• Nightly Roundup #673

    I heard some calls for Iron Will over the past few days so how about a Wind Waker version of the minotaur? Gotta say, the Wind Waker style works pretty well for him!

    Time for news! Check after the break for the full scoop.

  • Music of the Day #119

    We haven't had socks as a header for music the day ever.  Lets change that.

    We have nine songs this time around.  Find them all below!

  • Flash Fanfiction Event Entries #2

    You've all done me PROUD, everypony! Well done!
         Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside!

         Sorry, it's a good song.  So! Memorial Day has come and gone.  And there are a whopping TWENTY FOUR entries for this!  Hoo rah, my brothers and sisters!

         Here's all the entrants, sorted by *PRIMARY* genre tag.  This will NOT be alphabetical.  Expect edits to this post.  Some of the writers had extenuating circumstances this week.  Travel, a death in the family... yeah.  Tricky stuff this week.  Hit the break for story listings and next event information, recruits!

  • Discussion: Your Favorite Video Game Cast Replaced with Ponies

    A computer virus has infected everything, the first of it's kind to travel via sun rays.  All video games in existence have been completely ponified.  Cloud wields a giant sword via his mouth, Kratos is a unicorn, and Tetris has ponies in different poses as  blocks.  Literally nothing survived the onslaught, your favorite game included.   How does this effect it? Is the introduction of unicorn magic and controllable weather something that throws your best game of all time completely off balance?

    Hit the comments up with how your game now works with hooves, horns, and wings, as opposed to whatever it originally used!
  • How to Make an OC

    So you want to make the ultimate original character, with power levels that would make Twilight Sparkle run for the hills?  One so excellently designed, that Lauren Faust will personally fly down and give you a hug at the mere sight of it?  Have a tutorial after the break!

  • Spotlight Music: Honesty / Shadows of Lightning / Conflicting Ideals

    We start off with a bit of good ol' country music collaboration between Tsyolin, EileMonty, and Haymaker, followed by two instrumental orchestral tracks! Check them both out below the break!

    1.) Haymaker & Tsyolin ft. EileMonty - Honesty
    2.) Radiarc - Shadows of the Lightning
    3.) Baschfire: Conflicting Ideals (Pony RPG music)

  • Lee Tockar Taking Callers on True Equestria Radio!

    We've got a cool event going on over at True Equestria Radio tonight! None other than Lee Tockar, the voice of Steven Magnet and Snips, is going to be joining the show and answering call in questions live. Take a look at the details below to find out how to participate!

    Tonight, True Equestria Radio has a special guest! Lee Tockar, the voice of Steven Magnet, amongst many other voices from a long career in voice acting, joins us, and best of all, he'll be taking your live calls!

    Lee is going to be talking about his career, and the launch of his new project, FanBuilt, which brings animators, producers, and voice actors together over the internet to create and promote projects. It's really an amazing thing!

    You can call in toll-free by phone at 714-888-7471 or by hitting the skype button HERE. The call has a 50-caller limit at a time, but PonyToast will be cycling through callers, so if the call is full, don't give up!

    You can also tune into the show over on Fillydelphia Radio and PonyvilleLIVE and follow along with the discussion over on Canternet (irc.canternet.org) in the #PonyvilleLIVE channel!

  • Comic: Faust and Furious / Fluttershy Saves the Earth / Rarity's New Casual Hobby

    It's cool that Fausticorn shows up in all sorts of cool fanworks nowadays! A testament to the closeness the fandom has with the show staff if anything. At any rate, time for some more comics guys.

    Click for full!

  • Epic Lullaby for a Princess Animatic

    An excellent new animatic for Lullaby for a Princess has been released by Warpout on Youtube.  The potential here is epic! He needs some background artists though.  Hit the Youtube description for information if you are interested.  Everyone else, go drool over it after the break. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #820

    Super dark header image edition! I blame Chrysalis.

    Head on down below the break for art!

    [1] Source
    Diplomatic Relations

  • Bronies for Good Art Gallery and Charity Auction at GalaCon!

    Our European friends just keep ramping up the excitement this summer as GalaCon announces not only a Bronies for Good Art Gallery but a charity auction event as well! Looks like there will not be a shortage of things to do at GalaCon 2013!

    Check after the break for the full details!

  • 24 Hour Seeds of Kindness 3 / Traveling Pony Museum Fundraiser Tomorrow.

    It looks like a charity event is planned tomorrow for both Bronies for Good and Traveling Pony Museum.  Their announcement explains it all well enough! Head on down below the break to check it out.

  • Looking In To The Laughs - The Ticket Master

    I think we all agree that one of MLP's greatest strengths is its character-based comedy bits. In this video, SpikeyWikey breaks down all of the subtle jokes in The Ticket Master and talks about why he loves them. If you don't like having jokes explained to you, this video isn't for you—but I for one find it fascinating to see a breakdown of what makes someone laugh. Video after the break!
  • New My Little Pony Poll: Which Princess Would you Be For a Day? - Luna Dominates

    Why are you even surprised Luna?
    The MLP Facebook has a poll up dedicated to the princesses.  It looks like, as always, Luna is completely dominating this one.  They appear to have completely forgotten Cotton Candy Butt too! Poor girl...  Find the poll here.

    Thanks to Fishinpro for the heads up. 
    Sold for toys, then forgotten the second another alicorn comes around =[

  • Ponified Trailers: Fast and Harmonious / Hairy Trotter and the Deathly... / Ponycraft 2: Vengeance

    Ponify everything.  Find them all below!

    1.) Ponycraft 2: Vengeance
    2.) Hairy Trotter and the Deathly Shadows Part 2 (Official Troller)
    3.) Fast & Harmonious 6 (Fast 6/My Little Pony Mashup)

  • Comic: The Lulamoon Decree / Adventure Hour 3 / A Muggle in Hogwarts

    Twilight trollan, Dash savan, and Pinkie... whatevering.  Click for full.