• Convention Compilation - August 24th

    All those other cons got Trixie socks for Christmas.  Shes not too happy about that.

    Head on past the break for the future cons that have bribed her with real presents.
    • PHPonyCon 2013 Details
    • Midwestria Update
    • EQLA - Sold Out!  
    • Bronycon Sponsored 2S2D Final Update\
  • Comic: Song Interrupted / Frisky Fun / Iron Will - I'll Make a Man Out of You / DitzyDash 1 and 2

    We have a whole bunch of comics for you this time around, everything from the Cutie Mark Crusaders using high powered weaponry to a Mulan parody with Iron Will.  Click for full!

  • Story: Chrysalis Adopts a Cat!

    [Comedy][Slice of Life] A highly amusing story, one that had me chortling on more than one occasion. I swear, it didn't feel like I was reading it, so much as 'watching' it unfold in my head... - Pre-reader Trixie is best pony

    Author: Erudite Muffin
    Description: Defeated and separated from her beloved hive, Chrysalis finds herself at a quaint little town named Ponyville. Fuming and down on her luck, she also finds herself in much need of love. But as our dear changeling queen discovers, love can come from the most unexpected sources.
    Chrysalis Adopts a Cat!

    Additional Tags: Chrysalis, Cat, Oh Wonderful Day!

  • Vocal Music: ~Dream~ (Been Dreaming Remix) / Today / Dear Twilight Sparkle

    I'd say that's the most epic enhancement of Rainbow Dash's already awesome At The Gala part we have seen so far in the first slot.  It's got some rap, some great singing, and all flows together really well.

    We also have some Today, the song that premiered at EFNW, and a parody of Plain White T.  Check them out below!

    1.) VINXIS & MC Flowny feat. Feather ~Dream~ (Been Dreaming Remix)
    2.) Today (feat. Metajoker) - Michael A. + ArtAttack VIP
    3.) Dear Twilight Sparkle-MLP FIM- Plain White T's Parody

  • Story: Cloudy With A Chance Of Hairy Russian Wrestlers


    Author: Your Antagonist
    Description: During the final match of the World Warrior tournament, Zangief a.k.a. The Red Cyclone accidentally Spinning Piledrives himself into a portal that redirects to the Magical Land of Equestria. However, he soon finds that he is not the only person who has gained access to this strange world. What strange adventures will befall the Red Cyclone in his quest to return home?
    Cloudy With A Chance Of Hairy Russian Wrestlers

    Additional Tags: Street, Fighter, Crude, Masculine, Humor

  • Everfree Northwest 2012: Poster Artist Spotlight


    Markarian, your friendly neighborhood Everfree Northwest convention head, has sent over a spotlight detailing the various artists who made the posters that were sold at the con!

    Head past the break and support these artists by checking out their designs!

  • Instrumental Music: Octavia's ˢᵉˣʸ Secret / Remembrance in Suspended Animation / Chasing Clouds (Liquid DnB) / Light in the Everfree

    Octavia is the music version of Twilight Sparkle?!  My headcannon is ok with this.  Have some instrumental tracks!

    1.) Octavia's ˢᵉˣʸ Secret (Douple D Remix) (Funky Dance)
    2.) Seventh Element - Remembrance in Suspended Animation (Ambient/Piano)
    3.) Chasing Clouds (Liquid DnB) - Sub.Sound (DnB)
    4.) Feesh - Light in the Everfree (Orchestral)

  • Everfree Northwest 2012 Retrospective: Cereal Velocity

    Markarian said it best during the closing ceremonies of the convention- the weekend of Everfree Northwest 2012 was our own little slice of Equestria.

    The inevitable comparisons to Bronycon are going to come up, Everfree Northwest (EFNW) being the second-largest convention happening this year and both occurring about a month apart. In my humble opinion, the two aren’t comparable on many grounds, except for the ones that mattered. They were both whirlwinds of activity and ponies that left you with that sort of breathless joy that only exhausting yourself to see and meet everyone can give you. In that way, I can’t say that one was ‘better’ than the other or other such pigeonholing. If you’ll stick around, I’ll give you the long answer.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #543

    Chrysalis changelinged herself into a filly, what are you going to do about her now?  That's right, she knows your weakness.  Look at those eyes.

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    Tenebrous Rapture

  • Animation: FINN & JAKE vs MLP

    A new series of what looks to be three videos has popped up, setting MLP up against Adventure Time in an all out NO SURVIVORS rap battle. In this episode, we are graced with none other than Fluttershy. The best rapper, if I do say so myself. Check it out below!

