• Comic: Alternate Discord Freedom / Shout! / Twilacorn / Weeee

    Comic time! We have stereotypes, Fluttershy rockin out, and Twilacorn everywhere.  Click for full as always!

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: The Apology / Where Rich Ponies Go / Pilot Light

    R&B is so rare these days, and so is Trixie music. She may not be the most popular pony ever, but she does tend to roll with some great music for whatever reason. I swear I'm not biased! It just keeps happening!

    And following that, we have a bit of that crazy warped robot voice style from Sim Gretina. For whatever reason, that style is growing on me pretty quick. What would we do without the future?

    We finish with yet another Feather collab, this time rolling with a bit of a dancy electronic theme. I don't think there is genre of music she can't sing to.

    Check them out below!

    1.) d.notive - The Apology
    2.) Sim Gretina - Where Rich Ponies Go
    3.) 'Pilot Light' by The Combine (feat. Feather)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #702

    Now that right there is just straight up epic.  The detail on... everything.  If only I had dual monitors to wallpaperize it!

    Have some art! 

    [1] Source
    Picnic... with Kindness
  • Pony Monopoly Possibly on the Way?

    There isn't an image available yet, USAopoly appears to be rolling out a My Little Pony version of the game some time in July according to a Big Bad Toystore link found here.   It's clocking in at $39.99 currently, with a $2.00 "Collectors grade" addition.

    If you want an example of what the company usually releases, check out the Brave version here! Or the Doctor Who edition below. 

    Thansk to Todd for the heads up!

    (Update: Apparently they have collectors grade of everything.  The only difference is they make sure there aren't any little blemishes on the packaging) 

  • Fighting is Magic Fluttershy Theme Split off with DL Link

    The Fluttershy theme from Fighting is Magic has been split off over on RainbowCrash88's channel and given a DL link for those of you that heard it yesterday and were begging for one.   Hit up his  Youtube Page to grab it!
  • Hasbro Slowly Updating their Youtube Shop

    About two or so weeks ago, Hasbro tossed a few episodes up on Youtube for sale at $1.99 a pop.  It looks like they dumped a whole bunch of extra ones up over there, finishing off all of season one and two.  

    Hopefully we will see season 3 sneak on soon! Check out their channel here.

    Thanks to Moj1989 for the update heads up!
  • Story Updates - January 31

    Story updates! Go read!

  • Artist Training Ground - Sidekicks Edition Submissions

    Wingardium Leviosaaah
    Once again, a swarm of you (111 total this time) decided to give pony art a shot, and these are the results!  We have everything from dinosaurs to fellow ponies as pets this time around.  I told you Ponyville had other sidekicks that needed taking care of!

    Head on down below the break for the full gallery.  We have a week off in terms of episodes, so see you all on the Tuesday following the 9th for the next round!

  • Plushie Compilation #102

    Right up there with Luna I'd have to say that Fluttershy has some of the best plush versions of her around! Almost every compilation there is at least one Fluttershy that almost kills me from sheer cute.

    Anyhow, time for some plushies you guys! Gawk at them after the break.

    Source 1
    Fluttershy Plushie 3rd edition

  • Images of the Nici Plush Line

    Source: Master Ontenko
    Master Otenko on Twitter hit up the recent Nuremberg Interational Toy Fair. Within it's hallowed walls, a set of pony plushie merchandise was found.  All three of their main ponies, Pinkie, Twilight, and Rainbow were displayed front and center, along with their pillows and clips that were promised in an earlier post.

    My first reaction is the medium sized ones seem to be the best looking.  That twilight up on the shelf looks amazing.

    I'm not too sure about the large one though.  I guess time will tell if this is the finalized model on it !

    Look forward to these if you live in Germany or around it! Sadly the rest of us will need to fork over piles of cash to get them shipped.

  • Tara Joins We Love Fine with Charity, and New Promo Added

    Tara Strong has hopped on the We Love Fine artist list, with a full set of swag for you all to buy.  Each purchase will contirbute a bit of funs toward the Kiki charity.   Her store can be found here!

    And in other news, ordering any two items from a pile of music focused shirts will land you a promo LED Scratch mark pin.  The full listing can be found here, with a preview of the pin below!  Happy purchasing!

  • Effects PMV: Dubstep Duel / Shy / Come Home Soon

    Effects PMV Time! Loads of flashyness, ponies being awesome, and way too much dubstep. Seriously that's a lot of dubstep. Check them all out below!

    (Did she just vaporize Trixie...? Poor Trixie...)

    1.) Dubstep Duel (PMV)
    2.) Shy [PMV]
    3.) [PMV] Come Home Soon / Regresa pronto

  • Sleepless In Ponyville Fixed on iTunes

    The audio issues on the iTunes Sleepless in Ponyville have finally been fixed, and the episode added to the list! How they derped all of these to begin with is a mystery to me, but you can now re-download it for the much better quality version.

    The iTunes pony store can be found here!
  • Netflix Listing Season 3 on Xbox Live

    Netflix recently tossed the list of season 3 episodes (including future episodes) up on their Xbox Live app.  Unfortunately none of them currently work, but this may be a sign of an early release for the show.  It wouldn't be too surprising considering all the other crazy stuff going on this season.  

    Thanks to Wesley for the heads up!
  • Nightly Roundup #568

    One of the first pony songs I ever listened to when I joined the fandom was shuffled into my playlist tonight and considering someone last night suggested Chief Thunderhooves I thought it was a good time to take a trip back to season 1.

    We've come an amazing long way since those early days my friends. We've seen ourselves rise from darker times when we were unsure if our little show would make it to a second season and whether or not the community would survive during the first great pony drought. While there have been tumultuous periods in our history the community has pushed on optimistically, if cautiously, forward! With us on the cusp of the end of another season of pony I am confident in the future ahead and the community I have grown to love.

    Time for some news everyone! Check it all out after the break.