• Music of the Day #36

    Lots of music this time around.  I think there were 19 total.  Find them all below!

  • Kansas City Star Pony Article

    Yet another one of those city-wide newspapers has published up an article on the pony craze.  It once again focuses on the gender stereotypes of colorful rainbow ponies being popular in a largely male demographic.  There are shoutouts to various charity projects and merchandise takeovers buried throughout.  Go read it if you want the complete picture1
  • Musically Abridged Episode: Look Before You Salsa

    I don't know how we missed this one considering our love for all things incredibly stupid here on EQD.  We are only human though! Even Celestia makes mistakes right?

    Have some Salsa Rarity after the break.  She actually looks good in a mustache!

  • Story: Fear and Trembling

    [Dark][Slice of Life]

    Author: short skirts and explosions
    Description: After receiving an urgent letter from Princess Celestia concerning a grave danger to Equestria, Twilight Sparkle undergoes a crisis of faith. Can she perform a grim task for her beloved mentor, even if it means sacrificing all that she cares about?

    Based on a story prompt by TraleRayne. Extra special thanks to Dream of Ponies and Noble Jury.
    Fear and Trembling

    Additional Tags: love, doubt, respect, crisis of faith
  • GalaCon Announces Michael Pan!

    Our European friends across the pond have a new announcement for you all as GalaCon continues to ramp up the hype as they prepare for their next convention! Nabbing the illustrious Michael Pan, who plays as German Discord, the convention promises to be awesome! Check out the full press release after the break for further details.

  • Giant Luna Sculpture

    Six hundred and seventy-five hours went into creating this massive Luna sculpture.  At a height of three feet and four inches, I can see why.  I can only imagine how difficult it would be to even get something of this size to stand without collapsing.  That's a TON of clay, even if it is hollow. It's too bad it can't be duplicated!  I know I'd take a few to adorn my future pony throne room.

    It still needs to be fired, but out of fear of it not surviving the process, he wanted to show it off before something might happen to it.  Right now it's a complete mystery.  Lets all hope it does make it through! I want to see this thing completed and decked out! 

    Head on over to Bigponymac's Deviant Art page for more images, and be sure to tell him how much of a badass he is for pulling it off.

  • Comic: Bank Robbery / Scoots and Dash / Princess of the Fright / As Sweet / How Trixie Rolls / Trixie's Competition / Headless

    Let the comic flood begin! We have everything from new episode stuff, to Magic Duel stuff this time around. Click for full as always!

  • Naughty or Nice Event Begins!

    As was mentioned a few times now, The Hub's Naught or Nice event is happening throughout the month.  You know the drill!  Head on over to this page to begin the voting.  The polls close on the 16th of December, but each day everyone can vote up to 10 times total.  Now get to it!

    It's actually kind of neat to see how much it has evolved since it's beginning two years ago.  If you were around back then, you know how simple it used to be!

  • Livestream Saturdays

    Another weekend means another Livestream Saturday is heading your way folks! Last week's turnout was wonderful and this week promises to hold even more fun as we expand our list of artists participating today.

    For those late to the party, Livestream Saturdays are a chance for artists to submit their Livestream channels in the hope to make more friends, share techniques, and of course just to have fun! As for those who can submit, we are expanding who can submit to anyone who happens to be doing anything pony related whether it be sculpting, PMV editing, music, ect. If it's pony and you'd like to share, drop me a line with your livestream, gallery, and type of work you'll be doing during the next Livestream Saturdays post. Remember, every Livestream Saturday starts at 4pm EST / 1pm PST so keep that in mind when planning to submit your stream.

    Also, to spice up the posts a little, livestreamers are welcome to submit to me a banner I can center their information under if they would like! Should hopefully make things a little more exciting. Anything mentioned above can be sent to me at calpain@equestriadaily.com.

    Enough babbling! Check after the break for a list of artists livestreaming today.

  • MLP Comic Issue #2 Teasers on iTunes

    Midtown Comics Issue #2
    Issue #2 is right around the corner with it's December 19th release date, and already iTunes has some teaser images up on their store page.  Obviously, this is spoiler filled.  Even I am passing on actually looking at them for now!  I know how much you guys love this stuff though.  Check them out after the break, or at the link above!

  • Top 10 Pony Videos of November

    The votes are in! The top 10 videos of November have been released.  Can you handle the crossovers?  Because that seems to be the trend this time around.  Everything from TF2 to Dota 2 wound up in this one.

    Head on down past the break for all of them!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #648

    Just in case you ever needed to break the sound barrier even more, add some jets to Rainbow Dash. 

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Wonder Dash 2.0
  • Story Updates - December 8th

    Source: Madmax
    Tons of story updates today. Find them all below.

  • MLP: Online Shuts Down Due to Legal Issues

    It looks like that unfortunate US Trademark law has reared it's ugly head once again. MLP: online was hit with a request to take down their game a few weeks ago after releasing their first episode, and unfortunately had to comply.

    As noted in their release, this isn't technically Hasbro's fault.  Due to specific requirements when dealing with their trademark, they are forced to  take down things that violate it, or they lose it.  I do wonder how that pertains to other games though, or what causes a legal team to "notice" something.  There are quite a few of them out there, many of which are heavily advertised on the ponynets.

    Have the exact announcement released today after the break, or hit it up here!
  • Comic: Stephen King's Sleepless in Ponyville

    Have a comic to start the day off with!  It's a little spoilery, but not completely episode oriented.  It is however, amazing.  But Pixelkitties episode comics are always amazing.  Click for full!

    And as an added bonus, have another slightly more spoilery comic below from HatsEnsemble, who has an amazing name. 

    It's an amazing day. 

    Slightly Spoilery
  • Sleepless in Ponyville - Episode Discussion

    Scootaloo is adorable. I mean seriously, look at her eating that shoe. How can you see that and not go "d'aww!"? It's scientifically impossible not to! Right, Calpain?


    Xyro's note: I may or may not have awoken from a deep sleep because I realized I'd forgotten to make an episode post... >.>
  • Nightly Roundup #519

    Some Luna for tonight's Roundup because I'm going to be seeing a lot of late nights in the next week. Time for news while I take a break from this presentation I'm crafting.

  • Comic: Pinkie Says Buenas Noches!

    You know you're busy when you almost forget to put up Pinkie's weekly good night message! Oh well, at least she made it in time, right? (Please don't punish me)

    Click above for this week's message!