• Stay Brony My Friends: Episode 41 - Starring Maryke Hendrikse

    Calling all Junior Speedsters!

    Get your chants ready because this Monday night Maryke Hendrikse will be joining Dustykatt and Screwball on Stay Brony My Friends!

    That's right; Maryke, who played Gilda the Griffon, will drop by and hopefully not call us out as dweebs. I'm pretty sure were not very Lame-O at all. At least Trev didnt think so!

    She has also played some other really great characters in her time behind the mic. Revy from Black Lagoon, Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls Z, Susan Test on Johnny Test, Thunderblast on Transformers: Cybertron and even "Brights Brightly" in two different MLP videos back in 2006.

    She will also tell us about the Charity she has selected for this week's "Manly Challenge".

    So don't make Gilda come find you on Monday 5pm PST/8pm EST.
  • Game Trailers: Rotor / Harmony PCG / Pinkie in Candyland

    We have a couple of game trailers this time around for upcoming pony projects.

    The first is another gameplay trailer from that 3D Rainbow Dash flight/fighting game from a while back. It's starting to look like one of those early PS1 Spyro games, especially the flight aspect.  

    The second is pony card game going by the name of Harmony.

    And the third looks to be a platformer starring pinkie pie traveling through a land filled with candy, changelings, and lunar guards.

    1.) Rotor
    2.) Harmony PCG - Gameplay Footage
    3.) Pinkie in Candyland (No Embed)

  • Tara Strong's Single being Sold at Big Apple Ponycon

    For all you Tara Strong fans out there who wanted to take home a copy of Tara Strong's Take My Hand from the Brony Documentary, it looks like you will finally have a chance to do that.  They will be sold at the upcoming Big Apple Ponycon later this month.  Head on down past the break for all the information on it.

  • Animation: A New Pet

    Have a short derpy thing, just cause!

  • Rumor - Spike a Dog in Equestria Girls?

    It looks like there are rumors floating around on Derpibooru and Tumblr about Spike's role in Equestria Girls, namely that he is a dog (with accompanying image).  I don't think I've ever thought of Spike as Twilight's pet, but I never thought of Twilight as a human either, so... surprises all around I guess!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #740

    Korra edition! If you have never watched the two Avatar arcs, you need to get on it immediatly.  They are amazing.

    Have some art! 

    [1] Source
    Be the leaf though the gates

  • Story Updates March 10th

    Story updates! Now with Starswirl.  Find them below.

  • Boston Comic Con Exclusive MLP Comic Cover

    For those of you in and around Boston, it looks like the comic convention in your area will have an exclusive cover for issue #6.  The artist tossed this image up on her blog a few days ago.  I feel kind of bad for all you people out there trying to collect all of these! They are popping up in the strangest places lately!

    Head on over here to read her commentary on it!

    And thanks to The Illustrious Q for the heads up.

  • Double Rainboom Momocon Sneak Preview

    Just in case you absolutely cannot wait for the release of Double Rainboom, a cell phone quality level recording of the MomoCon sneak peak has been posted to Youtube.    

    I'd recommend waiting on it at this resolution, but I leave that up to you!  Find it below the break. 

  • Story: The Syndicate

    [Normal] "I really admire the author's use of voice to differentiate different viewpoints. It's a pleasure to see characters who can't exactly speak being characterized so expertly, and their antics make for a satisfying read." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Bok
    Description: Equestria's most powerful crime ring is run by the most unlikely gangsters.

    The Syndicate

    Additional Tags: never trust little cute critters
  • Lanyards and Charms Added to MLP Charms

    We Love Fine has added another item to their achievement system, this time rollin with pony charms and lanyards.  Head on over to their home page for all the glorious information on it.
  • Comic: The Dark Mare Rises / Rainbow Dash's Flying School / Stonebolt

  • Story: Malaise

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Enter Madness
    Description: My name's Davenport. I once received some good advice that "change doesn't happen unless you make it happen," so this is how I tried to do just that. This is the tale of how I broke the bonds of apathy and tried to change my life for the better, the fat lot of good that did me, and what I learned about the universe in the process.


    Additional Tags: Universe won't let him change
  • Nightly Roundup #604

    Ponies with ponytails.  Why isn't this done more often?

    Have some roundup while I go save a bunch of ponies with pony tails.