• Nightly Roundup #630

    Sure, they may look cute, but you know when these three show up with that glint in their eyes as they stare right at you, you just know you're about to go on a cutie mark crusading adventure. Said adventure will most likely involve bodily harm, property damage, and of course being covered in sap. But hey, how can we fault them for their enthusiasm?

    Time for the news guys! Check it all after the break.

  • SFM: Pink

    It's late in the US, and you all look like you need some motivation to stay up all night tonight.  So have something with some good old fashion HORROR MOVIE vibes. 

    Warning: Loud, and a bit bloody in the background.  

    Find it below!

  • Story: The Diary Of An Evil Pony

    [Normal] [Slice of Life]

    Author: TheBrianJ
    Description: Dear Diary,

    I have selected my new name for this job: "Fleur De Lis."

    The target's name is Fancy Pants. He's rich, he's well-known, and most importantly, he's single. This is going to be a breeze.

    The Diary Of An Evil Pony

    Additional Tags: The long con in Canterlot
  • Discussion: Brony Shoutouts - Yay or Neigh?

    With season four a year away, and staffers from the actual show frequently posting with us on Twitter in the meantime, it's only natural that they might throw some things in there influenced by the fandom.  They could be as subtle as Vinyl Scratch hangin with Octavia in the background, or completely in your face with a full on Derpy Scene. Overall its a pretty big mix!

    With Double Rainboom taking the "for brony by brony" line to the extreme, a lot of people showed dislike for fandom shoutouts.  How much is too much?  Would you like to see more of it in the coming season? Or none at all?

    Drop your opinions on the topic down below in the comments. 

    For me, I love hunting for the stuff in the background, and Derpy made my day.
  • Double Midnight Rarity Micro-Series Exclusive

    Double Midnight sent this out in one of their newsletters.  This will be their exclusive for the upcoming Rarity solo comic.  One of these days I'm going to need to collect all of these..

    Thanks to The Illustrious Q for the heads up!
  • Story: Twice as Bright (Update Complete!)


    Author: Cloudy Skies
    Description: Celestia likes her routine. Tax reforms, grants, laws and construction projects are all a princess needs to be content.

    It's just her luck that for Pinkie Pie, "content" is not nearly enough.
    Twice as Bright (New Part 11!)

    Additional Tags: Pinkie Possibly Perpetuates Princess Parties
  • Shorty Awards Stream Begins - Livestream

    The award show for the Shorty Awards is being streamed now.  Both Tara Strong and My Little Pony were on the top of their respective categories, though they don't have an actual schedule of what will happen when during the event.  Expect to keep watching until 9:00 PM EST tonight if you want to catch it all! Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • Spotlight Music: RUN / Discord's Box / Volatile Blue

    Spotight music time! We have a new one from BAASIK and BlackGryph0n, followed by a bit of creepy music box style orchestral, and finish with a bit of electronic stuff. Check them all out below!

    1.) BAASIK feat. BlackGryph0n - RUN
    2.) Luceds - Discord's Box (Album Download in the Description)
    3.) JayB - Volatile Blue

  • Japanese Pony Episode 2 - Over now

    I completely forgot about this! The second episode of FiM is currently airing over on the same channel as last time.  Head down below the break to check it out.  I'll get the Youtube or whatever stream link up later.  At least we get some Luna in a bit!

    (Aaand over, I set my alarm for next Monday, so hopefully I will get it up next week before it's half over!)

  • Story: Like a Mighty Flame

    [Sad] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Cynewulf
    Description: Sometimes, heartache is a place, and you can leave it. But more often than not, it is both point and line, and though you leave injury behind you... you perhaps never truly are free. It lingers. Rainbow Dash learns this the hard way when Spitfire gives her free tickets to a Wonderbolts show in Cloudsdale as she's recovering from a terrible injury.

    Like a Mighty Flame

    Additional Tags: Raridash, Song, of, Songs, Title
  • Drawfriend Stuff #768

    Vinyl Scratch is usually regulated to music post headers, so lets give her a bit of art spotlight for once!

    Onward to drawings! We have 53 today.  It looks like the massive flood has finally died down!

    [1] Source

  • Kansas City Filmfest Brony Documentary Screening Information - Pizza Party with Lauren, Dinner with Discord, and More

    This April 10th through the 14th,  the Kansas City Filmfest will be rollin with a bunch of pony centered events in honor of the Brony Documentary that will be displayed for the world to see.  Included in the schedule are Q&A's witht he filmmaker and John de Lancie, special dinner events, a pizza party with with Lauren Faust, and a DJ party to top it all off.  Head on down below the break for all the information on it via press release!

  • Story: Music and Madness


    Author: TheBandBrony
    Description: The conductor takes his bows, smiling with pointed teeth as he drives me to insanity.

    Music and Madness

    Additional Tags: My masterpiece must be perfect
  • Music: A Seasons' Change // Pencil Eraser - Buckit // Beyond The Stars //

    Will you take what's in my head,
    and erase me when I'm dead?
    Cause the future is now!
    Now I'm disappearing!

    Two vocal tracks and one remix this morning- including a two-hour piano improvisation! That's impressive, if I don't know what else is.

    1) A Seasons' Change (2 Hour Piano Improvisation)
    2) Pencil Eraser - Buckit (Blink-182 Parody + 400 SUB SPECIAL!!!)
    3) Beyond The Stars ft. Giggly Maria - PhonyBrony

  • Comic: Moonlight, Moonlight / The End of the World Part 1 and 2

    Comic time! We have a simple one to start it off, and some Pinkie Pie with magic below.  Yes, the idea of Pinkie Pie with magic is in fact terrifying, but we love terrifying these ponies don't we?

  • Stay Brony My Friends: Episode 45 - Starring G.M. Berrow!

    Do you write fan fiction? Have you ever wondered how a pro would write for ponies?

    Well now you can ask a professional writer what it's like! This week on Stay Brony My Friends we welcome G.M. Barrow!
    writer of "Twilight Sparkle and The Crystal Heart Spell" that was just released last week and her upcoming books
    on Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash!

    We'll talk about writing, her history with ponies and what it was like at Big Apple Pony Con!

    Then YOU get to ask her your questions, like how do you write all of Rainbow Dashes awesome lines!

    (So Awesome)

    And don't forget the ongoing Manly Challenges for Charity on http://www.manliestbrony.com/blog/

    Join us Monday evening LIVE!
  • Nightly Roundup #629

    I wanted to head the drawfriend with this earlier, but someone convinced me to use Zecora instead. It's only natural that this portal style pony gets some love elsewhere.

     Onward to roundup stuff! Check it out below.