• Story: Good Cop, Ghost Cop


    Author: Fedora Mask
    Description: The dead are coming back to life in Ponyville, and frankly, it's the
    last thing that Sheriff B. T. Book needs, what with everyone in town
    already thinking he's crazy, useless, or both. It doesn't help his case
    that his grandfather, the legendary sheriff Hard Country, is among the
    re-living and eager to bring his “kick crime in the face” approach back to
    the Ponyville PD.

    But when an old rival returns from the dead to settle an extra-old score
    with Hard Country, grandfather and grandson will have to team up to save
    the town—or at least destroy it less than the bad guys.
    Good Cop, Ghost Cop

    Additional Tags: Buddy cops and also ghosts
  • Music of the Day #49

    "But sister, this modern music is so noisy!"
    We have sixteen tracks this time around from various genres.  Head on down past the break for all of it!

  • Story: Clink in the Brain

    [Random] A unique exploration of what happens in that moment when the mind expands, and then contracts around what is truly important. -Pre-Reader #13

    Author: Cloudiest Nights
    Description: In less than a second, an important memory is brought to light. A memory not of dusty books or complicated spells, but a memory of something much simpler.
    Challenge accepted, CouchCrusader!
    Clink in the Brain

    Additional Tags: Bullet in the Brain, memories
  • Discussion: What Do You Think of Season 3 So Far?

    Pic very related!
    We have just a couple of episodes left before the season is over, and another week long break to reflect on what season three has brought so far. As with everything in ponyland, some of you probably have things you like and dislike about it so far

    We have already run a favorite episode poll, but haven't touched on a broad season-wide discussion yet.  What do you like about the season? Is the ever-advancing animation making you love the show even more?  Or maybe Equestria's overall canon slowly being revealed keeps you on the edge of your seat? 

    And what about the season do you dislike?

    Head on down to the comments and drop your two cents on season three as a whole!
  • Snowpony Event - Go Make a Snow or Sand Pony!

    It's winter, and for those of you that don't live in the middle of the desert like myself, you probably have a bit of snow, or a place to get snow that is nearby.

    I think it's a good a time as any to start up a snow pony event!  I have no clue how successful something like this will be considering how unreliable the weather is, but we might as well give it a shot.

    (Update: Added sand ponies for all you beach goers!)

    The rules for this one are simple.  Go find some snow, and make a snow pony.  You can use whatever tools you wish, the only requirement is that the pony must be made out of either snow, ice, or sand.

    The duration of this one will be from now until the 1st of February at 12:01 AM PST.  Each person may submit three ponies.  That's half a month.  Hopefully your area gets some packable snow in that time!

    To submit, hit up the usual EQD Uploader.  If you need help with that, hit up the guide below the break!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Top 25 Pony Videos of 2012 Voting

    The top 25 Voting for 2012 has begun for videos, with a two week collection period.  If you had a favorite video you want to see in the listing, head down past the break to check it out!

    And feel free to recommend some for others in the comments if you are lazy, and I know a bunch of you are lazy. 

  • Story: The True Legend of S. Guard


    Author: Solar Phoenix
    Description: Equestria is a magical and wondrous land. So much so that telling a myth from a historical event can be difficult. Sometimes supposedly true stories turn out to be fiction, while old mares tales are actually very, very true.

    This is the most complete record, such as it is, of one stallion in particular that everypony forced themselves to forget and his contribution to history during one of our nation's most difficult times: the Rebellion of Nightmare Moon.
    The True Legend of S. Guard

    Additional Tags: Lost piece of Equestrian history.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #680

    I need some context on this.  Get on it fanfic writers!

    Have some art.

    [1] Source
    Balloon Ride

  • Shorty Awards: Daniel Ingram, Tara Strong, MLP, EQD!

    As many of you have pointed out, the annual Shorty Awards have once again started up, and quite a few pony related things are nominated. 

    One thing we noticed last year was how strict this voting tends to be.  If you plan on entering, you will need to use a twitter account with a bit of an age on it.  New ones did not work.  

    Right now the following are currently nominated:

    Tara Strong for Actress
    Daniel Ingram for Music
    My Little Pony for  TV show
    Equestria Daily for Fansite
    Bronies for Good for Charity

    You know the drill! Get out and vote!  If MLP doesn't win best TV show at the very least, we have failed!
  • Story Updates - January 9th

    Stories and updates! Yay

  • Rainbow Dash Hug Pack Back in Stock / Doctor Whooves and Derpy Variant Now Available

    It looks like We Love Fine has re-stocked the Rainbow Dash backpacks that went up a while back.  Apparently this thing was pretty popular, because a whole bunch of you sent it in when it went back up!

    And in other news, the Doctor Whooves and Derpy variant cover from Hot Topic is apparently showing up in stores.   I'd kill for an actual comic with these two.   Before watching Doctor Who, I thought you all were crazy, but after grinding through all of the new stuff,  I'm just as obsessed as you all are! Who wants a Tardis Daily? I'll bring my typos, you bring the news entries!

    Thanks to SailorMercury for the heads up on the comic, and everyone else for the Rainbow Dash pack!
  • Comic: Pinkie Adventures / Today's Horoscope / Monty Pony / Science Diary / Fancy Mathematics / Settlers of Equestria

    We have parodies, Candy Lands, Horoscopes, and more this time around.  Have a bunch of comics!

  • Short Flash: DIABETES / Ponies Sliding Into a Box

    We have two super simple and short flash animations this time around.  The first is for those of you that don't find baby ponies to be the creepiest thing yet in FiM, and the second is ponies sliding into the box for the rest of us.  Click for full!

  • Nightly Roundup #548

    Again we've had another dry spell of news as of late, so apologies for no Roundup last night! Have a Luna that someone sent me to compensate. I'd give you guys more baked goods, but they seem to also be in short supply lately! Oh the horror!

    Well, hopefully what we have for you tonight will be enough. Dive right in after the break!