• Equestria Girls Airing on the 15th of June?

    We website called Move News Letters is listing Equestria Girls at a June 15th release in a bunch of Digiplex theaters.   There aren't any DVD release dates popping up yet as far as I know, so this may be the only way to see it for now. 

    (Source page)
  • Music of the Day #99


    Have 12 songs for music of the day!

  • M.A. Larson Live Q&A Tonight

    M.A. Larson is answering questions tonight live on True Equestria Radio.   It's pretty late, coming in at midnight eastern time (9:00 PM PST), but pony fans are up all night anyway right?!

    Have some information below the break!

  • Slideshow Comic: Don't Worry Dinky Doo

     We have a bit of Dinky/Derpy/Doctor Whoof stuff in this one, slideshow comic style.  There are a million different  fanons for these three, and this one attempts to explore a different one.  Check it out below the break!

  • Discussion: Changelings Join Equestrian Society

    What if changelings decided to simply "join" equestrian society instead of forcefully feed upon it? I'm sure there are plenty of lonely mares and colts out there who wouldn't mind sharing some love with something that could literally be anything.    What kind of moral implications would this bring up I wonder?  Are changelings picky about who they absorb "love" from?   Does their hivemind society even allow anything other than feeding between two creatures?

    Analyze changelings in the comments! 
  • Crossover Media: Pony Grumps - The Four Warriors / Meet the Heavyshy

    What if Fluttershy was a heavy? What if Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were the game grumps? Have two videos that attempt to explain that!  Below the break, or click the images.  I'm open for anything today. 

  • Animation Trailer: Age of Empires 1 Intro

    Everyone loved the Age of Empires 2 animation Yudhaikeledai released so much, that I'm sure this one is going to be huge too.  He tossed a trailer up showing off his progress.  Head on down past the break to check it out! I can't wait to see it!

  • (Mystery) USA Today Listing Equestria Girls Movie Tickets

    This could be a derp in the system, or a sign of things to come.  Equestria Girls tickets are listing in USA Today's movie section.  It seems like no zip codes actually bring up anything though, and no other information is available. 

    If you want to mess around with it or keep an eye on it, you can find this page here!

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #780

    I got nothin, this image is just awesome.

    Have some art.

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    MLP - And the Best Pet Won

  • Animation: Fluff Puff - Detective

    Someone at the cookies.  Fluffle Puff ain't dealin with that nonsense.  Check it out below the break.

  • Saturday Livestreams and Drawfriend

    Yet another packed Saturday! Glad you guys are liking this event so much. Check after the break for some of our regulars as well as some new faces.

    As always with this event, if you want to partake in the madness make sure to send an email to me at calpain@equestriadaily.com with your name, the type of art you'll be doing, a gallery link (optional) a link to your livestream and a banner (also optional). Make sure that your stream follows our content guidelines as laid out under our submit tab and also make sure to that you can be ready to stream at our standard time of 4pm EST / 1pm PST on Saturday. Also, if you participated in this week's stream event please send me the art you made so I can include it in next week's Livestream Drawfriend.

  • Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #16

    Can't fly? Scoots has it figured out! Seriously, these pieces just keep getting better and better. We also have tons of them today so check them all out after the break!

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    Scootaloo riding a cloudsweeper!

  • Animation: Blueblood, Gentlemanly Troll

    So, PSY (the guy behind Gangnam Style) recently released a new song called Gentleman, and as is the norm for the world of pony, it has undergone a bit of a transformation, animation style.  Head on down below the break for it!

  • Joker Meets My Little Pony

    From the same person that brought you Spiderman and Batman meets my little pony, comes a new one starring the Joker.  It runs with the same quirky humor style that those did, so if they weren't your thing, this 13 minute long episode might be a bit odd to you! Everyone else can find it below the break!

  • Mémoires of Equestria: Princess Coronation

    I think one of my favorite parts of Bioshock was the audio-diaries.  That really is an excellent way to build a backstory for the world without getting in the way of the pacing of the game.   It's something I wish they would do for Skyrim! So many books, yet I've only ever read one or two.

    Anyway, have an audio-diary style thing for the Princess Coronation.  That and these voices rock.