• Music of the Day #74

    Gummy returns from deep within enemy territory to bring you these 20 new pony songs from all sorts of genres.  Or something.  Honestly I'm running out of things to say on these posts!

    Now go listen to stuff.

  • Story: To Love a Goddess

    [Normal] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Brony2893
    Description: My name is Artemis, I was sworn in as Princess Celestia's personal guard quite some time ago. I've watched her for so many years and silently stood by her side during all the recent ups and downs of her reign. Now I'm going to tell her how I feel. I know it would never work, we're just too different. But sometimes, there are things in a stallion's life he just has to do, and things he has to get off his chest.

    What happens tonight will be anypony's guess, but one thing is for certain... it will be a night to remember.

    To Love a Goddess

    Additional Tags: A suitor for the princess.
  • More We Love Fine Tees - Derpy Delivery, Emerald City Comic Con, and More

     We Love Fine uploaded a bunch of new shirts earlier today, including a bit of Derpy delivering letters, Ice cream ponies, the Princesses with headphones, and some exclusive Emerald City Comic Con shirts.

    As is the norm, hit up their pony section for all of them.

  • My Little Pony Event at Build a Bear Workshop in Maryland

    For all you people over in or around Annopolis, Maryland, it looks like the Build-a-Bear workshop is going to be launching their April 1st plushie line with a bit of an event.   Right now it is currently listed on the Westfield Annopolis Facebook page.  I doubt they will force you to join it on there to attend, but you might want to toss some joins there way anyhow. 

    And have a bit of description:
    Join us for a beary, beary good time at the My Little Pony Event at  Build-A-Bear Workshop, Monday, April 1, 12:30 - 2:30pm. Celebrate  My Little Pony arrival, Make-Your-Own Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash,  and facepainting by Crystalooney's for purchasing Build-a-Bear guests.
     Thanks to Phoenix for the heads up!
  • Convention Compilation - March 5th

    Tons of convention news lately! Have a couple of headlines:
    • Tara Strong Leaving Big Apple Ponycon - Everything Under Control
    • Gnomecon Double Rainboom
    • Pon3con Guest List
    • BronyCon Wraps Up Winter with Free Badge Giveaways
    And the full press releases after the break!

  • Pony Animations on Flipnote Hatena

    A website called Flipnote Hatena has a relatively large community of artists that animate various music videos, scenes, and random pony stuff via their DSi systems.  Apparently this has been going on for a quite a while now!  Some are incredibly basic, but a good amount of them are pretty amazing.  Some of the standouts include stuff that relates to the music of the fandom, with flipnote animated PMV's.  Have a few standout ones that were pointed out to us by Sforzando:

    Friendship is Witchcraft Orphanage Song
    Tomb/Eurobeat Brony's "Discord"
    Brony Version of "I'm Sexy and I Know it" 
    Numa Numa Pony

    Or hit up this gallery for all of them! They have a whopping 1701 right now.

  • Story Updates - March 5th

    Story updates! Go read! 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #735

    I have no clue what is going on in this image, but it's technically #TrixieTuesday, so I'm rollin with it!

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    Spoon and Fork
  • Seasons 1-3 Transcribed

    What are these three reading that has gotten them so excited? Transcriptions of all the episodes of course! Through the diligent work of a dedicated brony named Alan, all episodes from seasons 1-3 have been painstakingly transcribed for community use. If you have a project that desperately needs transcriptions to proceed or if you're adding closed captioning to episodes then you have come to the right place! Check below to find links to each season.

    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3 
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: I'm Leaving the Fandom // Hope (ft. Rosemary) // The Fight Inside //

    Bring me peace and wash away my dirt.
    Spin me round and have me to divert-
    and walk into the light.

    Raritea! Get it? That's okay, I have some vocal tracks if you didn't catch that. One has llamas (I think), one has some pianos (pretty sure on that one), and the third seems to break some truths.

    1) I'm Leaving the Fandom [BronyLlamas]
    2) Doofcake - Hope (ft. Rosemary)
    3) PrinceWhateverer - The Fight Inside (Luna's Caps Lock Pt. 2)

  • Game: Moonstuck

    It looks like Moonstuck has moved on to the world of games.  Join glorious Luna on her adventures while stranded on the moon!  It's random, it's crazy, it will make your fingers hurt from mashing arrow keys, and it's totally Woona.

    Go play it here!
  • Happy #TrixieTuesday!

    Thanks M.A. Larson!

    Good news everyone! The illustrious M.A. Larson has given us a new holiday to celebrate!  Introducing Trixie Tuesday, also known by hashtag #TrixieTuesday on Twitter. 

    So what exactly goes into a #TrixieTuesday, and why is there a #TrixieTuesday when according to several other websites every day on EQD is #TrixieToday? Two words: CONFIDENCE and AMBITION!

    That's right! Similar to Derpy Day and it's muffin filled kindness giveaways, The Greatest and Most Powerful holiday challenges all of you to put aside those worries of failure and give something (safe, not deadly, not illegal, ect ect #coveringmyass) a shot! Something you lacked the confidence to do in the past!

    Maybe there is a certain someone whom you lacked the ability to talk to and potentially ask out on a date?  Or perhaps a job you have been too scared to apply for?  Put your worries aside! Would Trixie think twice? I think not!

    Toss your plans for #TrixieTuesday up on Twitter with #TrixieTuesday hashtag! 

    Now go! Let the confidence flow!  Celebrate #TrixieTuesday by thinking of yourself as the epitome of awesome