• Album Compilation - January 20th

    Luna just works with everything doesn't she? Gaming, music, nightly roundups, shes perfect.

    We have a bunch of albums from an assortment of musicians this time around.  Some free, some paid, toss your support regardless!

    Check them out below. 

  • Caramelldansen ALL THE PONIES

    Totally worth dropping an uncompressed 5mb file on the main page of EQD! Hope you aren't on dial up!

  • Twixie Media: VGPonies - Twilight Sparkle / Trixie Parody of Discord

    I haven't a clue where to put this, but Twilight Sparkle is best pony, so lets just call it a Twixie post.  Yes, perfect.

    Anyway, have some parody/pmv/art things!

  • Comic: The Wrong Spell / More Tales from Ponyville / Why So Little Sombra

    Now I know that Celestia said to reform him, but I don't think she meant in this sort of fashion girls.

    Comics coming your way! Click for full. More pages to Tales from Ponyville can be found on the page's description.

  • Brony Documentary - Discussion Post

    It has been half a day since it was released, and I'm sure a whole bunch of you have already viewed it.  So what did you think?  Did you enjoy the assortment of people it covered? Did the animation and music bits make it all worthwhile? 

    Head on down to the comments and drop your 2 cents!

    Note: We don't care if you are a 1337 HaXxOr pirate rebel badass, go brag here.  This is specifically for discussion on the documentary itself!

    And of course, you can find it here.  
  • Spotlight Music: The History of Ponyville / The Pickup / Until The Sun (JayB Remix)

    I don't think Applejack has ever been the header image for any of these.  Today's spotlight music post starts off with an epic orchestral score, followed by a live remix/cover of The Pickup, and finishes with a remix of Until The Sun. Find them all below!

    1.) MLP:FiM The History of Ponyville (Orchestral Version)
    2.) [10k sub special!] d.notive - The Pickup (LIVE COVER)
    3.) Replacer &I feat. Feather - Until The Sun (JayB Remix)

  • Poll Results: What Do You Think of the Twilacorn Rumors?

    It looks like the majority of you just want more pony!  Sounds good to me!  I wonder what she would raise though?   Is Luna feeling lazy? I can't imagine raising the entire night sky is easy.  Celestia has to deal with a single sun, Luna has to deal with billions

    We need more polls! Recommend some stuff.
  • Unicon: Fanfiction Contest Finalists, M.A. Larson, and Andy Price!

    Another day, another dollar, and another press release from the fine folks at Unicon. The fanfiction contest finalists have been tallied up, and two new guests are confirmed for the con: show writer M.A. Larson and comic artist Andy Price!

    Check out the full list of the finalists and more after the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #691

    I have always loved the traditional look, regardless if it is done on paper or digitally. There is something about the colors, the lighting, and texture that combine together to make a very cozy feeling piece. What do you guys think?

    Anyway, time for some art! There is a TON of Fluttershy and Discord art today thanks to the new episode, a great thing for all you Discord and Fluttershy fans out there.

    Source 1
    MLP - Sweet Apple Acres

  • "Keep Calm and Flutter On": Episode Followup

    "Friends", by Jiayi

    [EDIT: The followup has been amended to remove any criticism of the ending. My basis for complaints was based on a misinterpretation of a scene and was factually incorrect.]

    Never has an episode title been so appropriate.

    The lord of chaos is back! After surviving a mere season and a half without our favorite cobbled-together-from-lots-of-animals villain (to distinguish from our favorite attacked-by-a-hole-punch villain) we finally get more of a taste of John de Lancie's fantastic mannerisms and shenanigans. Fluttershy takes center stage as Celestia hands Discord off to be reformed by the mane six in an effort to... well, we're not sure exactly what yet, but I'm sure we'll be told. I'm sure it will involve friendship and magic of some kind.

    Floating cottages, vulgar beavers, and my opinion as to Discord's favorite band await us down below in today's followup. Let's-a go!

  • Random Merch: Shot Glass, Blankets, Water bottles, and More!

    Yes, that is a shot glass.  I don't know if it is marketed as a shot glass, but you can now bring Rainbow Dash along with you to the bar.  Thanks to taps for that one! He didn't include a location, but that looks like something from Hot Topic or Spencers. 

    It's time for random merch! Head on down past the break to check it all out. 

  • Season 2 Poster - Vectorized

    I hope some of you have access to a largescale printer, because the season 2 poster that was released at Walmart a while back has been vectorized by a group of people in the MLP Vector club. Be sure to check the description for even larger sizes than the download link on Deviant Art. 

    Oh, and find it here!
  • Comic: Keep Calm and Reveal... / Badness Level / Welcome the Diamond Dogs

    Yeah, that kind of explains Angel.  We have two new episode comics, followed by a bit of Disney parody.  Click for full!

  • Brony Documentary Released!

    After months of filming, editing, and polishing, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony has finally been released!  Right now it is available for digital download over at Scrnland for $12.99.  I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet, but I'm sure a bunch of you have.  Hopefully you are all enjoying it!

    One thing to note included in the release from John de Lancie after the break, they are asking for you all to not toss it up on Youtube.  It hurts it's chances of getting picked up by the various film festivals and distributors out there, which in turn will limit the audience.

    Anyway, you can grab it here, and find a letter from John himself after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #559

    Counting at the votes for this round it looks like Luna has returned to her position as mascot for the Roundup! I knew we couldn't keep her away for too long. Seth has the Roundup tomorrow so no voting tonight guys.

    Check on after the break for a tiny bit of news.