• Nightly Roundup #654

    As I am not one to go back on a promise here is some Twist tonight for the header! You know, she hasn't really gotten a lot of headers on posts has she? Poor girl.

    Anyhow, time for the news guys! Check it after the break.

  • Equestria Girls Site Pops Up

    Well, here we go guys! This landed in our inbox with a link taking us to a Hasbro site under construction for Equestria Girls. I guess we'll be checking here in the future for all sorts of things related to the new IP. Not much time left.

    The clock is ticking.

    Equestria Girls Page
  • Music of the Day #108

    I had to header something with this.  That's a lot of cute in such a simple image.

    Onward to music of the day! We have 12 of them in this one, all after the break as always.

  • Spotlight Insturmental Music: Im/mortal / The Darkbringer

    We start this one off with a new progressive metal instrumental track from Canapplejack, followed by another epic orchestral piece from Socratic Brony.  Sadly I didn't have an electronic song to finish the post off with.  Oh well!  Check them both out below the break. 

    1.) Canapplejack - Im/mortal [Progressive Metal]
    2.) The Darkbringer

  • Comic: Trixie Plays WD / A Lullaby in Cider / Ponycoholic

    The Walking Dead is certainly a game series I would recommend if you haven't tried it out yet. Great story, characters, and setting. You certainly won't be disappointed!

    Anyway, time for comics! Click for full.

  • Equestria Girls: Discord's Awakening

    I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of stuff like this in the coming months.  Have some fan made Equestria Girls complete insanity below the break!

  • We Love Fine Officially Adds Doctor and Derpy Hug-Me Bags

    These have been floating around with very little information for a while now, in fact, we tossed a post up a while back about them when they leaked.   We Love Fine has a full page available for them now, complete with Pre-orders opening up for The Doctor and Pinkie on the 17th of this month, and a Derpy available now. 

    If you want to pick one up, or read up on each specifically, head on over to their feature page

  • Drawfriend Stuff #798

    Remember the other day during that ridiculously early drawfriend when I said I'd inevitably screw up my sleep schedule anyway? It totally happened. 

    We haven't had a Zecora header in a while, so lets roll with one!

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Long way to Equestria

  • Story Updates - May 9th

    We have just three story updates this time around! Head on down below the break to read 'em!

  • BUCK Announces Meghan McCarthy and Amy Keating Rogers

    Hot on the heels of BUCK's successful ticket sales comes even more good news for those attending the pony convention! BUCK is pleased to announce the attendance of Meghan McCarthy and Amy Keating Rogers to the grand affair, adding even more star power to their ever growing list.

    Check on after the break for the complete breakdown.

  • New Pony Card Tin - Plus Rainbow Dash Card

    Debuting at EQLA is a new collectable tin from Enterplay for all of you card hoarders out there.   According to the product description, the box holds the following:
    -2 Trading Card Super Packs (Series 1 & 2)
    - Exclusive Series 2 Rainbow Dash Foil Card
    - Poster Checklist
    - Over 25 items!
    Stunning Lunchbox Tin containing over 25 items from Series 1 and 2, plus the exclusive Rainbow Dash Foil Card. 
    If you aren't going to EQLA, Toywiz actually threw them up for pre-order right around the time Enterplay announced them, and sent us a coupon for 20% off.  Just toss the EQDLUNCH code found below in at checkout for the price drop. 

  • Ninja Pinkie Pie - Double Midnight Exclusive

    Double Midnight has released an image of their Pinkie Pie variant for the micro-series comic starring her.  Right now, the pre-orders are expected to go out on Friday,  so keep an eye on their website if you want one!

    Thanks to The Illustrious Q for the heads up! 
  • Top 10 Videos of April

    It's that time again for a bit of top 10!  April was filled with animations and SFM videos that while short, were still really impressive.   Head on down below the break to check them out!

  • Top 15 Foreign Voices in FiM

    We have a lot of Japanese pony hype around here, but what about the other languages? While many of you have shown dislike for a good majority of dubs, a few of them push the boundaries and do an excellent job of portraying the characters.  Head on down below the break for some of the best out there!

  • Trotcon Announces Peter New and Dave Polsky

    Another convention has added some show staff to their repertoire. Trotcon has invited both Dave Polsky and Peter New to join them in June.  Head on down below the break for the full press release!

  • Fluttershy Fluttershy Fluttershy

    It's early in EQD time, and I didn't see many people asking for these to be roundup'd when I asked, so have another one of those videos dedicated to way too many words in pony.  You like Fluttershy don't you?

    Honestly I think the stats are my favorite parts of these.  

    Now you should go watch it ...Um if you want that is... after the break.

  • Comic: Evergreen Cafe / The Seeds of Evil Sown / Twilight's First Day 9 / Prepare to Derp

     Love magic, Villians, Twilight being adorkable, and movie references.  It's comic time.  Click for full as always!