• Equestria Daily - Now Reporting on Everything, Plus Ponies

    Pony is pretty slow thanks to the lack of episodes until Winter.  We here at EQD don't want to disappoint you all with a slower posting schedule though.  Over the years, we have collected pony stuff from across the fandom that deserves a spotlight, so why not use our experience to cover absolutely everything?

    Introducing EQD's new slogan: Monitor EVERYTHING

    You read that right! From now until season 4 begins, expect to find not only the best pony content on the web, but also the most important news, reviews, and pop culture subjects that even people living under a rock would give their left leg to know about.

    We do get that EQD is in itself a pony site though.  Real life news can be pretty dry at times.   This little problem eventually lead to the most obvious solution ever:  Lets just ponify everything!   Not only will you be receiving important, life-changing news, but you will become enlightened without ever leaving the comfort of Equestria!

    Onward to a new era!   Expect our first article to pop up when EQD resumes it's daily posting schedule!

  • Nightly Roundup #623

    We have some major changes coming to EQD in a few hours here.  Expect a post in a bit! Have some roundup and Sheriff Fluttershy for now!

    Update: Now with cake and eggs!

  • Fronts and Backs of All MLP trading Cards

    Sparklepeep has created an imgur album with both the fronts and backs of all the MLP trading cards in much better resolution than the earlier post we tossed up.  If you are curious about what the backs of each card say, this is a good way to find out.  Some of the references are pretty ridiculous. 

    Head on over here to check them out!
  • Canterlot Gardens on Final Day for Kickstarter

    The final day of the Canterlot Gardens kickstarter has arrived, and they are only about 1/4th the way to their goal of $20,000.  If you were a past attendee, or want to experience what past attendees originally experienced, head on over to their kickstart page and toss some support in! There isn't a whole lot of time left, so do it quick!

  • Best Card!

    Yep, they totally did it. 
    "Competing in contests and going on campouts together, Sweetie Bell is happy to be closer to her sister Rarity than ever before. On the other hoof, her cutie mark acquisition program hasn’t really made any real progress. Her hopes for an adorable bunnysiting cutie mark didn’t work out at all! Poor Sweetie Bell is an amazing singer, but she’s just too shy to show off her talent in front of a crowd, even though they’ll surely love her voice. Oh, why does life have to be so ironic?!"
    (A reference to Sweetie Bot from Friendship is Witchcraft for those confused) 
  • Movies and Gibdos (Game Grumps)

    Game Grumps ponified, because why not?

    Check it out below.

  • PMV: Curse of the Alicorn

    Alicorn immortality curses and blackbirds this time around. We have two PMV's, each with a bit of custom animation to go along with them. Check them out below!

    1.) [PMV] The Curse of the Alicorn / La maldiciĆ³n del Alicornio
    2.) [PMV] Blackbird

  • Smile Smile Smile in SFM

    SFM sure does evolve quick! This time around, we have the entiety of Smile Smile Smile built with the good old (or new) 3D ponies.  Every scene is pretty much matched in comparison to the real deal.

    Head on down below to check it out!

  • Spotlight Music: David Larsen ft. Mandopony - Double Rainboom / Calm Seas and Blue Skies / Cloud Diving with Rainbow

    We start this one off with a new vocal track dedicated to Double Rainboom starring David Larsen and Mandopony, followed by some Daring Do orchestral stuff, and finish with trance! Check them out below!

    1.) David Larsen ft. Mandopony - Double Rainboom
    2.) Calm Seas and Blue Skies (Daring Do) - CommandSpry
    3.) Cloud Diving With Rainbow

  • Story Updates - March 31st

    Story updates! We have a ton today, so go read!

  • Custom Compilation #101

    It's truly amazing that someone can take an official product and turn it into something completely, and stunningly, different! Each time I do one of these custom compilations I'm just blown completely away. Keep it up custom crafters! We've got a long pony hiatus ahead.

