• Nightly Roundup #675

    Science! Just taking a break from normal headers as I'm too tired tonight to go searching for a unique one so have some Cal dug up from an easily accessible folder. Thanks to Krypt for the picture!

    Now on to the news!

  • Radio Play: Sherlock Hooves : The Drapes / Equestria: Hidden History - Nightmare Moon

    We have a new series going by the name of Equestria: Hidden History, and a bit of Sherlock Hooves for those that follow that one. Head on down below the break if you feel like listening to some radio plays!

    1.) ep01 -- Equestria: Hidden History - Nightmare Moon
    2.) Sherlock Hooves:(Short)The Drapes

  • Story: At Home On The Range (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] [Shipping]

    Bronius Maximus
    Description: Rainbow Dash finally did it! A sonic rainboom on command! Except she also managed to break every window in Applejack's farmhouse in the process. Now she has to pay for each one, and with her wages from managing the weather not nearly enough to cover the damage, she has to work on Applejack's farm for two whole weeks!

    Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Still, maybe it wouldn't be all bad. At least she would get to hang out with her friend AJ right? Wrong.
    At Home On The Range (Alternate Ending Part 15!)

    Breaking Barriers

    Additional Tags: shipping, adventure, cattle drive, disaster, snakebite
  • Everfree Northwest Announcements!

    With just about a month to go until Everfree, the staff over there are starting to tie things up! Tonight we've got a number of announcements for you guys ranging from events, hotel info, badges, vendor info, volunteering, and more! Check it all out after the break for the full scoop.

  • Spotlight Music: A Song of Two Sisters / The Most Beautiful Mare in the Room

    Click to listen
    It looks like Feather is back to her usual collab with everyone style! We have two vocal tracks this time around, the first dedicated to Celestia and Luna with Sketchy Sounds, and the second a collab parody of Flight of the Conchords with Coconeru.  Lets go wild and skip the break this time, cause I feel like it.  Click the images to go listen!

    Click to listen

  • Wallpaper Compilation #90

    Who wants a Gravity Falls / Pony crossover?  I know I'd watch the hell out of that.

    Onward to wallpapers! We have a bunch today.  Be sure to click the sources for the full sized images.

    [1] Source
    My Little Gravity Falls

  • Game: Nightfall Trailer

    Another neat little game project is in progress, going by the name of Nightfall.  It is essentially a defense style game where you have the days to build up your fortress, and nights to defend against swarms of changelings.  Included in the mix is the usual fair, via power ups and towers.  So far it sounds like an interesting concept! The game is currently in alpha, but you can find a trailer below the break showing off what has been completed so far.

  • Android Draw Pony App

    A new simple app that teaches you how to draw using good old circles and guides has been released for android.  The designs are easy poses with little detail for all you beginners out there.  All you need to do is grab yourself a piece of paper and copy what is going on through each step on your mobile device.  Head on over here to download it!
    Official Description: Are you a brony? Or just want to learn how to draw cute ponies, citizens of the magic country of Equestria? If you do, then you should download our app. There it is shown how to draw these wonderful ponies, characters of animated serial 'My little pony', step by step. Everyone from the youngest fans to adults can do this. Download and create your own fairy world with slogan 'Friendship is magic'! Good luck!
  • Story: Vision (Update Sequel Part 9!)


    Author: GaPJaxie
    Description: Beautiful, gifted, and faithful student of the Princess of the Sun, Siren Song has very nearly everything a pony could want. Sometimes though, in the twilight hours, Siren can see the sadness in her mentor's eyes. Once, ponies whisper, the Princess had another student named Twilight Sparkle, but she left Equestria, never to return. The pony who has a perfect life just needs one more thing—to convince Twilight Sparkle to come home so the Princess will smile again. Siren will soon learn, however, that not all of the world is as kind as Equestria. Beyond the spires of Canterlot, she will discover a new city, a place of horror and awe, of suffering and beauty: Vision.
    Daring Do (New Sequel Part 9!)

    Additional Tags: Introspective Psychological Bioshock Adventure Crossover
  • The Hub Holding Comic-Con Contest

    Want to go to Comic Con? Didn't manage to snag a ticket? The Hub is holding a sweepstakes to fly and accomodate two people out, along with a 500 dollar gift card.  If you want a chance to win, hit up their website to enter.  Each person can submit once a day until June 9th, so be sure to camp it if you really want it. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #822

    Pictures like this just make me want to visit Equestria even more! What a beautiful and amazing place it must truly be. At least we have talented artists like those in today's Drawfriend to help open windows into this wonderful place.

    Art coming at you after the break!

    [1] Source
    MLP - Sleepless in Ponyville

  • Japanese MLP Twitter Accounts!

    As many of you are aware MLP is airing in Japan right now and has been getting quite a bit of attention as of late! Thanks to the diligent efforts of a some fans on Twitter they have been able to dig up quite a few of the VAs for the dub. So check down below for all the links and take a look if you're interested or would like to give them thanks on a job well done!

    Akeno Watanabe - Voice of Gilda
    Asami Yoshida - Voice of Granny Smith, Mrs. Cake, Shadowbolt
    Emiri Katou - Voice of Fluttershy
    Izumi Kitta - Voice of Rainbow Dash
    Kappei (Mitsuo) Yamaguchi - Voice of Snips
    Mikoi Sasaki - Voice of Rarity
    Ryōka Yuzuki - Voice of Trixie
    Shinobu Matsumoto - Voice of Mr. Cake and Ticket Master Waiter
    Sora Tokui - Voice of Applejack
    Suzuko Mimori - Voice of Pinkie Pie, Opening Credits Singer
    Takako Honda - Voice of Nightmare Moon
    Hiroshi Iwasaki - Voice of Steven Magnet

    Thanks to @vonPeterhof and other for compiling the list!
  • Comic: The Difference Between Night and Day / Participation Award / Computers

    Back when I used to play the Gameloft pony game I often wondered the same thing posed in the first comic. Seems like Nightmare Moon has lost a little bit of her powers in the Gameloft universe.

    Comics guys! Click for full.

  • Discussion: Favorite Pony Shape?

    When FiM first came out, there wasn't a huge variety of pony shapes to choose from.  You had either the mane 6 with their swarms of incidental ponyville ponies, and the princesses.  Over the seasons, many new shapes and sizes have popped up to avoid the copy pastey style of the primary model.  

    The question is, which pony shape is your favorite? Do you have a specific incidental character that you love to see? Or maybe Luna's short yet lanky build is appealing? 

    And another question entirely based on an old comment Lauren made years ago; would you like to see each of the mane six have slightly different models?   The original plan was for all of them to be unique, but time constraints and the difficulty of animating six mane characters made it more economical to share body types between all of them.  What would each pony differentiate themselves with? 
  • Design-a-Pony : Luna - Popping up on Taobao

    The design-a-pony Luna toy appears to be making it's way on to Taobao. Based on how that usually works, we can probably expect to see it popping up in stores in the near future.  If you can't bring yourself to wait though, you can find her here!  There is a good chance that this is the figure alone, or a knockoff, so buy at your own risk. 

    Thanks to Thezo for the heads up!

    (Update: Apparently this thing is available everywhere now! Find it at Toywiz, and some Wal-Mart locations) 
  • Short Animation: Skiing with Derpy / Pounce [SFM]

    We have one quick 30 second animation, followed by another short SFM video. Click the images to go check them out this time around!

    Second Link Fixed! - Cal

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