• Fighting is Magic Nominated for Possible EVO2013 Game

    It looks like EVO has nominated Fighting is Magic as one of the possible games out of eleven that have a chance at being featured for the world to see on the main stage this year.  It's up against some pretty heavy hitters, including the Smash Brothers games and DoA 5.  The game whose community donates the most (to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation) will be the winner.  Links to the list of contenders as well as pages to throw your money at can be found here!

    Thanks to the swarms that sent it in!
  • Story: One Hearth's Warming Eve


    Author: Caisius
    Description: On the eve of Hearth's Warming, families gather around the comfort of warm fires and tell the stories of the holiday. But not everypony can have that luxury.

    One pony walks the cold land, abandoned to the chill of the winter weather. But, while wandering the streets of Ponyville, the stallion notices a particular pink pony smiling at him from the window of a local bakery. Little did he know that her simple gesture would change his life forever.

    And, as he looks back on his life, he will know that a miracle did happen on that one Hearth's Warming Eve.

    One Hearth's Warming Eve

    Additional Tags: bittersweet, sad, Hearth's, Warming, miracle
  • Las Pegasus Unicon Announces Cindy Morrow, Nicole Oliver, and More!

    Con trumpets!

    Las Pegasus Unicon here with a smorgasbord of special guest announcements. Nicole Oliver (Celestia, Cheerilee), Cindy Morrow (writer), Lee Tockar and more are confirmed for the Las Vegas convention coming up very quickly. Next month, in fact! Buying tickets soonish is highly suggested.

    Check out after the break for the official press release.

  • Crystal Empire Seek and Find

    Just in case Pinkie Pie's Canon Blast is burning you out,Another official MLP Game has been tossed up on Hasbro.com.  This one looks to be one of those hiddem item finding games, though the items are pretty easy to locate!  It's still fun to see the ponies running around in the background.

    Head on over here to check it out!

    Thanks to Patrick for the heads up!
  • Pony Flash Drives at CES

    It looks like CES was bitten by the pony bug.  These were found on the floor with a release date of 2013.  If you want an example of what they look like outside of the image above, check out the seller here! It looks like they have a good amount of major brands available.  Hopefully we see them available for pre-order or purchase soon!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in! 
  • Top 10 Videos of December

    The community voted top 10 videos of December has been released!  Everything from PMV's to full animations were up last month.  You know the drill, check them out below the break!

  • Cookies and Collector Tin

    Over in New Zealand, a new collectors tin has popped up filled with those Mr. Munchies cookies that appeared a while back in and around Australia.   I haven't seen these pop up anywhere else, but you NZ Groups should be able to find them at "The Warehouse".  It's pretty amazing how much weird merch that place gets. 

    Thanks to 4thlsBroken for the heads up!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #679

    War edition! Technically it does exist in Equestria right? At least for Changelings. 

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    War of the Equestria

  • Pinkie Pie's Cannon Blast Goes Live

    As noted yesterday, The Hub tossed a Pinkie Pie's Cannon Blast game up that wouldn't actually load! Today it is finally available to play!

    Head on over here to give it a shot. It looks to be a Bejeweled style game.
  • Story: Tastes Like Heresy (Update Main Story Sequel Part 4!)

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Bugsydor
    Description: I'm Amber Spice, and I was Royal Chef to his royal highness Lanthanum, King of Unicornia. Was.
    Now I've somehow gotten myself banished from the land, perhaps forever. Now how did I manage that, you may ask? Let's look back and see. I can't exactly sleep, so this isn't a bad way to spend my last night here.
    Turns out a little bit of soul-crushing boredom, a tenacious and chaotically creative mind, and a tangent to launch off of form a dangerous recipe together.
    And the result tastes like heresy.
    Tastes Like Heresy
    Desert Spice (Sequel Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: AU Hearth's Warming Never Happened
  • Simple PMV: Hope // Family Force 5- "Cray Button" // Honor For All //

    Let's just take a moment and agree that this was the most adorable thing to ever happen on the show. I will assume you all just agreed with me. You may now have your PMVs.

    We've got some Ayreon, some Family Force 5, and some Dishonored. Apparently.

    1) PMV - Hope
    2) Family Force 5- "Cray Button" PMV
    3) Honor For All [PMV]

  • Comic: Ice Cream... / Apple Family Dinner / Big Bad Timber Wolf / Chief Thunderhooves

    Comics!  You know the drill, click for full!

  • Story: The Nightmare

    [Dark] "This chilling, gripping tale provides a unique look at Twilight Sparkle under pressure, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes best pony." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates has an interesting idea about who best pony is

    Author: Quintus
    Description: Twilight Sparkle travels north to investigate the circumstances surrounding her mother's mysterious death. However, she soon finds herself haunted by the same shadow.

    The Nightmare

    Additional Tags: Psychological, horror, snow, no-violence, no-gore