• Music Vocal/Remix: A Tale Of Honesty / Discord's Anthem / She Didn't Put Those In Her BAHG

    We have new western rock style Applejack vocal track , an original A capella Discord song, and a remix of... Bonbon not putting apples in her bag. You guys must be bored.

    1.) A Tale Of Honesty
    2.) Discord's Anthem
    3.) She Didn't Put Those In Her BAHG

  • Custom Compilation #79

    Donut Joe sure has a way with the ladies! You can almost feel the swag coming right through the screen.

    Custom compilation time guys! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1
    Secret Agent Donut Joe and his fangirls

  • Breaking News: Pagan Gods in Control of Pony Music

    Have you ever wondered how exactly someone scores an entire season of 24 minute episodes without losing their mind?  How they can keep bringing in fresh music even after such a huge amount has already been created?   William Anderson just dropped off this insider secret over on his deviant art page:

    Casting the spell known as "The My Little Pony Mind Meld," whereupon I enter a trance state and commune with The Grand Goddess of The Elements of Harmony, who transmits the music for the show to me while I am in oneness with her. The music for the MLP:FiM is not written by me, it is given. I am just the vessel for the transmission. The music is from The Goddess of the Elements of Harmony.

    - William Anderson

    I guess that confirms why Friendship is Magic is so alluring.  You have all been coerced by a pagan god. Honestly, I don't even mind.

     All Hail the Grand Goddess of the Elements of Harmony!

  • Plushie Compilation #75

    In order to fulfill my monthly quota of Trixie I am obligated to bring to you all some more of the Great and Powerful One. She's also fuzzy which is one heck of a plus!

    Plushie compilation you guys! Get them while they're hot!

    Source 1

  • Ponilympics Banner Event - Results!

    It is August 4th, the entries have been submitted and compiled.  After the break, you will find all the Ponilympics celebratory EQD banners for your viewing pleasure!

    I'm sure once the holiday season hits, and we aren't collecting thousands of images in the training grounds, we will probably do a few more of these.

    I'll keep the rotation going.  Generally is was running with a new every other, today's volley ball banner being from D0ra0g0n on Deviant Art

    Thanks again to everyone that entered! Banner events always liven things up around here!

  • Flash Videos: Best Pony Contest // Dancing Twilight

    Anyone still amazed that this show is made in Flash? Cool beans, man.

    On that topic, I have two flash videos for you today: one being an animation for We Love Fine's 'My Favorite Pony' contest, and one being Twilight Sparkle dancing with a lot of glitter and streamers and stuff. It has Love In Bloom, if that didn't convince you. Check em both out after the break.

  • Instrumental Music: Daring Quest / Crystal Maze / Tavi and Scratch - The Breakup

    Instrumental stuff for all you people that don't feel like listening to those obnoxious words getting in your way! Check them out below with genres listed in parenthesis.

    1.) Daring Quest - Original Music (Tribal/Orchestral)
    2.) Crystal Maze (Bells/Orchestral)
    3.) Yourenigma - Tavi and Scratch - The Breakup (Classical/Elecronic COLLIDE) 

  • Pinkie Pie Walkie-Talkie

    I wonder who came up with the word "walkie-talkie"?  I don't think I've ever typed it out before, and never realized how weird it was.

    Anyway, this set of walkie-talkies was found at a store called Big W in Australia.   I remember when I was around the humble age of six, and thought these things were magic, so I'm assuming Pinkie Pie's world breaking counter-physics are a good match for them.   That or shes just pink, and we can't have Rainbow Dash blue in the pink isle!

    Thanks to John for the image!
  • Saturday Night Songs with Michelle Creber

    It's that time of the week once again! Michelle Creber will be on tonight, showing off another one of her collab songs with Mandopony. She also has an announcement about her CD to share with everyone.

    Head on over to EFR at 6:00 PM PST to tune in! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #524

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Ponies, as least that is what this reminds me of!

    Have some arts.

    Source 1

    Morning and Evening Ponies

  • High Resolution Map Scan

    As many of you noticed during yesterday's Walmart post, we now have a fully canon map of Equestria. Everything from Griffons to Applewood are front and center.  It's overall a really impressive piece!

    I actually called 4 nearby stores yesterday with 0 luck, so this may be the best option if you guys want one.

    Pixelkitties has scanned it and uploaded it to her DA page in massive resolution and 15 mb.  Head on over here to check it out! The link is in the description.
  • Comic: Magic Bullet / FiB Part 3

    Not a whole lot of comics coming in today! These have been sitting in the folder for a while, so have a good old fashioned two comic post!

    The second is actually a 3rd page of this series, so you might want to look into it for some context.

  • Untitled

  • Music Vocals and Remixes: Heartstrings (H8_Seed Cover) / Daddy Discord Bitmix / Moon Cannon

    Lyra definitely has some awesome colors. We start this one off with a remix of H8_Seed's "heartstrings" song, followed by a bit version of Daddy Discord, and a new original vocal track in a style I recognize but can't place! It's a good one regardless! Check them all out below.

    1.) Heartstrings (H8_Seed Cover)
    2.) Daddy Discord Bitmix
    3.) Moon Cannon

  • Story Updates August 4th (Morning)

    Story update time! We have a bunch tonight. Head on down past the break to read them.

  • Nightly Roundup #397

    Calpain here after returning from the mystical land of Ohio! Yep, I got my lease today to continue ponying it up in the State below me so come visit me sometime in Ohio around the Athens area!

    Anyhow, time for some news!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 3

    I promise this is not going to be 30 days of Lyra as the post header... sometimes there will be Bon Bon, too! No, but really look at her and tell me I had a choice on this one. That's a pony what knows how to move, baby. And move she has, along with all 1053 of her friends! Combined with the full results of yesterday's gallery, that puts our two day total at an astonishing 2522 ponies! This is mind boggling. I trotted 5500 out as last year's total because I was proud of it. You guys are going to crush it before Wednesday. Big round of applause to all of you, using as big and swingy of a motion as possible. I'm a mare of the hour, after all.

    So, some good news on the gallery front! Because of your continued and astonishing enthusiasm for the NATG, you're producing too many ponies to host on the internet the normal way. This means we'll be sticking with the solution we used last night, which is good for all of you because it means I can afford to leave the submitter open for several hours past the actual deadline again! Rejoice, all of you last minute "slip it under the door" types! I get to be lenient again!

    Speaking of submitting, to send an image for day three, use the Day 3 submitter. I know, it sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how hard it can be to find a place when you aren't told where it is. Get cracking, then!

    Today's prompt is all about incorporating a little extra bit of the world alongside your pony, seeing how the living matches to the non-living: Draw a pony with a prop/Draw a material pony!

    And without further ado, I present you the Day 2 Gallery: Enter the Motionarium (every one of you who drew a pony on a go board gets a bonus gold star sticker today for best use of joke prompt)