• Drawfriend Stuff #712

    This weekend ushers in the Chinese New Year. I know quite a few people in my lab that are celebrating this weekend so this header is for all of you bringing in the New Year! Have fun!

    More artwork around the corner after the break.

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    Chinese Happy New Year!

    And new banner from SouthparkToaist!

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    Cloudsdale for the winners !

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    Rainbow Dad

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    30min Challenge - Summer Time

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    Tea Shop

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    Good Morning Twilight Sparkle!

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    Fluttershy, Dashie and Scootaloo

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    Hearts + Hooves

    [9] Source

    [10] Source
    Wicked Trix

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    Tuckered Out-Tucked In

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    Midnight Dancer Stencil

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    Princess Cracklecorn

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    MLP: Time Lord

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    I'm the one who made you a liar.

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    30 Minute Challenge- CyberPie

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    This Year's Champs

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    Twily watercolor

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    The Great and Powerful Princess

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    Wicked Ponies

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    First Flight

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    Princess Cadence Bust

    [24] Source

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    Doctor Whooves

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    Welcome to Gravity Falls.

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    Year of the Snake Lucky Money Red Envelope Designs

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    Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy New Year Lucky Money

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    Merpony Luna

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    Oh I'm just standing here and looking cute

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    Soarin's Birthday

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    Rarity Von Karma

    [33] Source

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    One More Week!

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    Chinese New year

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    What Have I Done...

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    Sleepy Baby AJ

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    . :Keep Calm and Stay Cool: .

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    Sketchy Princess Sparkle

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    And the Equestria Games Goes To...

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    Mayor Naggar

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    MLP FIM: Morining flight

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    30min Challenge - Try That One!

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    Round 'Em Up!

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    Short Hair Ponies

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    And thats how Mexicotl was born

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    Cloud Nap

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    Filly Scout