• Simple PMV Compilation #3

    We continue on testing out this little system here for simple PMV's.  I need feedback though! So drop some in the comments below!

    Everyone else, have some PMV's.

  • Quick Animations: Daring Do vs Discord / Lays / Worst Possible Thing

    Chrysalis is always related
    We have a couple of those simple/quick completely animations this time around, with two drawn ones and two Source Filmmaker style to follow those.  Head on down past the break for all of them!

  • Pony Notebooks

    It might be a bit late for Back to School season, but over in Chile, a new lineup of MLP Notebooks have popped up.  How many of you would be badass enough to bust out one of these in your highschool/college class room? 

    Thanks to GamesmasterTom and BritishStarr for the heads up!
  • Story: Asylum (Update Part 25-26!)

    [Sad] This is a story that differentiates itself from all other "Pony is Insane" stories by rightfully deserving its "Sad" tag, but not needing a "Dark" one. One enters the story wondering when Twilight is going to realize it is all fake. Whatever the author's future intent may be, one finishes the chapters presented here simply hoping that she gets better... -Prereader #13

    Author: Derek (Daemon of Decay)
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle slipped beneath the covers last night, everything had been fine. She had friends whom she loved, a teacher she adored, and a bright future ahead of her. But when she woke up, her blankets and quilts had been replaced by hospital gowns and padded restraints. Everything is wrong and nothing makes sense; even her friends have changed. The doctors, they keep telling her that she is sick, that none of it was real and it was all in her head. They’re lying. She remembers a life far beyond the hospital walls. She couldn't have made it all up on her own. They must be lying… right?
    Asylum (New Part 25-26!)

    Additional Tags: Was it all a dream

  • Story Updates - January 23rd

    Story update time! Head on down below and read!

  • Story: Freeze Frame (Update Sequel Part 11!)

    [Adventure] [Slice of Life]

    Author: ToixStory
    Description: “If you can make it in Fillydelphia, you can make it anywhere,” or so the saying goes. When a young mare comes to the big city with dreams of being a reporter, she is instead thrust into a world of corruption and squalor where she will need the strength of friends to survive.
    Freeze Frame

    The World at Large (Sequel Part 11!)

    Additional Tags:
    Long, Steampunk-ish, Friendship, Episodic, Humor

  • Comic: Awkward / Derpy's Lunch / Learning New Techniques / Signed, Sealeed, Delivered

    Shipping, Derpy, and Scootaloo learning to fly! It's comic time, click for full.

  • Doctor Whooves & Assistant Episode 7 / Adventures Wrong Way Backwards Episode 3

    Both Doctor Whooves series have teamed up once again for a simultaneous release of episodes, each clocking in at a whopping hour long! Hope your ears are ready for a bit of fun! Click the images to go check them out.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #694

    I remember renting this movie five or six times when I was around eight years old.  I never actually "got" it, but the forest was cool.

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    Totoro And Some Apples

  • Story: Sundown

    [Sad][Shipping] A story that ranges from bittersweet to heartbreaking, one that speaks to the emotions of the reader without devolving into a mess of purple prose. -Prereader #13

    Author: LEPShot
    Description: "Immortality" is such a vague, misleading term. When the fires of life have perished, and all that once tied you to the world is gone, even a Goddess can die.

    Additional Tags: Continuation, death, symbolism, remembrance, family
  • Ponified Trailers/Openings: My Little Death Note Opening 1 / Spike's Grey / Hitmare Absolution

    Nothing is safe from ponification! You will grow hooves!

    1.) My Little Death Note Opening 1
    2.) Spike's Grey
    3.) Hitmare Absolution - Launch Trailer

  • MLP Invasion of Japan Confirmed

    I always thought the show would be perfect for Japan, what with the big anime eyes and cute ponies.  It looks like it will finally be heading over there.  Have some interesting facts, translated over by Choco Rei-chan:
    -Japanese title is My Little Pony トモダチは魔法 (tomodachi wa mahou = Friendship is Magic)
    -scheduled to begin airing on TV Tokyo in April of this year
    - the show will be available in both Japanese dub and original English
    -recognition of older pony fans was mentioned
    -4 of the mane 6 voice actresses were revealed:
                          - Applejack: 徳井青空 Sora Tokui 
                          - Rarity: 佐々木未来 Mikoi Sasaki
                          - Pinkie Pie: 三森すずこ Suzuko Mimori  
                          - Rainbow Dash: 橘田いずみ Izumi Kitta
    - The 4 voice actresses listed above are the main characters in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milky_Holmes
    - Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy will be revealed at an event in March
    - toy line marketed towards young girls
    - other merchandise such as magazines, accessories, and smart phone applications will be marketed towards middle school age through college (and if I know my Japanese marketing, you are SURE to get a TON of awesome, made only in Japan pony merch!)
    - new website: http://mylittleponyjapan.com (under construction)
    - 52 episodes confirmed (season 1-2) but if it remains popular, we are sure to get season 3 and beyond
    - they are hoping the show will teach the importance of friendship while teaching English to kids as well (not many children's shows are automatically available in English here on TV)
    You can find the Japanese MLP work in progress website here!

  • Nightly Roundup #561

    Hello again everyone! Sorry for the lack of a Roundup last night, there was a real life scheduling conflict between Seth and I so the news ended up being put to the wayside yesterday. Hopefully some Apple Fritter for tonight's header (plus the extra dose of news) will serve as an apology for the missed Roundup!

    Anyhow, it's a new week of Calpain Roundups, so what should the header be for tomorrow night? Leave your vote down in the comments!

    On to the news!