• Buildable Vinyl Figures

    Another odd piece of merch has popped up in the wide world of pony.  Some questionably shaped "buildable vinyl figures" that appear to be from a vending machine are floatung around on Taobao. Nothing else is known of them as of yet, but I'm sure more information will pop up as soon as they escape the random merchants in China. 

    Thanks to Christine and everyone else that sent them for the heads up!

  • Twilight Doesn't Just Eat Things

    Yes, I know it's rather short for a post, but these edits are so well done and so hilarious I think it's worth it. Check out the latest in IamNotANumber34665's Twilight edits above!
  • Equestria Girls in Book Form Listed on iTunes

    It seems we may see a book tie in for the upcoming Equestria Girls movie.  192 pages worth of it can be found over at the iTunes store.  The October release date is long into the future, but that could be a temporary thing while they solidify it.  Head on over here to check it out!

    Thanks to Frank for the heads up!
  • Story Updates - June 4th

    Story updates! Have four of them below the break.

  • Exclusive Paper Cutout Cover Available on Hubworld

    Hubworld has released an exclusive cutout for all you MLP papercraft fans.  A full on mini playset to be exact.  Head on over to this page and toss the code "PONYEXTRA" into the box that pops up to download it!

    Thanks to Impoxdragon for the heads up!
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Twilight and Trixie / Ask Cider Dash / Pony Gift Art

    Hello once again my friends! Hope you are all having a pleasant week of either work or relaxation! Cal is here once again with a small sampling from the tumblr universe for you all tonight so let's hop in shall?

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at calpain@equestriadaily.com for review and filing. Now, on to the tumblrs!

  • Plushie Compilation #116

    I really enjoy the addition of Babs to the CMC and I'm not the only one considering the artwork and crafts I've seen of her piling up out there.

    Anyhow, on to the plushies!

    [1] Source
    Babs the Crusader

  • Comic: Chewing Gum For The Eyes / Golden Goose / In The Ocean Blue

    Lyra and Guyra make quite a team though the tact between the two of them is still a little lacking in some cases.

    Comics guys, click for full!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #824

    This is what happens to a changeling queen that doesn't get enough love.  Tubs of ice cream and chubby hips.   Why are Equestrians so cruel?

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Queen of the Changelings

  • Pinkie Pie Micro Series Comic Teaser Released on iTunes

    iTunes has released a sample of the upcoming Pinkie Pie focused micro comic for you all to dig through.  Head on down below the break to check the pages out! Expect this one on June 30th.

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!

  • Convention Compilation - June 4th

    Conventions! We even have a bit of animation from Bronycon for those that usually aren't interested in these. All headlines here:

    BronyCon 2013 Animated Promo
    UK Ponycon 2013 Announced
    BronyDays Objective Achieved
    Trot Con Emily Jones and Peter New Promotion, Plus Schedule
    BronyCon May Donation Give-Away Winners and Meet and Greet Announced

    And the full releases below the break! 

  • Discussion: Twilight Sparkle in High School

    Lets pretend for a moment, that instead of humanized ponies for Equestria Girls, we simply had Twilight Sparkle teleport to an alternate world and attend high school while keeping her hooves but losing her horn.   How do you think she would react with her sudden new role in life?  What would Twilight's area of expertise be without magic?   And would this make you more excited for a ponies in high school movie?  Hit the comments up with your ideas!
  • Comic: New Recruits / Feeds on Love

    Just two comics this time around, but filly Chrysalis is worth it. Click for full!