

    Thanks to Malion for the heads up!

    Update: Woops, Look like these are just a photoshop mockup. The real cupcakes have yet to be revealed.
  • DVD Land Lists Equestria Girls for Australia - Slightly Updated Synopsis

    The Australian DVD website "DVD Land" has tossed up a listing for Equestria Girls.   There isn't yet a release date mentioned, but they did include a slightly updated synopsis to go with it.  Head on down below the break to check it for all those spoiler avoiding people!

    Thanks to Night-Feather for the heads up! 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #826

    Tiny Fluttershy edition.  This reminds me of that Fern Gully movie for some reason.  I need to go watch that again some time.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source

  • Funko Pop! Derpy and Vinyl

    Well that didn't take long.  I was going to update the searlier post, but the news swarm today has is buried pretty far down there.  Both Derpy and Vinyl Scratch have popped up from the Funko Pop! line.

    Thanks to Malion for the heads up! 

  • Sunset Shimmer Invades Gameloft Game

    As many of you have already pointed out, Sunset Shimmer, or "Magical Mirrors Shimmer" will soon be added to the My Little Pony Gameloft Game.   I'm guessing they are gearing up pretty hard for the Equestria Girls release in a few weeks, so expect to see a bunch of this stuff!

    Thanks to everyone for sending it in!
  • Equestria Girls Teaser Shots Released

    Nothing spoilery this time around!  Just spike staring at things.  He sure does love staring at things.  These were released by Screenvision Programs on Flickr.  Thanks to Carlo for the heads up.

  • Story: The Big Butterfly Brouhaha

    [Adventure][Random] "An unusually narrated story that's sure to pull a grin from the biggest sour-faced fic lovers" –The Batpony

    Author: Adcoon
    Description: "Have you seen a butterfly around here?" I asked Derpy one day. Next thing I don't even know, we're saving Equestria from the fairies in Fluttershy's chicken coop!
    The Big Butterfly Brouhaha

    Additional Tags: Flitter and Friends Fight Fairies!

  • Simple PMV Compilation #31

    I think five is a good maximum for these posts!  Onward to some good old fashioned simple PMV's. 

  • Comic: Go Fly A Kite / Hat Trick / Be Cool

    Let the shenanigans of Discord continue! Don't be too mad Pinkie, these things are what you should come to expect being around Discord after all.

    Comic time, click for full.

  • Funko Pop! Figurines and Packaging

    We had a small blurry image of these guys a while back, but they weren't the actual figurines themselves being shown off.  If you were wondering what the Funko Pop! toys looked like in the real world, these should give you a good idea!  Unfortunately we don't have any Vinyl or Derpy ones yet, but I'm sure those will pop up soon.

    Thanks to Beth for the heads up!