• Nightly Roundup #607

    The evolution of an individual is a glorious process. It's an accumulation of experiences, events, and learning that shape the story of each and every single person that has ever been or will ever be. Each story is no less amazing than the next as everyone starts from a blank slate as we come squealing into the world. Everyone has a story to tell, each different from each other and just as important as the last because life itself is an epic journey we must all go through.

    Never put down what you have done in your life. You may not be 'famous', rich, or have discovered something earth shattering, but you living in of itself is an epic feat worth telling for if life has shaped anyone it has shaped yourself.

    Go out and live, tell your story and continue adding chapters to this book we call life.

    News time guys! Check it after the break.

  • Music of the Day #79

    I ran out of Luna, so have some Trixie instead

    As promised in yesterday's music of the day, we have 20 songs today! Can you handle the flood? I think not!

    Onward to musics! And remember to include a genre if you submit a song.  People most likely pick and choose these based on that!

  • Random Merch: Headphones, Rarity Book, Twisted Marshmallow, Bandages

    Rainbow Dash headphones are invading Thinkgeek, with a bit different design than the ones at Hot Topic.  Head on over to their store page for all the details!

    And according to a post on Facebook, it looks like we can expect some more pony merch over there in the future. Whether that be specific to their store or stuff picked up from other outlets remains to be seen though!

    Thanks to Sockeye and FusionPlank23 for the heads up!

    Head on down below the break for more Random Merch!

  • Ponyvania - Dual Crashes and Gameplay Trailer

    It's hard to find a good screenshot with these oldschool graphics!  Ponyvania is a ponification of the popular Castlevania series, complete with FiM based enemies (manticores, windegoes, ect) along with ponies as the primary characters.  I saw everyone from Berry Punch and Twilight to OC's in the trailer.  Head on down below the break to check it out for yourself!

  • Comic: Tears of a Clown / That Makes One of Us... / Daddy's Day Off

    Comics! We have some Derpy, a bit of season one, and some Filly Rarity to end it.  Click for full!

  • EQLA Guests, Venue information, Badges, and More!

    EQLA Has dropped even more news off at our EQD submit box to share with you all.  Some is a bit of a refresher from the convention compilations over the half a year, while others are new.  It looks like Michelle Creber was signed on to join both Nicole and Cathy as guests! Head on down below the break for everything!

  • P.O.P.E. Battle: Luna vs Twilight!

    When Celestia gave Twilight Sparkle wings, she completely forgot that there were already too many alicorns and not enough empires to run or celestial bodies to raise!  After a month of hard negotiation with various members of the Canterlot elite, a new title has been chosen: P.O.P.E., or Princess of Pony Excellence.

    Due to popular demand however, the citizens of Equestria have decided to put this title up for vote (on the EQD sidebar due to budget cuts on ballot boxes), completely ruining all of Celestias plans.  The two finalists ended up being Twilight Sparkle and Luna.   It is up to you to decide which pony will be worthy of the title of first P.O.P.E. of Equestria!

    Disclaimer: Inspired by historical events and characters, this work of fiction as designed, developed and produced by a multicultural team of various religious faiths and beliefs

    Art Sources:
    Twilight - Pixelkitties
    Luna - Tetrapony
  • Mixed Media: Spitfire's Spitfire / Friendship is Magic RaNd0Mn3S5 #7 / FiF II: Smagic Shmuel

    These poor guys have been sitting in the queue waiting for buddies to pair up with for a while now, so I figured I'd toss them out there togeather.

    We start it off with a Spitfire based YTPMV, followed by one of those never stay tuned style random pony video sets, and finish with a Youtube Poop

    1.) Spitfire's Spitfire
    2.) MLP: Friendship is Magic RaNd0Mn3S5 #7
    3.) FiF II: Smagic Shmuel (Language/Content Warning)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #743

    We have your daily dose of art right here, starting with a bit of Fluttershy.  Hit them up below the break!

    [1] Source
    Resting Under the Tree

  • Story: Celestia in Excelsis (Update Part 14!)

    [Sad][Adventure] "What this story does with the history of Equestria and Princess Celestia's origins is nothing short of spectacular. I'll be eagerly awaiting new chapters of this story." -Pre-reader Air Pirate

    Author: Kolwynia
    Description: Long ago, the great wizard Starswirl the Bearded stood against Harmony. The power of friendship chose for itself a pure champion: the young unicorn Celestia. For a thousand years she has been the one heroic princess standing between the Arch-Enemy of friendship and all her little ponies.
    Celestia in Excelsis (New Part 14!)

    Additional Tags: The heroic adventures of Celestia
  • Spotlight Music: The Grand Descent / A change in destiny / Life in Equestria (Extended) Orchestral

    We start this one off with an original orchestral track, followed by a season finale combo remix electronic track, and finish with an extended Life in Equestria orchestral piece. Check them all out below!

    1.) Radiarc - Cynosure: The Grand Descent (Preview)
    2.) A change in destiny
    3.) Life in Equestria (Extended) Orchestral Version

  • Gameloft Game St. Patricks Day Update

    Gameloft has announced a new update for the MLP game for those of you still truckin along in it.  Included this time around are the following:

    Lucky Clover - 77777 bits
    Mr. Breezy - 300 gems

    New decorations

    Pot of Gold - 50 gems
    Lucky Clover Banner - 4000 bits
    Lucky Horseshoe Banner - 4000 bits
    Clover Gate - 30000 bits
    Lucky Bush - 7 gems

    Yeah, that's a lot of gems! Hopefully you have farmed enough by now.   Thanks to everyone for the heads up and ajnrules for the list!

  • EQLA Announces Andrea Libman and Brenda Crichlow, Plus Hotel Perks

    EQLA has added both Brenda Crichlow and Andrea Libman to their ever-growing roster of talent straight from the show.  They also have some neat perks involving the hotel the actual convention takes place in.  Head on down below the break for the full press release!

  • BUCK Promotional Video

    The ponies in charge of BUCK have recently released a brand new promotional video for their convention! Check the full video out after the break!