• Nightly Roundup #641

    Like I wasn't going to header something with this Trixie. Just look at those eyes.  The epitome of great and powerfulness right there.

    Onward to a super early roundup! Go view stuff!

  • Music of the Day #102

    Cheeselegs!  Dubstep!  It's MOTD Time.  Head on down below the break for sixteen songs this time. 

  • Animation: Hijo de la Luna / Pony Movie 3

    The first one to start us off in this mini-animation compilation is a ponification of Hijo de la Luna, or "Son of the Moon", a spanish song.  You can turn subtitles on at the bottom.   There is a bit of blood around the middle due to the nature of the piece, though nothing too overboard.

    And in the second slot, another one of those ASDF Movie style pony animations! Check them out below!

  • PMV: Error / Diligent Fervor / Livin the Dream

    We start this one off with a PMV filled with custom animations, synching, and even a bit of Nightmare Moon VS the ponies. Haven't explored that in a while have we? The second slot is dedicated to Applejack, who still remains under-represented in PMV's, and the final one is a bit of Typography combined with a bit of stuff for all the ponies. Check them out below!

    1.) [PMV] Error
    2.) PMV - Diligent Fervor (Applejack's Fighting is Magic Theme)
    3.) [PMV] Livin The Dream

  • Drawfriend Stuff #784

    Someone named Parallellogic commissioned both Foxinshadow and lolover for us on this one.  Not only is it awesome, but I really appreciate the love.  EQD tends to be a lot of work, so it's cool to see this stuff for us every once in a while!

    And Trixie's expression is priceless.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Paper Delivery Fillies

    And new banner from ThePatrollPL on Deviant Art! Thanks!

    I also completely forgot to toss the last banner in a drawfriend, from Boogster Stu.  Always was a Cartoon Network fan!

    Now you can art!

  • Spotlight Vocal ROCK Music: Clopper / Changeling / Rainbow Thrash Album Version

    ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?  We've never filled a music post up with ROCK before.  I like this trend!

    "Clopper" is just as it sounds.  It does indeed cover the dark side of the fandom. Those weak of the ears should probably hit the other two up, if you need a good bit of 80s rock style music though, don't miss it!

    In the second slot, we have a new one from M Pallente, dedicated to changelings, because changelings are metal, and Chrysalis is the queen of metal. If you refute this then you are wrong.

    And finally, we finish with a revamped track from Prince Whatever. If you listened to Rainbow Thrash forever ago, and immediately downloaded it, you might want to update those mp3 files once the album releases.

    1.) Secret Metal - Clopper
    2.) Changeling - by M Pallante
    3.) PrinceWhateverer - Rainbow Thrash (Album Version)

  • Observations on MLP Characterization

    Character development! It's something that Friendship is Magic does incredibly well.  We have a group of six ponies that follow the usual personality tropes, but set themselves apart from the norm via a wide variety of quirks that draw you into their lives in a way other cartoons struggle with.  Even the ponies that aren't a focus easily hit on that curiosity factor, especially the mysterious princesses.

    Digibrony has released another video that delves into all of this! Head on down below to check it out. 

  • Teen Titans Go Pony Stuff Now on Youtube

    For those curious about what exactly went on yesterday in "Teen Titans Go!", someone has uploaded it to Youtube.  Head on down below the break for all of it!

  • Official Comic #6 and Rarity #3 Release!

    The 6th in the comic series, and 3rd in the specific pony oneshots has been released digitally for all of you who didn't feel like hunting them down in the real world.  Both of them can be downloaded now on Comixology.  Have some links:

    Rarity Comic #3
    My Little Pony #6

    An entire Luna filled comic?  You guys better make Marvel cry at the sales on this one. 
  • Simple PMV #21

    Simple PMV Time! We have six in this one.  Now go check them out!

  • Three Seasons of No

    I never realized how many no's there were in this series before the video after the break.  These ponies are so negative...

  • Convention Compilation - April 24th

    Conventions! Have some headlines:

    Derpycon South Convention Updates
    Fillypi├▒ana Announcement
    Brony Fest 2014 Announced
    Cutie Mark Con Announcement
    Cutie Mark Con Earth Week Sale

    And full press releases after the break.