• Story: Checkmates

    [Comedy][Slice of Life] A fun little work that could easily be a side-story in an episode. -Pre-Reader #13

    Author: xjuggernaughtx
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle finds a forgotten chess set in the Library's closet, she can't wait to play a few games. Unfortunately, nopony else knows the rules, but she has Ponyville's most competitive ponies at her disposal. It should be a snap teaching Applejack and Rainbow Dash a simple game, right? RIGHT?!

    Additional Tags: Verbal, Frustrated Twilight, Humorous, Like-the-Show, Complete
  • Short Animation: Anthropology / Rainbow Dash attempts to break the Land speed Record / Pinkieshenanigans

    We have yet another Anthropology related animation, followed by a parody of this for whatever reason, and Pinkie Pie playing with a mouse cursor.  Click for full as always!

  • Story: A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies (Update Part 7!)

    [Crossover][Slice of Life]

    Author: D. G. D. Davidson
    Description: After Princess Celestia appoints Twilight Sparkle and her friends to be ambassadors to Earth, they decide to introduce themselves to the humans by appearing in a horse show, but they need someone to get them ready. They call on Megan, the legendary warrior who guarded ponykind in days of yore. Megan has banished or slain countless demons, but can she convince the ponies to hold still long enough for her to braid their manes?

    This story crosses over with G1, but should be accessible to all.
    A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies (New Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: G1 crossover brushie brushie extravaganza
  • Drawfriend Stuff #678

    Don't lie, you wanted to visit Candyland as a kid too.  If I could counter the negative effects of sugar while there, I'd be all over a visit even now!

    Have some art! 

    [1] Source
    Pinkie Candy Land

  • Nicole Oliver Live Interview Today!

    Celestia Radio is running a live interview with Nicole Oliver at 6:45 PM EST.   For those that haven't picked it up yet, she voices Celestia and Cheerilee! If you are interested in joining in, hit up their player here when it starts!
  • Pinkie Pie's Party Canon Blast - Coming Soon

    It looks like The Hub has another game in the works!  Unfortunately right now, the only thing you can do with it's page is watch the loading emblem blink and spin, but that's pretty fun regardless right?

    The Mahjong game started off on a similar foot, and took a few days to officially "Release".  Keep an eye out and let us know if it launches!

    You can find it's future page here!

    Thanks to... Rainbow Dash... for the heads up!
  • Story Updates January 7th

    Story updates! You got this!

  • Friendship is Magic Now on Google Play!

    As was mentioned a while back on the My Little Pony Facebook page, FiM has finally hit up Google Play.  Right now it's looking like a $1.99 per episode in SD and $2.99 in HD (HD being exclusive to Android).  These are the same prices as iTunes, so it looks like we do finally have an alternative.  Unfortunately it does not fix the issue of European/Australian availability though!  Google Play TV drops the following when accessed outside the USA:
    "Sorry! TV on Google Play is not available in your country yet. We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible. Please check back again soon."
    Google is pretty new to the scene though, so hopefully this fixes itself soonish. We also need to wait on season three!

    Check out the store page here if you want it!

    Thanks to John for the heads up! 
  • Story: Where They Are Joined (Update Complete!)


    Author: Cloudy Skies
    Description: At long last, the wedding bells ring for Applejack and Fluttershy. Everypony does their utmost to try to make it the best wedding ever, but as the pair discovers, it quickly becomes a question of getting married despite, rather than because of this.

    This story is a standalone, but is set after the events of Where Earth Meets Sky and Where Your Heart Is.
    Where They Are Joined (New Part 6+Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: AppleShy, PinkieDash, Some RariLight, Snugglebutts
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Not Letting Go

    This fandom needs more rock!  Luckily we have the musicians for that.  Have some Fluttershy from PrinceWhatever, including a bit of P1K, Scrambles, and ISMBO.  We seem to be getting a lot of great Fluttershy stuff so far this year! Keep it up!

    (I'd recommend downloading this one! Seems like the Youtube video is a bit compressed)
  • Cadance Variant for Issie #3

    Another variant for the 3rd Friendship is Magic comic has popped up.  We don't have a confirmation on where it exactly it's from, but the submitter said it would be Hot Topic's version.  I guess rocket Cadance is worthy of my money.  Hopefully pre-orders pop up soon!

    Thanks to Kelgate for the heads up! 
  • Keep Calm and Flutter On Extended Synopsis

    An extended synopsis for Keep Calm and Flutter On has been tossed up on AT&T U-Verse.  Head on down past the break for all the juicy details! It doesn't cover a whole lot we already don't know about the episode, but its totally three lines long.

  • 2013 Brony Herd Census Commences

    With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to reflect on the year that has just passed us by and the people behind the Brony Herd Census aren't wasting any time! Refining their methods from last year, they are raring to get started with this year's count and want as many people to participate as possible.

    Check after the break for the official press release as well as information on how to do your part in the great 2013 Brony Herd Census!

  • Comic: Parole Hearing / Weirdos / Tales from Ponyville

    We have a new Madmax royalty comic, followed by a two parter, and finish with those ridiculous vehicles that keep popping up in the toylines! Click for full!

  • PMV/SFM: Between Fairytales and Happy Endings / Waking Up a sleeping / Rarity is the mare all the bad guys want

    We need to sneak some characters other than the cast of TF2 into these SFM movies to interact with the ponies! Where are the pokemon? Where are the Smash Bros sets? Get on it!

    Anyway, have some Derpy and Pinkie SFM movies to start it off, and a PMV to finish it!

    1.) Between Fairytales and Happy Endings
    2.) Waking Up a sleeping Apple_SFM Animation with Ponies !
    3.) Rarity is the mare all the bad guys want [PMV]

  • Story: I Almost Lost Everything

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: Shanenator
    Description: Nightmare Moon. Discord. Chrysalis. Sombra. We faced them all, together. Always we were together. Yet in one heart-stopping moment, I almost lost everything. They don't know how close it was, but I do. I alone know what almost happened. The truth. And the truth about the truth? It keeps me up at night.

    And it terrifies me beyond anything else this world can offer.

    This story takes place directly after the events of "Wonderbolts Academy."
    I Almost Lost Everything

    Additional Tags: Rainbow reflects on an acciden
  • Nightly Roundup #547

    Sometimes we fall and when we fall we hit the ground hard. Things may seem hopeless when you're at the bottom of a pit, but there is always some sort of light, some sort of hope regardless of how tough things are at the moment. Life's like that, throwing endless obstacles in our path for us to bumble through, but as there are endless troubles there are opportunities at every turn for us to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Never forget there are others out there to help lift yourself up and that you yourself are a reservoir of strength that is able to pull yourself from the brink, even if it takes some digging to get to it. We may only be human, but that doesn't make us weak, either together or alone.

    Now that Cal has waxed on while looking through the Roundup folder, how about some news, eh? Check out the short Roundup after the break.

  • Music of the Day #48

    Luna listened to music for most of her 1000 years locked away on the moon.  Luckily this fandom creates enough to keep it fresh even for her! Check out some tracks below the break, and have some Luna.