• Artist Training Grounds - Keep Calm and Flutter On Submissions

    Ponies getting discorded? You better believe it!  We have everything from bad hair days to real life nightmare horses this time around!

    Even the entries were discorded! I think most of them are here, but if I missed yours, feel free to send it to the submit box.

    Anyway, you know the drill! Head on down below for the complete listing of ponies being transformed. 

  • Music of the Day #54

    I was going to make filly Chrysalis the official Music of the Day post pony, but then i realized I've already used all the filly Chrysalis as post headers.

    I guess we will have to default back to Luna for the next one!

    Have some music.  This one is pretty instrumental dominated, though we have a few vocals and remixes mixed in.   

  • Comic: About Spike and Rarity / Applejack Disapproves / Princess of the Night

    Today must be comic day as they just keep dropping into our inbox! Have some comics about everyone's favorite dragon followed up with a dash of royal sisters.

    Click for full.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #695

    It's kind of funny how corny DBZ was looking back at it.  Even Goku dropped some pretty ridiculous combat poses.  Nothing beats these five though!

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Super Happy Mega Special Squad Ponyu Force GO

  • Story Updates - January 24th

    Story update time! Yarr

  • Micheal Brockhoff AMA on Reddit Right Now

    Micheal Brockhoff,executive producer of the Brony Documentary has hopped on Reddit to do an AMA about absolutely everything.   Got a question about the price? Or maybe you wonder what the future holds for the film? Hit up the page for it here!

    Thanks to Nicholas for the reminder!
  • Just for Sidekicks Clip on Geekscape

    It's that time of the week! A new clip for the upcoming Just for Sidekicks has popped up over on Geekscape.  You know the drill, head on over here to check it out!

    And a pic from the episode after the break via the MLP Facebook Page (though, it is included in the video as well)

  • PMV: The Living Tombstone | Gypsy Bard [remix

    Most awesome typography ever? I'd say so.  Anyway go watch it! Or after the break.

  • High Quality Pony Plushies Possibly Heading to Germany

    It looks like all you people way over in Germany are about to one-up the entire world on the Plushie pony scene.  A catalogue on the German site Das Spielzeug apparently has this image buried in their most recent issue. 
    Translated into English by Ian: (only the Pony part)
    It's now 30 years since "My Little Pony" shows up and bringing Girls into the colorful world of friendship. It began just with a little plastic toy of the colorful Ponys. Today it's inspiring with TV Shows and a huge and colorful lines of products. In September, Nici will bring out a 20 piece-set of "My little Pony".
    With that, three very popular Ponys "Pegasus Rainbow Dash", "Twilight Sparkle" and "Pinkie Pie" from the TV Show will be coming to your home for cuddling and loving.
    Under the Pinkie Plush:
    Nici will publish the plush collection in the second half-year of the Ponys from "My Little Pony".
     Outside of the image above, we can't seem to locate it in their February magazine, so I'm keeping it rumor tagged for now. 

    September with a 20 dollar price tag though is pretty exciting! Hopefully Nici is able to distribute them to the rest of the world!
  • Possible New DVD In April - Twilight Sparkle Princess

    For a while now, Amazon has had a DVD listed as "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: April".  The information on it is your typical generic pony summary without an episode list. 

    Someone going by the name of Sebastian tossed the UPC into Google, and found a bunch of other locations carrying the disc.   While the information is still generic, they all drop a specific "Twilight Sparkle Princess" title. How ominous!

    I guess only time will tell what exactly is on it.  Have some links after the break of various locations that will have the DVD in stock!

  • Comic: CARDFIGHT!! My Little Pony / Muffins and Cookies / Crystal Fashions / Twilbert: Teambuilding

    Ponies are invading Japan, so naturally Japanese comics are going to pop up to reflect that.  The first is actually one of those translated over.  If you know anything about Japanese animation, you will get a kick out of it. 

    We also have some parodies, and a bit of Crystal Empire stuff.  If you dont remember the reference, you might want to check the episode again!

  • Discussion: Villain Redemption

    It seems to be a trend this season to redeem the villains of the past.  Both Trixie and Discord both left on a high note with friendship in tow. 

    What do you think of this outcome? Do you want your Trixie's to be Great and Powerful and Discords chaotic?  And if you do, which villian would you want to see join their ranks next?

    Hit the comments up and tell us what you think!
  • Comic: Nice Lesson / Sweet Dreams / Wubs and Octaves in Las Pegasus

    Comic time! We have a bit of Fluttershy teaching Friendship, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie dropping pranks, and Octavia dropping beats.  Click for full!

  • Nightly Roundup #562

    Since cake clearly won last night in polls it wouldn't seem right not to have the header include Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake in some way (with a bit of Pie as well to round it all out). Gotta admit, they sure are adorable together!

    News time you guys, check it out after the break and vote for a new header for tomorrow's post.