• Discussion: What Kind of Music Would Each Pony Listen To?

    We have a recommended discussion post this time around from someone in the submit box.  We have assigned flavors to each pony, but what about favorite music?

    Take your top six ponies, and drop which kind of music they like, who their favorite band is, and a YouTube linked song to go with it (assuming its on YouTube). 

    Hard mode: Scratch absolutely HATES dubstep.  
  • Random Media: Buckit (Blink-182 Parody) / Pinkie's Brew Typography

    Our schedule sure is random today.  I blame the lack of stuff to post!

    In this little compilation here, we have a cross between a PMV, a parody of Blink 182, and a bit of live-action stuff to tie it all together.  As a parody, it's pretty damn good to say the least!

    And in the second slot, we have another one of those typography videos, dedicated this time to the english version of the russian version of Pinkie's Brew.  

    Check both out below!

  • Meetup Group Map Teaser Update

    Yesterday we posted news about a new feature we were going to be trying out: a list of meetup groups around the world so pony fans can easily find other fans near them. We were blown away by the response, receiving tons of emails in just 24 hours!

    In response, I have been busy chugging away at a customized Google map containing all the information sent in. So far I have included all the information sent our way save for the info provided graciously by the mod in charge of The Big Brony Meetup Map which will add several new meetup groups to this list when it is complete. Thank you for the info Xiagu!

    Check below for a link to the public map and please email us with any problems you have while using it. The map is only accurate up to town/region level to the best of our abilities! Clicking a map marker will bring up all the relevant information sent in by the people from that group.

    If you would like your meetup group added please send it into submit@equestriadaily.com along with the name of your group, the country/State/region it is located in, and any relevant URLs. Please do not send in individual meetups, those are just for the Roundups!

    Brony Meetup Group Google Map (Beta)
  • Animation: Pony Insomnia / So Much Left to Know [Animatic Preview]

    I can totally relate to insomnia.  That stuff is awful.

    We have two videos this time around.  The first is a ponification of a scene from Home Movies.  If you have never seen the cartoon before, you will probably be a bit confused!

    And the second is an animatic preview of an upcoming So Much Left to Know animation.  Check them both out below the break!

  • Too Much!


    Disclaimer: EQD is not responsible for any medical bills pertaining to heart attacks, diabetes, or anything else caused by this image. 
  • PonyconAU Streams

    As some of you have already realized, PonyconAU is currently going down.  A couple of groups have hopped on to stream it. 

    You can find Celestia Radio here, with their schedule in this google doc, or Ponyville Live over here.

    Direct Link
    IRC: #PonyvilleLIVE 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #765

    Chrysalis edition! The creepiest thing I've ever seen in little girls TV!

    Onward to art, have a bunch of stuff!

    [1] Source
    Curse forever!

  • Animation - Know Your Mare Ep. 4 (Fluttershy)

    Alright, I think this announcer has gone too far this time.  How could you do that to poor Fluttershy?

    Oh good...

    Anyway, have another Know Your Mare!

  • Spotlight Music: Neverending Strife (The Living Tombstone's Remix) / This Ain't My First Rodeo / To Build An Army

    We start off with The Living Tombstone's remix of Neverending Strife, followed by some good old Applejack instrumental western rock, and finish with another epic orchestral piece. Check them all out below!

    1.) H8 Seed - Neverending Strife (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
    2.) crazyoatmeal3 - This Ain't My First Rodeo
    3.) Evening Star - To Build An Army

  • Bronies React: Season Finale

    Bronies React for the season finale has been released, with the usual ridiculousness and facial expressions of shock.  Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • Tara Strong Invading Build-a-Bear Plushie Event in NY

    This Saturday (April 6th), Tara Strong will be joining in on the festivities at Build-A-Bear workshop in NYC starting at 5:45 PM and staying until 6:45 PM.  There is already a meetup planned, and quite a bit of other information.  Head on down below the break for all of it!

  • Pony Trading Cards Hit Australia

    Similiar to Europe, The MLP trading cards are now available over in Australia.  You guys finally get to drop a bunch of money just like we have! Congrats!

    These in particular were located at a Toys R Us in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown for with two per pack at $5.95 a set.   They also had booster boxes, though there weren't any discounts on those. 

    Thanks to TheSlorg for the image and everyone else for the heads up!
  • Equestrian Adventure - (Spore Galactic Adventures)

    Someone going by the name of Scienceandponies on Youtube has tossed up a video showing off his Equestrian Adventure in Spore.  Included are pretty much all the ponyville ponies, as well as buildings that closely resemlbe those from the show.  It's a little bit on the odd side, but considering the tools available, impressive regardless!

    You can check out the full video below the break.

  • We Love Fine, Enterplay, and IDW Win Rewards for Best Brand Execution

    Hasbro gave our awards to some of their licensees for their successes in various areas, and three in particular won for best brand execution.   You can probably guess what the cause of that was.  I have to question the use of Mr. Potatohead though.  Shouldn't we have a pony up there this year instead?  Maybe that dealer from Magic Duel would work better...

    Anyway, find Enterplays announcement of this on their Facebook page

    Thanks to everyone for the heads up.
  • Aurora Plushies Press Release - Prices and Details

    Aurora has released a press release detailing their new plushie lineup and licensing agreement with Hasbro.   We previously saw all of these pop up at the Toy Fair, but very little information was known on what exactly we should expect.  Have some highlights:
    • Initial release of 18 Plushies in total
    • 12 plushies will come in a 6" size with matching carrying case (image above) 
    • 6 will roll with a 10" size without the case
    • Prices will range from $10-$20
    • Available in both the USA and Canada at 25,000 gift shops and specialty stores
    • Also available on their website when released
    I'm assuming the ten inchers will be just the mane six, though fan favorites may be invading the smaller ones. 

    Stay tunes for more specific information in the future! You can find the full press release below the break.