• Nightly Roundup #665

    In the past couple of days I've been introduced to the Doctor Who series by some friends of mine and I have had a hard time stopping (hence why I didn't do the Roundup last night). It's such a fantastic show so I'm hoping to get caught up on it as much as I can when I have time.

    Anyhow, have some Doctor Whooves for tonight! Now on to the news!

  • Equestria Girls Script Appeared Way back in March of 2012

    Just in case you were all wondering exactly how long ago Equestria Girls actually surfaced as a thing, Meghan has tossed this little tweet detailing the script.  Apparently it was locked in more than a year ago, which means pony being humanized was probably being discussed around the peak of the internet phenomenon.  It's kind of amazing how long this stuff takes!

    Thanks to Tom for the heads up. 
  • Story: No Quixote Here

    [Comedy] [Slice of Life]

    Author: RedSquirrel456
    Description: Following a most unpleasant encounter at one of Canterlot's great parties, Prince Blueblood decides that he is tired of everyone thinking that he is a lazy, empty-headed ponce. He decides the only solution is to have a grand adventure and reinvent himself, becoming the good, dignified, heroic Prince that everypony expects him to be.

    The only problem is he's a lazy, empty-headed ponce.

    No Quixote Here

    Additional Tags: Blueblood fails at doing good
  • Spotlight Instrumental Music: Love is Magic ~ First movement / The second chance for disharmony / Vinyl's Record a

    That first one is probably one of the best orchestral tracks we have had this year.  And we get a LOT of orchestral tracks!

    Following that is a bit of Discord inspired rock for those that aren't into the orchestral stuff, and if neither of those are your thing, surely some electronic will target the rest of you! We have something for everyone in this music post. Check them all out below.

    1.) MLP Love is Magic ~ First movement
    2.) FirefretTehBrony - The second chance for disharmony
    3.) Blaze - Vinyl's Record

  • Wallpaper Compilation #89

    An overwhelming amount of Pinkie Pie!  It's wallpaper time.  As always, click the source for the varying sizes/full size! These are just previews.

    [1] Source
    Maniac | Wallpaper

  • Discussion: Which Character Would You Like to See the Cutie Mark Story Of?

    We had an entire episode dedicated to giving the mane six their butt symbols, but so many ponies throughout Equestria remain a complete mystery.  Why does Bonbon have a Bonbon?  What is the significance behind Derpy's bubbles?  It remains a mystery!

    Have a task:  A new episode is planned for season five called "Cutie Mark Chronicles 2", where six background/incidental pony are going to have their sonic rainboom inspired marks explained.   Pick your ponies, and if you have some time, give a short description on each of their origin stories. 
  • Japan Time! - Look Before You Sleep

    It looks like the real "Japan Time" is returning soon.  For those of you that know what I stole that from, you win an internet. 

    This week, we get to bask in the glorious Rarity via Look Before You Sleep  It was one of the first episodes to really give her a ton of characterization, not to mention the header image.

    Anyway, head on down below the break for the player. The episode starts at the usual 7:30 AM JAPAN TIME, or 3:30 Pacific.   If you want to block the scrolling comments, click the switch in the bottom right corner.  

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Misguided Foal / Stripes and Spells / My Parasprite

    We start this one off with a ponified version of Misguided Ghosts with glorious Feather vocals to back it up, followed by a soft rock song dedicated to a best buddy parasprite, and finish with some orchestral with vocals on top focusing on  Zecora! Check them all below the break.

    1.) 'Misguided Foal' (Ponification of 'Misguided Ghosts' by Paramore) by Feather (feat. Joaftheloaf)
    2.) My Parasprite
    3.) Stripes and Spells - SlyphStorm

  • Simple PMV Compilation #28

    Muse, Stamping rounds, Pokemon Movie, and more! It's simple PMV time.  Throw those ponies in there and watch them react to some good old music below the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #809

    Obligatory weekly Luna header.  We have to hit our quota after all!

    Onward to art!  And the usual reminder: Click the source for the full version, and fav/like/follow while you are there!

    [1] Source
    Luna's Moon

  • Story Updates - May 20th

    I really need to play the new Metro. 

    Have some story updates!

  • Convention Compilation - May 20th

    They asked for more Fluttershy, and we gave it to them! We have a couple of convention news items on this slower than usual Monday morning.  Have some headlines:

    Midwest Bronyfest Updates
    Lend a Helping Hoof at Sweet Apple Acres Con 
    TrotCon 2013 - Music Announcement featuring Eurobeat Bacon, Sonic Breakfast and More!

    And full releases after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #664

    Like Derpy would ever lose this fight.  Muffins are no joke.

    Have some nightly roundup stuff! All below!