    Update: Now with more links!

  • Barnes and Noble Adds Nook Pony Books

    Barnes and Noble has expanded their inventory to include a whole bunch of new NOOK books for those of you with the reading divice.  Included in the mix are some we have already seen from Ruckus's iOS app, as well as a few other ones like the Cutie Mark quest above.  Prices range anywhere from 99 cents to four bucks.

    Check out the page for them here!

    One thing to note, Ruckus's apps tend to be based off episodes, and we haven't seen "Things that go Bump in the Night yet" as pointed out a while back.  It might be a way to get a sneak peek at season three, though no guarantees there. 

    And in other news, they have an actualy printed one in the works too for 10 bucks.

    Have an overview:
    Kids will not only enjoy this sweet story starring Rarity, the most beautiful unicorn in Ponyville, but they’ll also be able to build Rarity’s Carousel Boutique with the included punch-out pieces. And the fun continues as kids make up their own stories or put on a fashion show with the three included press-out ponies, a pony mannequin, and 6 press-out outfits with accessories. A pocket on the back cover stores all your press out pieces.
    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!
  • Animation and Shorts: Equine Lied / Applejackson / Crusaders / Swagmobile

    We are pretty late on a few of these.  Apparently that flash folder has a black hole built in or something.

    The first one is a parody of an anime, and the other three or short or loops.  Click for full!

  • Applelicious

    You know the drill, just click it.

  • MLP Poster Invades the Emmy Auction

    The Emmys Foundation looks to be placing their hopes and dreams in us this time around.   Included alongside a whole bunch of other Hollywood style swag is the above poster, signed by a good majority of the voice cast of MLP!  You have probably seen it before, there are a few others floating around.  100% of proceeds go straight to the foundation, so I'm sure the bidding war will be pretty impressive.   Check out it's auction page here!   I wouldn't mind seeing it beat everything else in bids, would you?  Conan and Anthony Bourdain ain't got nothin' on pony!

  • Fallout 2 Little Pip Mod

    Donitz, the creator of that incredibly frustrating Twilight vs Walking game that I should not have stairs has released a straight up amazing mod for all you Fallout Equestria enthusiasts.  How would you like to take the reigns of Lil Pip in the actual game?

    There are still apparently some issues with crashing, but that tends to happen when you have over 5000 frames of animation to dig through.

    Head on over here to read the instructions on how to get your own unicorn to take over the wasteland with!
  • Batman Meets My Little Pony

    How does the Dark Knight respond to a world filled with colorful talking equines? Head on down past the break to find out in this 6 minute long cutout style animation!

  • Epic Art: What Friendship is All About

    I was going to drawfriend it, but it really does need it's own post.  One cannot handle the epicness unless one takes it on one vs one.  That's a lot of ones.

    This is straight up amazing.

  • Story Updates August 24th (Morning)

    Just three this time! Which means you guys are going to bombard me tonight aren't you? Yeah, I see those story updates poking their heads over the hill...

  • Colgate's Toothpaste Canon Commercial

    She just keeps growing on the best pony scale! I actually bought a new toothbrush in her honor. Sonicaire ftw.

    Anyway go watch it above!
  • Nightly Roundup #417

    Silly Luna, the moon isn't really made of cheese! If you eat that thing you're going to get a wicked bad tummy ache.

    News time guys! Not as short as last night so sit back and relax for a spell as we give you your nightly dose of pony news.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 23

    There are few things in the world like chilling out with your best friends, knowing that you can count on them through both thick and thin. No wonder friendship is such a special thing, eh? Good evening folks, it's time once again to share the fruits of your labors with the world! Tonight we've got 356 friendly ponies having a good time and just hanging out. Climbing ever higher we now sit at an unfathomable 13643 images of all things pony! You all are simply amazing, you know that?

    For our artists in training looking to continue their journey, they may find the new submission gallery for Day 23 here. As per usual, send all your questions, concerns, and suggestions to phoe@equestriadaily.com.

    On to the theme so that those of you chomping at the bit can get started. Tonight's theme is something we've all undoubtedly experienced at one point or another, especially when we are really busy (like finishing up drawings for the Training Grounds). For today I'd like you to Draw a Pony Staying Up Late / Draw a Pony in the Dark! Let's give these ponies a chance to experience the lovely night.

    For those of you that want to do some hanging out with tonight's gallery of friendly ponies all you have to do is click here. Remember to comment if you can guys! Have a good day and good luck!