    Check out the rest of the goods after the break!

    [1] Source
    Trade: Crystal Twilight and Spike Custom

  • Drawfriend Stuff #761

    This image reminds me of something, but I haven't a clue what it is.   I do know I managed to snag two wallpapers out of this one though!

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Tamer Trixie - Leo, Part Two - The Approach

  • Happy Birthday Maddy, Ashleigh, and JDL!

    Lots of birthdays this month and you guys pulled through with some great gifts! Happy Birthday to Maddy and a belated happy birthday to both John De Lancie and Ashleigh! We hope you all had or are having fantastic birthdays and from the community to you all we appreciate the work you have put into the show.

    Go wish them your best on their Twitter accounts!

    Hey Ocean Twitter
    JDL Twitter
    Maddy Peters Twitter

    [1] Source
    Birthday Cubed

  • Introducing Megapony, Episode 2!

    In the year 20xx, a brony named Khao Mortadios poured a great deal of energy into creating a new video game combining the classic platformer action of Megaman with everybody's beloved pony figures from Friendship is Magic. The game showed some promising design sense and attempted to emulate the classic NES series, but was unfinished and needed the help of many wonderful people like yourselves to provide feedback and help it reach its true potential.

    8 months later, it's time to see how that promise panned out. Episode 2 is more accurately considered Version 2, and it's bigger, better, and pony...er than its original counterpart. Awesome! So what is it?

    Megapony puts you in the iron-clad horseshoes of an appropriately named robotic equine sent forth by Princess Celestia to combat a certain six ponies who have been warped by Discord, and return them to the light of friendship. With your laser shooting horn. It's a fully custom designed game in the classic 8-bit Megaman milieu. Fully designed stages, bosses, and music that combine classic NES feel with unique equine charm. This version contains playable stages for each of the mane six, with the promise of some potentially epic boss stages to come.

    If you think this sounds awesome, you're right and you should download it in the link provided below. If you'd prefer to see more of the game in action first, I've started a video review of the game which you can find below the page break. But please, play it, give your feedback, and help make this game the best that it can be!

    Megapony Episode 2 Download

  • Discussion: What Kind of Fan Episode Would You Like?

    We have had two episode style fan animations release this month.  The first was Snowdrop, rolling with a very emotional and story driven style.  It set out to explain the history of snow flakes, and did a pretty damn good job of it!  The second was Double Rainboom, which seemed to focus much more on gags and specific scenes than the overall storyline.   I know I wasn't expecting Power Puff Girls to show up.

    So what type do you prefer? Do you like the silly fandom references and nostalgiatastic crossover style? Or is the story driven type more your thing?

    What kind of topic would you like to see fan animation explore?

    Hit up the comments below!
  • Comic: Easter is Coming / Pacifism / Parents Destinies / Greatest Wishes

    Comics! We have some easter, some pacifism, a bit of Double Rainboom, and some parents.  Click for full!

  • Stay Brony My Friends: Episode 44, Starring Andrew Francis!

    Join us once again this coming Monday night for Stay Brony My Friends with Dustykatt, Screwball and Cowboy Dave!

    This week's guest is none other than your big brother best friend forever, Andrew Francis!

    Andrew comes back to the show for a second round of Q&A from the gang where we will delve into all things Crystal Kingdom and Liquid Pride!

    And don't forget to check out www.manliestbrony.com for the ongoing Manly Challenges for charity put forth by our guests.

    Andrew picked KiKi as his charity and we want to give her and Ami a good push!

    You can find the reair's off all the past episodes here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL38A9F19CDFF2C5FD

    Join us Monday evening LIVE!

  • Animation: Follow Me

    Scootalove, Muse, and custom a full song worth of animation? I'm in.   Check it out over here!
  • Nightly Roundup #622

    I still need to go watch that episode... Hopefully it was good!

    Onward to roundup news! We have cake, teasers, events, and more in this one. Check them out below.