• Nightly Roundup #653

    I saw that Cheerilee was voted up quite a bit a couple nights ago so how about a pic of Ponyville's best teacher? Here's to more of her in season 4!

    Time for the news guys, there seems to be a fair bit of it tonight!

  • Battletoads Live - With Sibsy, Andrea Libman, and More!

    Ponies and video games go hand and hand so it's natural when some of pony's biggest stars, Sibsy and Andrea Libman, get together with a bunch of friends to comment and have fun with the internet's favorite game Battletoads! Join Mando, Sibsy, Andrea, and more after the break as they take on the most hardcore game on Earth! (Game footage starts right around the 3 minute mark)

  • Story Updates - May 8th

    It's a tree.  Trees make books, which means reading.  Unfortunately these do not require books to house their words.  Trees are now obsolete.

    Have some story updates.

  • Movie Times and Theaters Country-Wide for Equestria Girls

    A film site called Screenvision has a massive list of locations for the upcoming Equestria Girls movie.  We have tossed a few posts up announcing various locations with it, but this is probably the most complete.  If you planned on giving it a shot, this is the place to plan it. 

    Head on over here for the list!

    Thanks to Knadow for the heads up!
  • Comic: Friendship is Magic Pt 3 / Pony Puppet Theater 3 / Egghead

    The epic saga of the humanized version of Friendship is Magic continues with this latest update! Man, Steven Magnet has never looked more awesome I think!

    Comic time, click for full!

  • Humongous Bead Mosaic

    Warning: Massive Image
    The largest mini bead mosaic in the world is currently being built by rphb over on Deviant Art.  He hopes to hit a world record on the thing, and so far looks to be doing a damn fine job of it.  The total count is currently at a whopping 303,600 beads.  Now that is some dedication right there!

    Now go wish him some luck!
  • More Comic Covers - Fluttershy Micro B, Emerald Knights #8 Variant, and Larrys/Jetpack Combo Cover

    A bunch of covers have popped up over the last few hours.  The one up above is the new Jetpack and Larrys combo variant, with the usual bonus of tying together if you buy from both stores.   Right now It's just a concept shot, but it does follow their last few issues with the superhero theme.

    And below, you will find two Tony Fleecs on Deviant Art, the Fluttershy one tying into her solo comic, and the second being an exclusive for Emerald Knights Comics.  There will be a signing for that one in store on the 30th of June.  More information can be found here!

  • Nightmare Nights Dallas Announces Sibsy and M.A. Larson!

    The convention news keeps coming in as Nightmare Nights Dallas announces both Sibsy and M.A. Larson to join the pony craziness down in Texas! Combined with their current guest list Nightmare Nights is really shaping up to be an awesome event. Check on after the break for the full press release along with a list of guests already in attendance.

  • Comic: Derpy's Problem / Negative Feedback / Out With Another Apple

    Lots of sad ponies in the comic folder today. Poor things, they're supposed to be happy not sad, so I'm expecting a flood of happy and cute pony comics in the next couple of days, ok?

    Anyhow, click for full guys!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #797

    I don't know how this could possibly be titled "Meh", but that's what the DA page says!  I think I'll stick to "Black hole caused by a supernova of diabetes colliding with a neutron star of epic" instead. 

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source

  • BronyCAN Announces Tabitha St. Germain

    BronyCAN continues to fill out their guest list as they happily announce the attendance of Tabitha St. Germain! Now that the convention is guaranteed to be fabulous and more than fit for royalty too, why not attend, huh? Check after the break for the full press release.

  • We Love Fine - More Shirts! Can You Handle all the Shirts?

    Want some ponies with your Bioshock in shirt form? That's a thing now.  We Love Fine has released a bunch of new shirts, most of which from the ever amazing Pixelkitties.  Head on over to their pony section to check them all out! 

  • PMV: Heroes / Mommy, What Happens to Ponies After They Die?

    We have just two PMV's this time around, both with some excellent editing and overall quality. The first is based on the Aviators song Heroes, and the second one of those mainstream tracks, with equally awesome ponyness, which as you all know by now, improves everything! Head on down below the break for both! 

    1.) Heroes PMV
    2.) [PMV] Mommy, what happens to ponies after they die?

  • dBPony - Daddy Discord

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled EQD "wait for things to post" period with something that had to break out of said period based entirely on the overflowing awesome that it is giving off.   dBPony has taken the concept of Daddy Discord and ramped it up to an all new level with an epic new rock track.  Seriously, give this one a shot.  And grab some good quality headphones for it. 

    Find dBPony's Daddy Discord here or after the break!