• Music of the Day #96

    It's not Shining Armor's fault right? He couldn't have known it wasn't actually Cadance! This right here is going to be the ultimate test of how good of a wife his sparkly pink alicorn princess actually is!

    Onward to music.  We have 10 of them today!

  • Album Compilation - April 14th

    Albums! We seem to get quite a few of these lately. Have six of the ones that have been sitting around waiting to be posted for a while now!
    • The Road to PCAU - Koroshi-Ya
    • Phantom of Equestria - Luceds
    • Four - Errar404
    • Isolated - Ausrakey
    • A Season's Change - Pony Visitation
    • Electronic Symphonies - ViFFeX
    And all information on each below the break!

  • Story: Life's Work


    Author: Spiderpony14 & LEPShot
    Description: There are many big transitions in a pony’s life. Few are larger and more
    life altering, though, than the ascendance undergone by Equestria’s newest
    triarch, Princess Twilight Sparkle. In these three brief interviews with
    each of Equestria’s rulers, and one pulled from the archives of the
    previous decade, we attempt to get a look at life through the eyes of the
    Life's Work

    Additional Tags: Interviews with alicorns, plus one
  • Comic: Heartstrings / Attention, Please, Snow Drops Alternate Ending / The Sweetest Gift / Rainbow Power

    Comics! We start this one off with a massive three chapter multi-parter that we haven't posted in forever.  Click the image above to hit the first page up, and follow along in the description.

    And below, we have filly twi being ridiciulous, a bit of Luna, some Snow Drops lolxdsorandum and a voice-over comic.  Click for full!

  • Animation: Discord Wants Cake

    Discord wants cake.  That's about it.  Find it below!

  • Story Updates - April 14th

    Story updates! We have four of them this time around.  Check them out below.

  • Story: Felt Heart (Update Complete!)


    Author: Tchernobog
    Description: Rarity discovers an old tradition involving the exchange of felt dolls as a sign of affection. This sparks a brilliant plan to play matchmaker with her friends, and between herself and Twilight.

    But brilliant plans never go as expected, do they?
    Felt Heart (New Part 4+Epilogue!)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #774

    Rainbow Dash sure does make for some of the most colorful pictures the fandom has to offer. When you have a mane made from the colors of the rainbow you sort of naturally blend in with all sorts of other colors.

    Pony pics aplenty coming your way after the break!

    [1] Source
    Free Expression With What I Love

  • Twilight Sparkle Won't Outlive her Friends - And Clarification

    Someone worried about the age-old idea of Twilight Sparkle having to bury her friends in the future due to her new immortal status has been dismissed by Meghan McCarthy herself.  Whether this be a hint that Twily is not immortal, or that the Elements of Harmony have extended lifespans, remains to be seen.   I did just see 30 or 40 fanfictions explode though!

    And a bit of a clarification since we too have been getting a lot of Equestria Girls submissions about things that have already been debunked:  Despite what Hasbro said in their convention announcements, this is, at this time, just a straight to DVD movie.  And since people were also surprised yesterday when Jim Miller's Linkedin Profile listed the movie, EQG was in fact worked on by DHX. 

    Have a bit of an opinion section too, based on what swarms of people have brainstormed, including a few people that work closely with Hasbro: 

    Why does Equestria Girls exist at all?  What reason did Hasbro have in creating a spinoff with humanized ponies that no one actually wanted?  Apparently, they are chasing after the success of Monster High.  Hasbro wanted their own version of this toy line, and what better magical girl series to use than their most popular one?   This isn't 100% confirmed, but so far it's the best explanation I have seen.  Hopefully it's just temporary though! We need pony!
  • Comic: Twilight's First Day Pt8 / The Art of Pranking / Screw Loose: The Origin

    Time once again for some more of the adorable Sparkle family. Muffinshire does such a great job with these and I hope he continues making more and more of them! They certainly brighten up my day.

    Comics guys, click for full!

  • PMV: Pinkie Pie - I'm on crack / Broken Butterfly

    We don't condone the use of drugs here on EQD, primarily because Pinkie Pie on any kind of substance that effects her energy is terrifying to say the least.  Have an example of that in the first one.

    The second is a Fluttershy speedy style PMV.  It's a bit low on the custom animations and effects normal PMV posts usually have, but it does a great job of telling a story.

    Find both below the break!

    1.) Pinkie Pie - I'm on crack [PMV]
    2.) [PMV] Broken Butterfly

  • Semi-Animated Stuff: Lulliby for a Princess / Game Derps 2

    We have an animatic for an upcoming Lullaby for a Princess animation, followed by the second edition of Game Derps.  I'm rolling with a comic style on these, so click the images to go check them out!

  • March 2013 Comic Sales Figures

    Stats for the March sales of three of the MLP Comic books have been released over on Comichron.  It's looking like we are still rolling around the middle of the top 100 list for how successful the pony comics are.  Not bad considering they are up against the major comics over at DC and Marvel! Keep buying the comics though, we need more!

    Friendship is Magic #4
    55th Place
    41,541 Comics Sold
    Friendship is Magic #5
    65th Place
    36,354 Sold

    Rainbow Dash Micro Series
    91st Place
    25,473 Sold
    Thanks to Candygram for the heads up!
  • Story: Fluttershy Kicks a Puppy


    Author: bats
    Description: While she's providing veterinary care at the park, Fluttershy runs afoul with one of the more domesticated critters.

    ...Fluttershy would never kick a puppy on purpose, would she?
    Fluttershy Kicks a Puppy

    Additional Tags: Tragedy Comedy Fluttershy Character Study
  • Twilacorn is best pony

    This is why Twilacorn is awesome.  Twilight's adorkableness has reached a new level. 

    (From the Hot Minute thing)
  • Nightly Roundup #633

    Looks like it's just podcasts, Meetups, and Merch stuff tonight! Taking a break from the usual I guess! Go check it out.