• Series 8 Blindbags At Tesco

    It looks like the blindbags announced earlier are already available for order at Tesco.  Outside of random ebay auctions with these ponies, there aren't any confirmed reports of success in actually aquiring them, but you can give it a shot over at their website.

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!

  • Music of the Day #73

    We have 20 songs for you all this time around! I'm noticing a pretty big trend of new musicians.  I used to recognize the names of everyone, but they are all new these days!

    Onward to music.

  • Media Crossovers: Pony Slug, Archives of the Six / My Little Inception

    Remember those old Metal Slug games? Remember the ridiculous level of difficulty? Twilight Sparkle handles that with no problems. Why is this? Because Twilight is best pony.

    We start with that, followed by a bit of Fable, and finish with a ponified movie trailer of Inception. Find them all below!

    1.) Pony Slug

    2.) The Archives of The Six | MLP: Friendship Is Magic
    3.) My Little Inception: Dreaming is Magic

  • Story: Dinky's First Kill


    Author: Present Perfect
    Description: Every child has a moment when they must come face to face with fear. It is a moment predicated in growth and exemplifying growing up. It is a moment that can define a childhood, for good or ill.

    For Dinky Hooves, that moment has come.
    Dinky's First Kill

    Additional Tags: arachnophobia, cruise control for cute
  • Pegassist Relief Update - People Payed, Charities Prospering

    The final tally of the Los PEgasus Relief League is under way, donation numbers for each charity, as well as the huge announcement that everyone that was burned during the con has reimbursed.  Good work all! Head on down below the break for all the information on it.

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask The Zodiac Ponies/Clockwise Whooves/Scootaloo the Adventurer/Ask Hothlonian Ponies

    Once again it is time to take a trip through the world of Tumblr and dig out some interesting samples from the world of Tumblr Pony. We've got a unique blend for you guys tonight so make sure to check them out!

    If you have a tumblr you'd like to contribute, please make sure to send it along with a brief description of your tumblr to calpain@equestriadaily.com where I'll try my best to take a look at it for possible inclusion in a future post. Now on to our first tumblr this evening!

    Ask the Zodiac Ponies

    Much like the filly up above, many fans were ecstatic to see the unveiling of the zodiac ponies by the Hub a few months ago. Since then they have taken on a life of their own and are still popping up in artwork on dA to this day. One particularly impressive feat involving these ponies though revolves around this particular ask tumblr. In Ask the Zodiac Ponies, various questions are asked to the different ponies representing the zodiac and while this might not seem special at first glance what makes it truly unique is that each zodiac pony is handled by a separate artist! That's right, this tumblr is a collaborative effort, so if you're interested in seeing a variety of different styles, both art and story wise, then this tumblr is certainly worth checking out!

    Ask the Zodiac Ponies - Current Page - First Page

  • Game: MLP - Rise of the Clockwork Stallions Demo Release

    Rise of the Clockwork Stallions has released a new demo for the game, complete with a whopping 35 characters and 12 levels. They also have a new video showing off a good amount of it for those of you that want to watch before you download.

    Outside of a bit of framerate lag on my end, it's a pretty fun shooter/platformer hybrid.  Head on over here to pick it up, and find the video below the break!

  • Blindbag Wave 8 - Neon Editition

    Someone sent these images over of the next set of Blindbag ponies.  It's looking like they are focusing on a neon style this time around, similiar to the last few sets and their metallic/transluscent forms.  These also look to be sneaking in a few of those collector edition ponies, with Gilda, Lotus, Granny Smith, and Cadance joining the fray.  I wonder if these will release before the Flim/Flam set that is scheduled for later in the year?

    Anyway, enjoy your neon ponies!

    Update: Another image!

  • Story Updates - March 3rd

    Story updates? Story updates.  I honestly have no clue what to say up here anymore.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #733

    For a species that thrives on the consumption of love it makes you wonder if they can love themselves? Who knows what changeling society is like when they aren't on the hunt for their next meal. Unfortunately, I fear it is another show mystery that will never be truly solved.

    Anyhow, time for some art guys!

    [1] Source
    Momma's Place

  • Plushie Compilation #106

    Today feels like a Carrot Top day, even though it's snowing and below freezing outside! Oh well, at least she can remind me of spring, right?

    Time for plushies again guys! Take a look after the break.

    [1] Source
    Carrot Top (Golden Harvest)

  • Comic: The True Lifesaver / Royal Duties / Barn Storming / Oh What a Beautiful Morning

    We have sadness, feels, and bad jokes.  I haven't seen that joke since middle school.  We just had to revive it for ponies didn't we?

    Click for full. 

  • Story: Heart of Stone


    Author: Fangwarden
    Description: The world is young, cold, and lifeless. The Sun and the Moon aim to change that. But life isn't always as predictable as you think, and sometimes needs a guiding hoof. Or a paw.
    Heart of Stone

    Additional Tags: Where diamond dogs come from
  • Spotlight Insturmental Music: Rise of the Lunarbolts / Zebra Tribes / Gentle Clouds

    We start off with a song from the Adventure of the Lunarbolts fan game that is currently in progress, followed by a bit of classical orchestral, and finish with some relaxing Fluttershy inspired stuff.  Check them out below!

    1.) Rise of the Lunarbolts (Adventure of the Lunarbolts Soundtrack) (Orchestral)
    2.) Zebra Tribes - Pony Empires Complete (Classical)
    3.) Gentle Clouds (Fluttershy)

  • Animation: Emotive Motion / Short Hilt / Fallout Equestria / Alicorn Twilight

    We have a few animation thingies for you all this morning.  The first rolling with that deep/dark style, with a reasonably long length, and the rest are short and simple.  Click for full!

  • Nightly Roundup #597

    I don't know what the deal is with all this alicorn Cheerilee stuff, but I'm totally cool with it. 

    Onward to nightly roundup!