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  • Nightly Roundup #647

    Sorry for the rather erratic Roundup schedule you guys! Now that finals are over they should start settling back into their normal routine again. Anyhow, have some Gilda for the header tonight as there really isn't a lot of cool pics of her out there.

    Check out the news after the break!

  • SFM/Random Media: Rainbow Dash's Precious Book / Pinkie Does her Taxes / Till death do you part

    I hate taxes.  Celebrate hating taxes with Pinkie Pie in the first slot via an SFM video

    Then after that, have the fifth installment of the Ponies in Real life series (watch the others first), complete with Daring Do books and sonic rainbooms.

    And finally, a bit of sad Twilight Sparkle, because back before that bit of news about her not outliving her friends popped up, this was a serious issue!

    All below the break!

  • Story: Dusk-Lit Waltz


    Author: Nicknack
    Description: In the capital city of Griffalia, Gilda leads a luxurious life of royalty—even if she doesn't care or know how good she's got it.

    When she's suddenly thrust into an arranged marriage with the leader of another kingdom, she's going to have to learn some of the harder lessons of life, about family, and about herself.
    Dusk-Lit Waltz

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Gilda copes with getting married

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Twily and Smarty / Hunted Luna / Ask Trixie From Trixie VS

    Heya guys! Been a little while, hasn't it? But fear not, I return from the depths of the Tumblr Void to bring you three tumblrs for you all to sink your teeth into! Check them all out after the break and pay a visit to them if you can.

    If you'd like to suggest a tumblr for a future spotlight, whether it be your own or one you really like, please send it my way at calpain@equestriadaily.com. I'll take a look at it as soon as I can!

  • IDW Limited - Fluttershy and Rarity Comic Folios on the Way

    It looks like IDW Limited has plans to release two more comic folios for all you collectors out there.   Both Rarity and Fluttershy will be hitting their stores this Tuesday according to Twitter.  As was noted in their Twilight Saprkle and Rainbow Dash versions, each comes with the a limited edition lithograph, a die-cut hardcover portfolio, and the pony singles comic tied to whichever one you choose.  Technically this would mean Fluttershy's comic will be released early in this form. 

    If you want videos showing off what all is included, hit up this post!


  • Poll Results: What is Your Favorite Pony Art (Drawfriend) Medium?

    It looks like we follow the usual trend of internet denizens. Digital art dominates Drawfriend posts, not because we are biased toward it, but because it is just the most common. Kind of hard to scan a painting!

    And when we get stuff like this, who could complain? 

    Next poll: Suggest a poll! I've run out again.
  • Comic: Epiphany / A new Trixie / Taste the Rainbow

    Honestly, I think Trixie's obsession with herself in the second comic is way more adorable than these "CMC".  Does that make me weird?

    Onward to comics!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #792

    Flight lessons edition!  I'm really hoping they explore Twilight's learning to fly in the show.  If that GiF from the Hot Topic thing is any indication, it's going to be a fun one.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    RD + Twi - Cloud Bustin

  • Mat and Sleeves from Ultra Pro

    For all you card collectors out there who want to keep those things in good condition, Enterplay has released images of a playmat and sleeves that displayed at a retailer event in Canada. No information is available on when exactly we will see these hitting stores, but they really need to get an actual trading card game going for this show so we can actually use said sleeves and mat! 

    You own Wizards and shut down the MLP fan made Magic: The Gathering set Hasbro, where is the pony version already?!

  • Discussion: What would You Want to See Out of a Luna and Celestia Series?

    As many of you have probably read by now, Lauren Faust wishes she could have run a series based entirely around Luna and Celestia.  Any pony fan would be all over a prospect like this, but what would you like to see out of it?  Would it stick to a slice of life around the castle style that the actual show tends to follow?  Or would you prefer an epic multi-part storyline exploring the history of Eqeustria?  Hell, you could even make Luna run her own stand-up comedy show.  It's up to you!

    Hit the comments below with your ideas!
  • Simple PMV #23

    Scenes and ponies with minor effects, it's Simple PMV time! Head on down below the break for a blast to the good old days.

  • Lauren Faust's Twitter Questions and Answers

    I figured I'd compile all of these for one of those good old fashioned "words of Faust" posts.   We haven't had one in forever!

    For those that are confused, over the last few days, she has run a few 30 minute long events dedicated to answering questions for the Wildlife Learning Center Indiegogo.  People could donate 25 bucks for a season 1 or general production question to be answered.

    Anyway, head on down below the break for all of them, from Celestia and Luna's parents to Trixie's Great and Powerful schooling.