• Enterplay Adds Full Set of Cards to Unicon Charity

    It looks like Enterplay has hopped on as the first officially Licensed group to donate to the Unicon charity.  Normally I would add this to the compilation we have going, but It's pretty damn amazing to see something like this happen.

    Right now the entire set of series one cards is available, along with autograph cards to go with them.  It looks like bids are sitting around 400.  100% of proceeds will go straight to assisting people who were harmed by what happened at Unicon

    Head on over here to check it out!
  • Music of the Day #70

    So, for whatever reason some of these songs didn't show up when I was in the hotel, which means we have a few from a week ago in here! I guess that's why the last post only had nine?

    Anyway, have some music.  We have 19 in this one. 

  • Bronycon Vendor Applications Open

    Some late convention news that just missed the convention post below - Bronycon has announced the opening of their vendor tables.  Head on down below the break for information on how you can sign up for one.

  • Convention Compilation - February 26th

    Time for a bit of convention news to liven up your Tuesdays.  I'm guessing we will see more of these posts as the community moves in that direction.

    Have some headlines:

    Canterlot Gardens 2013 Kickstarter
    CrystalCon 2013
    Cloudsdale Congress - Double Rainboom
    Cutie Mark Con

    Head on down below for the full press releases!

  • Spotlight Remix Music: General Mumble - Raise This Barn RMX / I've Got to Find a Way (Aftermath Remix) / Perfect Stallion Rock Cover [WahPony]

    We start this one off with both fast and soft remixes of Raise this Barn and I've Got to Find a Way, and finish with a rock remix of Perfect Stallion. Find them all below!

    1.) General Mumble - Raise This Barn RMX
    2.) I've Got to Find a Way (Aftermath Remix)
    3.) Perfect Stallion Rock Cover [WahPony]

  • Poll Results: What Was Your Favorite Season Finale Song?

    I have to admit, I've had "What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me" stuck in my head for a week now.  Pinkie Pie's being the best part.

    A True True friend was cool too... I guess.

    Onward to next poll: suggest a poll in comments!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #728

    Tree edition!  Would you live in a house built into a tree? Assuming it had Twilight's magical lightning rod of course.

    [1] Source
    The Library Tree

  • Ponies Heading to Burger King in Germany

    Wow Germany, way to keep on trumping the rest of the world on pony merch. First blu-rays, now fully molded toys that stomp our McDonalds variants.

    Head on down past the break for their introduction video!

    And as one of the Galacon heads points out, we can expect to see these on March 4th.  

  • Animation: My Little Pony: Ski Free

    Whelp, it looks like the fandom has officially done it all. Not even Ski Free is able to escape ponification.

    Brought to you by the same person that did the Dota 2, we have another excellent animation filled with all sorts of throwbacks to the old days of gaming.

    Head on down below the break to check it out!

    Or here

  • Auctions and Information For Unicon Refugees

    Important: Efforts are still being made to coordinate the relief movement for the affected attendees. If you went to Las Pegasus Unicon and were unfairly charged or otherwise harmed by the events of the convention, please head here and fill out this form, so those coordinating efforts to help out can best figure out who and where to send help.

    I'm sure you've been hearing by now that some very unfortunate issues left a lot of people who attended Las Pegasus Unicon in some financial pain. Many of these attendees were ordinary con goers without a lot of ability to deal with the sudden financial hit caused by the fallout from this incident, most especially those with comped rooms or who booked at the convention rate only to suddenly find themselves double charged by the hotel.

    Fortunately, Friendship is Magic writer and all around awesome guy M. A. Larson is currently auctioning off several signed "I believe" buttons, to be handed out to wining bidders along with a page from one of the scripts he's written for the show. The money raised here will go to help supporting the non-musician, non-writer, non-special guest attendees least able to cope with the sudden and unexpected (and unfair) surge of expenses. You can find those auctions here:

    Auction 1
    Auction 2
    Auction 3
    Auction 4

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Update 11:34 AM MST: Meghan McCarthy has announced plans to help raise money with an auction of her own. We'll have more details as they come.

    Update 11:58 AM MST: Pixelkitties has tossed up two auctions to help assist.  Find them here and here.  (Same shirt design, different ebay links)

    Update 6:20 PM MST: An auction site has been set up.  Head on over here for information on it!

    Update 7:53 PM MST: LPU Has released a statement over on their website.

    Update 11:41 PM MST: Series One Collection added from Enterplay for auction.

    Update 2/27 12:42 PM MST: Amy Keating Rogers and Meghan McCarthy have both put up shirts from Unicon for auction, along with a set of story cards used during the creation of several episodes. Find those here here here here here here and here.

    Update 2/27 4:13 PM MST: Official story cards added to auction.  Find them here.

    Update 2/27 4:38 PM MST:  Video FAQ of everything posted.

    Update 2/28 2:22 AM MST: The Brony Documentary has joined on, all information can be found here

    Update 3/1 10:17 AM MST: Charity Auction closing rules can be found here.
  • Panel Writeup: Three Ponies, Three Princesses, and a Dragon

    Before we begin our Last Round Writeup, I'd like to take a moment to say it's been my pleasure relaying these panels to you folks over the past couple of days. I understand well the pain of not being able to attend a convention due to fiscal or distance issues, and not everyone has the time to sit through an hour-long video. Hopefully my ramblings can make up for that somehow.

    The last panel of Saturday -- and the last one we covered this weekend -- drew quite the audience into the Riviera's largest panel room. And why not? Any time you gather Tara Strong, Tabitha St. Germain, Andrea Libman, Cathy Weseluck, and Nicole Oliver at the same table, wonderful, wonderful things will be sure to happen. Let's not waste any more time. Let's finish this writeup so Couch can get some sleep for the first night in a week.

  • Story Updates - February 26th

    Story updates! Go!

  • Simple PMV #9

    Low on the effects but still a good way to pass the time.  It's simple pmv's! Find them all below!

  • Random Merch: Tights, Masks, Japanese Plushies, and More!

    That may look like a drawing, but it is supposedly a new mask available at Party City.  It's a bit on the creepy side though!

    They have a whole boatload of new stuff over in their pony section, go check it out! Thanks to Mirella for the heads up.

    And for everything else, head on down below the break for more random merch!

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