• MLP Trading Card Series 2 Pre-orders Avaailable

    It looks like Toywiz already has pre-orders available for the series 2 trading cards.   The release date is a bit on the odd side though.  It's looking like they wont be sending them out until October, even though they technically release in April.   The number matches up to the usual pony trading card boxes, so it may just be a typo!

    Anyway, find them here!  Thanks to SwanDive for the heads up.

    Update: Looks like these have been bumped up to April, it was a Derp! 
  • Midtown Comics Variants 4+5

    It looks like Midtown Comics plans to release two seperate but adjoining covers for their 4th and 5th MLP comic releases.  Rocket Cadance and Crystal Ponies (including ones we haven't seen crystalized) are front and center this time around. 

    Head on over here, and here to pick them up!

    Thanks to TecknoJock for the heads up!
  • EQD AMA - Question away in Comments!

    So, Knighty told us to do an AMA for you guys on Reddit, but I figured Reddit wouldn't want that, so we are going to do it here instead! Maybe I'll Reddit in the future. 

    Consider this a mini-AMA

    Anyway, over the years, swarms of you have sent questions/comments/concerns to the EQD submit box and our personal emails, and we figured we'd open it up to the masses for an hour.  Obviously there are a few limitations on EQD comments that Reddit would get around, but we make due with what we have!

    So hop down there and drop a question. Try to avoid starting comment threads if you don't have a question to ask.

    Right now we have Cereal, Calpain, and myself (Sethisto), though the others might join in later on.   If it's fun, we will probably do it again in the future anyway!  Preface your questions with Cereal: Calpain:, or Sethisto: if you want to ask one of us something specifically.

    Now go!

    Update: Times up! We will hit the remaining questions, but feel free to save the ones you are currently thinking of for next time!
  • More Alicorn Twilight Popping Up In Official Merch!

    It looks like another Alicorn Twilight has popped up, this time in a giant 500 strong pony sticker book.   Shes buried pretty deep in the Twilight Sparkle section along with a pile of non-alicorn versions, but it's still interesting to see this vector creeping into random pieces of merch. 

    Anyway, head on down past the break if you want to see pages of the rest of the book! Thanks to MouMou for the heads up!

  • Story Updates - January 14th

    Fluttershy Dragons edition! Have some story updates.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #685

    Daring Do edition!  We haven't had one of those in at least a month. 

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    Daring Do - No Turning Back

  • Anneli Heed on Stay Brony My Friends

    Anneli Heed, the Swedish Spitfire who made waves a while back is popping up on Stay Brony My Friends tonight! Head on down past the break for all the relevant infos on it!

  • Story: A Heart as Black as Night (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Fellstorm
    Description: History remembers King Sombra (when it remembers him at all) as a slavering beast so consumed by his lust for power that he plunged an entire empire into ruin. But who was Sombra? Why did he do what he did? What did he even do?

    Nopony is born evil and Sombra was no exception. He was once the star pupil of Princess Luna, back in the golden age before her banishment. He had friends. He had love. He had tragedy and loss and betrayal. He had all of this and more long before he had...

    A Heart as Black as Night.
    A Heart as Black as Night (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Secret origin of King Sombra
  • Rainbow Dash Presents: My Little Dashie

    The latest installment of the Rainbow Dash Presents series has finally been released! I've got to say, with each one of these new episodes the animation and overall production quality just keeps topping itself. Great job RDP crew!

    Check after the break for the episode.

  • Game Trailers: Pony Chronicles #2 /

    We have two game trailers/demonstrations in this one.  The first is the second trailer of the Pony Chronicles RPG, complete with a display of various sprites, locations, and dialogue.

    And the second one is a new adventure game.  It doesn't show a huge amount, but the models for the ponies are really impressive on their own.

    Check both videos out after the break!

  • SFM: Preview for the new Pony-models / I Think it Might be a Koala / Not Letting Go

    Time for some Source Filmmaker goodness.

    I'm starting this one off with a preview of an upcoming pony model pack, these things are seriously looking really good. I can't wait to be spammed by videos using them!

    And in the second slot, we have a short Rainbow Dash parody thing.

    And finally, a video that follows the same trend as the Derpy one from a week ago, though I have to admit, its a bit light on the pony.  A few more fluttershy scenes wouldn't have hurt it.

    Check them out below !

    1.) Preview for the new Pony-models
    2.) I Think it Might be a Koala
    3.) Not Letting Go

  • Short Animation: Fluttershy Screensaver / Трейлер 8 выпуск Бронивилль Тайм.

    Fluttershy dancing as a screensaver? Why not. We have a bit of that via clicking the image above, followed by a promo for an upcoming Russian fan episode below.  Now go!

    How can you resist that face?

  • Scribblenauts Pony Shoutouts

    As many of you have pointed out with the Vinyl Scratch plug a while back, Scribblenauts Unlimited had a bit of pony.  It looks like it went beyond that though, with the inclusion of Changelings and Twilight Sparkle's crown/gala dress to go along with it.  I wonder what else is hidden in the game from FiM? The word combos make it hard to dig around!

    Thanks to XSAlien for the screenshot!
  • Nightly Roundup #553

    Dude...  what?
    I actually had this image up in Drawfriend today three times, so I guess fate is telling me to use it for the roundup or something.

    How that happened, I'll never know.

    Have some roundup!