• Equestrian Inquirer #65

    Another week, and more EQI! Hit up their Deviant Art version here, and video below the break!
    Description: "Dragons! Codes! Puns! Rocks! More expletives!"

  • Crystal Blindbag Derp

    It looks like the naming on the Crystal Blindbag Wonderbolts is a bit derpy, either that or Twilight screwed up a spell and switched Spitfire and Soarin up.  Technically this is the third time that Spitfire has unleashed the masculine, so maybe Hasbro is just messing with her at this point?

    Anyway, thanks for Cody for the image!
  • Bronies For Good Completes Funding for WEB and Mail From Uganda

    Bronies For Good has released another huge update for their massive charity project.  Included this time around are the results of both the Water Sanitation Project (image below), along with updates on their Wintertime in Canterlot charity album and Euro Campaign.  Head on down past the break for all of it!

  • Games Trailers: MLP RPG and Random Combat Game!

    We have two trailers/engine demonstrations this time around for all of you to check out! First off is what appears to be a flight/combat demonstration for an upcoming game.  The creator, Oddwarg, didn't give us a whole lot of information on it.  In fact, the email literally just had the word "Combat" in it!  I guess you can draw your own conclusions.

    And in the second slot, the incredibly fast advancing MLP RPG has released another trailer to show off their progress.  It seems like every time we get a video from them the entire thing changes!

    Head on down past the break for both videos!
  • Short Animation: Innocence.MOV / MLP Sung By Kids

    So apparently this happened at EQLA, and now it's animated. For once, a .MOV doesn't have any gore, so no warnings this time! 

    And in the second slot, MLP Sung by kids. What does the target audience really think of the show? Find both videos below!

  • Pinkie Pie Party - Next Shout Factory DVD!

    Shout has released a press release detailing their new Pinkie Pie Party DVD!  And as expected, it's completely overflowing with a certain party pony.   Included in this one will be the following episodes:  

    Feeling Pinkie Keen
    Party of One
    Baby Cakes
    A Friend In Deed
    Too Many Pinkie Pies

    Along with the usual sing-a-long and a party activity kit. 

    Right now it is listed as exclusive to Wal-Mart for $14.97, with a release date of January 29. 

    In other news, that's a ton of Pinkie Pie.
  • Set #2 of the MLP Trading Cards Coming in April!

    The second round of the MLP Trading Cards is on the way! Just like last year, we will be seeing an early release via convention (Big Apple Ponycon to be precise) on March 23rd, followed by a retail release in April.  And just like last time, people that attend the convention will receive a promo.  

    Set two will include both characters and locations from all three seasons, with the usual Standees, Puzzle Cards, Foil Cards, and Tattoos.  As of right now, they still have some openings for suggestions.  If you want a specific character, scene, or just want to comment on the first set, hit up their facebook page! Printing time is soon though, so be sure to get your ideas in before the window closes!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #681

    Daring Do needs another episode.  I'm quitting ponies in 2 years if she doesn't have one by then.

    Have some art!

    [1] Source

  • Spotlight Music: Ethereal Wanderer / A Tempting Night / You Know I Love You

    With alicorns, you get everything.  Notice how the horn and wings balance out the rest!  They are perfect!

    We have two instrumentals dedicated to the moon pony this time around, and a rap song to finish it off! Head on down past the break to check it all out!

    1.) Ethereal Wanderer (Original Instrumental)
    2.) A Tempting Night
    3.) Koroshi-Ya - (Girl) You Know I Love You (feat. Replacer)

  • Story: Blueblood's Blush


    Author: Marcella Howard
    Description: Celestia, in an attempt to get her young nephew off his high horse, has Blueblood go outside and meet new ponies. While outside he bumps into a poster of nopony else but The Great and Powerful Trixie. Will anything come of this? Stay tuned and find out!
    Blueblood's Blush

    Additional Tags: New, creative, fun, revealing, eye-opening
  • Random Merch: Lunch Boxes, Totes, Cups, and Mugs

    Big Bad Toystore has a couple of random items up for sale on their website.  I haven't seen these anywhere else, so I'm assuming it's all new! Click the images for the store pages.  Thanks to Present Perfect for the heads up!
  • We Love Fine and Hot Topic Items in Stock

    As many of you have pointed out, two items that I'm sure a bunch of you would be interested in are now available.  We Love Fine has added a sublimated Luna shirt, following the trend of their other full all over lineup.

    And on the comic side of the spectrum, Hot Topic has the pre-order link for the Cadance issue #3 variant up.  You can find that over here! It's listing a street date of January 30th right now.

    And as a reminder, feel free to hit up the comic compilation post for a list of all of them!  The #3 release date is right around the corner!
  • Fighting is Magic Releases Statement on EVO Nomination

    Fighting is Magic has tossed up a blurb about their nomination for EVO 2013.  It pretty much outlines their stance on what exactly the game is supposed to be about for those in the fighting game community, as well as their take on what those of you who are new to the scene should do in response to the donation drive!  I'll quick blabbering and let them take over though, hit up the blog post here!
  • Applejack

    Click for Applejack is Best Pony

    Making fun of Applejack is now a bannable offense here on EQD. Click the image and respect the best pony.

  • Nightly Roundup #549

    Seth may be the number one Trixie fanboy, but it doesn't mean others can't appreciate her as well. Then again, knowing this fandom every single character no matter how big or small has their own group of fans. Says something about the quality and malleability of these characters if we can do all that, right?

    Anyhow, time for the news guys. Check it out after the break.