• Nightly Roundup #676

    We now return to unique characters for the Roundup, starting with Chickadee also known as Ms. Peachbottom. Also, since I love the Windwaker style I just couldn't resist using this pic of her.

    On to the news!

  • Music of the Day #120

    Celestia being awesome? Are these songs even worthy of such a presence?!

    Maybe.  You decide. 

    Check them out below. We have 13 this time around. 

    And once again begging for genres! Send one with these songs!

  • Kiki Charity Auctions Resume

    The next round of Kiki charity auctions has begun! If you want some signed pony swag for a good cause, head on over to their auction page to pick them up!
  • Why does Twilight keep eating everything?


    And while you're at it, have Twilight getting distracted for 20 seconds.  

  • Comic: Life Cycle of Star Swirl / Memory Lane / Buck You!

    Starswirl history, Twilight being nostalgic, and Big Mac explodin.  It's comic time. Click for full.

  • More 3D Ponies - Full Mane 6

    We have another rendition of 3D ponies for you all to ponder at.   Chritsel on Deviant has given his rendition on what they would look like with an extra dimension.   So far, I think I'm torn between these and Hashbro.  Now we need someone to rig these up for a pony game. Check the carousel out here!

  • Hub's Plans for Comic Con Detailed

    Pic unrelated but awesome.
    Zap2it has a bit of information about what exactly The Hub has planned for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.  Aside from their "Win a Trip" sweepstakes that was mentioned earlier, they appear to be running a live fan favorite poll at their booth (out of the mane 6) that includes video recorded testimonials that will be tossed up on Hubworld.com.  If you aren't going to be able to make it, they will be opening up the same thing online at this address (inactive right now) after the event. 

    Head on over here if you want a full press release!
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Fly (Euro Flight Mix) / You're Home

    We start with a new one from Eurobeat brony for all of you that can't get enough of that genre, followed by a incredibly mellow/ambient vocal track from Facexplodie. Check them both out below!

    1.) Super Ponybeat - Fly (Euro Flight Mix)
    2.) Facexplodie - You're Home

  • Story Updates - June 3rd

    Story updates! Have a bunch of them below the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #823

    Take Rainbow Dash, then multiply her colors by 20.  That's what this image is.  Colors everywhere!

    Onward to art!

    [7] Source
    Rainbow Dash

  • MLP Birthdays: Daniel Ingram and Amy Keating Rogers Art Gathering

    The Queen of Parties is back with some more MLP staff birthdays that are coming up this month! First up this month is song writer Daniel Ingram's birthday on June 13 while MLP writer Amy Keating Rogers has her birthday a short time later on June 17. As always, lets do our best to make their birthdays grand!

    Both of our birthday stars have OCs, so you guys know what to do! You can find a sample of Daniel's OC here and a sample of Amy Keating Rogers OC here. Send your finished artwork to submit@equestriadaily.com with MLP:Birthdays Daniel/Amy in the title so we can file it correctly. Have fun guys!
  • Seeds of Kindness Reports from Africa

    Seeds of Kindness has released a huge amount of information on their recent progress in Africa.  Everything from that, as well as an additional bit of information on the upcoming A Beautiful Heart album can be found below the break!

  • PMV: Wonderbolt Typography / Twi and AJ At The Thrift Shop

    For those of you that had that Wonderbolts song from dBPony and Prince Whatever on repeat for a week, a typography has been created to help celebrate it. Check that out in the first slot!

    And in slot #2, we have normal PMV, with some pretty impressive lip syncing for a good part of it. Find them both out below!

    1.) Wonderbolt Typography
    2.) Twi and AJ At The Thrift Shop

  • Comic: The Daring Do Museum / Ponies at the Beach / What Do you mean not CUTE? / Terrifying Presence

    Daring Do, and simple animated comic, Fluttershy's new pet, and some Fallout.  It's comic time! click for full!

  • "Cake Family Babysitting Fun" Set Revealed

    Another set of those awesome molded ponies has popped up.  The "Cake Family Babysitting Fun" collection includes both Mr. and Mrs Cake, Nurse Redheart, the Cake twins, and another Pinkie Pie.  Why would you need another Pinkie Pie? You figure it out.  Chances are we will see a few more of these pop up, so keep an eye out!

    Thanks to Present Perfect for the heads up!
  • BUCK Announces Wave 2 Tickets and More Community Guests!

    As BUCK draws closer and closer the ponies heading up this wild convention are making sure it's as fun as they can possibly make it! With a slew of new community guests as well as wave 2 of their tickets going on sale now is a good time to nab your ticket while you can. Check out the full press release after the break!

  • Animation: Derpy's Toy

    Some douchenozzle filly broke Derpy's toy.  Are you going to settle for this?!  I for one am not! Go watch the animation below the break and join me in outrage!

    Seriously though, this is a whopping two and a half minutes long and really well done, so check it out. You know I wouldn't bother with 1 AM if it wasn't worth watching immediately!