• The Magic of Friendship Never Changes!


    But, that's a pretty big change!  Twilight isn't supposed to have hands! 

    It looks like they are focusing officially on a June 16th "official" release on this one.  The various theaters floating around have all fluctuated pretty wildly. 

  • Nightly Roundup #651

    I saw someone requesting Braeburn in the comments, so have some Braeburn! Guess we'll do another round of header requests so leave your suggestion down in the comments for tomorrow's header.

    Now on to the news, it's a short one tonight!

  • Comic: Help Help / Do Not Eat / Subliminally Obvious

    I loved Luigi's Mansion when I was a kid and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the latest one at some point. In the meantime I'm happy with little crossovers like these, plus Fluttershy makes the best Luigi!

    Click for full!

  • Story: Regarding the Need for Sex Education

    [Comedy][Shipping] EQD breaking into politics? I hope not!

    Author: GaPJaxie
    Description: Ponies these days are nuzzling younger than ever. Talk to your foals about the dangers of unprotected tummy rubs.
    A Los Pegasus charity commission for Pav Feira. He... he gave me the prompt. I had no choice. Forgive me.
    Regarding the Need for Sex Education

    Additional Tags: Twilight Makes A Surprising Discovery

  • Spotlight Music: All Four Corners / Good Girl (Acoustic Cover) / Interwoven Essence

    We have three tracks this time around covering all of the over-arching EQD labels, starting with an original vocal rock track from M Pallente in honor of his new album, followed by a live acoustic cover of Good Girl from Jeff Burgess, and finish with an instrumental ambient/chill Drum and Bass track from Jastrain. Find them all below the break!

    1.) All Four Corners by M Pallante
    2.) Good Girl (Living Tombstone Acoustic Cover)
    3.) Jastrian - Interwoven Essence

  • Poll Results: Which Pony Would You Want as a Room Mate?

    It looks like Twilight Sparkle remains top tier for best room-mate.  For a geek centered culture like ours, was there ever any doubt?  Nerdin out over Doctor Who and someone to motivate you into studying instead of slacking would be perfect.  If you avoid stressing her out, the negatives don't exist!

    Onward to the next poll:  Have you ever ponified your words in real life! Hit it on the sidebar. 

  • MLP Comic Sales for April 2013

    Comichron has released sales figures for April, which included two notables from the FiM lineup.   And how did we fare this time?

    In 65th place - My Little Pony #6 - 33,903
    In 91st place - My Little Pony Micro Series #3 - 23,338

    And as pointed out by Candygram, TMNT (IDW's next biggest selling title) came in at 20,659 sales and 105th place.  Meaning we are still the top of the ladder for IDW, but falling on the overall.

    Hopefully we can keep the sales rolling! I want more comics! 

  • Japan Time - Boast Busters and Powerfulness

    If only Tsundere Trixie was a reality...  We have the obnoxious and overboard Trixie in an hour from now at 7:30 JAPAN TIME or 3:30 Pacific time.  Can you handle the wait? I've already donned my Trixie cloak and hat and foam #1 finger in preparation.

    Head on down below the break for the stream! And as always, if you want to turn off the comments,  click the switch on the bottom right. 

  • Discussion: What Do You Want to See From a Returning Gilda?

    We have another season coming up in the relatively distant future, and based on past episodes, villains do tend to return.  So far, the majority of them end up redeemed, though Chrysalis has escaped this little trope via the comics keeping her more villainous than she ever was in the actual show. There is one character who has yet to make a big comeback though.  A character with an awesome overall design that would be a shame to see go to waste.  I am of course, talking about Gilda.

    How do you want to see her second episode play out?  Would you like to see her fly in crying her eyes out begging Dash to forgive her?  Or should Gilda stay a douchenoggin not fit for friendship? Drop a synopsis in the comments on your idea for the best Season 4 Gilda episode!

    Thanks again to Twitter people for the idea!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #795

    Visible horseshoe edition.  Fight the power Dashie. 

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Sky and Earth_Update

    And new banner from Coin-Trip39!

  • Upcoming Mini-Figure Collection Set Names

    We already saw these ponies way back during the Toy Fair, but now we have actual names listed for each set:
    Royal Surprise
    Includes - Chrysalis, Celestia, Twilight Sparkle

    Groovin Hooves
    Includes - Lyra, Octavia "Melody", Lyrica Lilac

    Pony Lesson
    Includes - Cheerilee, Silver Spoon, and Twist "a-Loo" 
    I'm a bit disappointed that they ran with a generic Rarity model for Lyra (She actually looked better as a recolor Twilight Sparkle even), but that Octavia looks amazing. Hopefully we see them invade soon. 

    Thanks to Everyone that sent it over the last few days, and Candygram for the image.
  • Story Updates - May 6th

    Just three story updates this time! Head on down below for all of them.

  • Animation: One Piece (Pony Edition)

    Quite a few animations this morning it seems! This time we've got a ponified One Piece animation for you guys to chew on so check it out after the break. Short, but sweet!

  • Story: Awakening (Update Complete!)

    [Sad] [Adventure] [Sci-fi]

    Author: Solocitizen
    Description: After being marooned on an icy world in unexplored space, Lumina must now face the perils of this frozen wasteland and search for some way home. But in this dark place, she discovers something that was lost to pony kind ever since the fabled Equestria sank into the ocean over 10,000 years ago. Something that will change her, and possibly the entire galaxy, forever.

    Not a cross over and not an alternate universe. This is the far future, and this has happened before.
    Awakening (New Part 10!)

    Additional Tags: Sci-Fi OC Adventure Saddest Ever
  • Animation: What My Cutie Mark is Telling me (Background Ponies)

    The song is a bit all over the place on this one, but it's a cute little animation regardless! We have Lyra delivering mail, Octavia working the turntables, and you can probably figure out the rest.  Check it out below the break!

  • Stay Brony My Friends: Episode 49 - Starring Cathy Weseluck!

    Equestria L.A. is next weekend! So what do your friends at Stay Brony My Friends have for you?

    Only one of the main guests for EQLA, how about Cathy Weseluck!

    That's right, Cathy will drop by to discuss voice acting, production, voice teaching and much, much more.

    Then YOU get to ask her your questions live!

    Come by and get hyped up for next weekends convention, I can barely keep Screwball contained here! HELP!

    Join us Monday May 5th at 5pm PST/8pm EST.
  • PMV: EDM Death Machine

    Some ask why I always screenshot the Trixie portion of videos, and I usually say it's automatic.  The truth is, I haven't a clue.

    Onward to random media! We have a pmv with BOATLOAD of editing and random ponies popping in to provide some talking bits this time around. It can be a bit obnoxious at some points, but overall its pretty solid.  Check it out below the break.