• Drawfriend Stuff #680

    I need some context on this.  Get on it fanfic writers!

    Have some art.

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    Balloon Ride

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    Commission #1

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    Gravity Gazers

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    Time Turner and Derpy

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    Daring Do Vine Swing!

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    The Majestic And All-Powerful TRIXIE

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    Fluttershy: The Most Adorable Badass (Wallpaper)

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    Itty bitty shyness

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    Must. Be. Perfect.

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    Equestrian: Ready for battle!

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    [12] Source

    [13] Source
    Link to the Other World

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    Twilight Unleashed

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    Watching you like a hawk

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    Twilight Sparkle

    [17] Source
    30min Challenge - Sexy Cadance

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    I got this, guys!

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    Scary black smoke :FIM title cards series

    [20] Source
    In The Mind of Andrea Libman

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    And I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad

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    One year anniversary

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    The Most Important Lessons

    [24] Source

    [25] Source
    Wanna Jam?

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    Chalkie Pie

    [27] Source
    Watching you like a hawk

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    Princess Luna

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    Meet the Scouts

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    Good Morning Dash!

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    Royal Night Off

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    Willow Wisp

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    And now I will show you customs of my ancestries.