• Story Updates July 24th (Morning)

    Ponies, fanfiction, and PILES OF WORDS. Have some story updates.
  • Game: Faithful Farmer

    Remember that Faithful Farmer Rhythm is Heaven video from a while back? Someone has converted it into a playable game! Now YOU can control Applejack and aim for HIGH SCORES, or Rainbow Dash's opinion at least. 

    Check it out here!
  • Plushie Compilation #73

    Octavia and Vinyl are best sea buddies.

    Plushies coming at you! Check after the break for the rest.

    Source 1

  • PMV: Ponies Royale

    Usually when I see a three minute long PMV, I expect it to be reasonably good. It's hard to keep the heavy editing going for such a long duration without fading off a bit near the middle.

    Imagine my surprise when Feedsy kept the ball rolling for the entire duration. Seriously, this PMV is badass.

    Check it out above, or here!
  • Molded Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy - Need Paint Though!

    It looks like we are all about to get our craft on with some new molded ponies in the near future as part of the Crystal Empire set! So far only Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have shown up.  Sadly it looks like you may need to grab your own paint, as the sets only include a couple of colors each, all of which don't appear to be the correct ones.  These are pretty early images though, so who knows, maybe we will see an update?

    Or maybe they will give us lazy people a version without the need to color them?  I know my Twilight/Applejack/Pinkie Pie molded ponies would love to complete their set with these two and a Rarity.

    Thanks to Anon for the images!

  • Equestrian Ponilympics - Banner Competition!

    Pinkie Pie invaded Earth, and while travling the world sampling all sorts of desserts, she discovered the Summer Olympics.   Along with hundreds of new recipes, she has returned with plans of making Twilight Sparkle run it for the citizens of Equestria!
    Griffons, Donkeys, and Ponies around the world will be competing in the ultimate test of skill, strength, and Showmareship.  They need a banner though!

    Head on past the break for information on submitting your design!

  • Random Merch: Pony Microphone, Suspenders, and Pixel Kittles Joins Welovefine!

    We have a shorter merch post this time around, but also a really... odd one!   First off, as you can see above, Hasbro has decided to take over your MP3 players with a new pony microphone.  I have no clue how well this thing works, but it has ponies on it, and it exists, so you colllectors might want to pick it up!  This was found at a Target in Texas.  Thanks to Tentacle Master (kinda scary name there!) for the picture.

    And on the other side of the pond at FYE, a new set of pony... suspenders has been added.  I didn't know people still wore suspenders to be completely honest, especially in the age group that these appear to be for!  As I have said in the past though, I such at fashion trends.  Maybe they are making a comeback over there in Europe?  Thanks to Michelle Bartlett & Sonny Oliveira for the image!

    And finally, in the more normal news sector, Pixelkitties has joined the Welovefine artist league.  It's about time too, she already had a bunch of stuff up there anyway!   You can find her page here, along with a few new ones (Including the one found above).  I still say that Fluttershy shirt is the best one they have on the site.  It's too bad the one I got is too small! It makes a good poster at least.
  • New Action ponies from Taobao

    From ponyoftheday

    Xengk over on Youtube picked up a bunch a couple of new random pony toys from Taobao.  Each one has a button you can push to do various actions.  It looks like Rainbow Dash flaps her wings, Twilight Sparkle bobs her head, and Applejack... Applejacks.  These are either prototypes, or knockoffs, but either way, they look like your normal pony toys.

    Check out the video of them in action after the break!

  • Instrumental Music: Returning The Chaos / Octavia's Morning / She Calmed Down / TtEoAP Animation Intro Song

    Time for some instrumental originals.  We have all sorts of genres this time around.  Find them all below!

    1.) Returning The Chaos - Nix_Spark (Ft. Dredda) (Drums and Bass)
    2.) Octavia's Morning (√Čtude 654)
    3.) Neighsayer - She Calmed Down (Chill/Ambient)
    4.) TtEoAP Animation Intro Song (Video Game Orchestral)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #512

    Derpy replacing everyone in Final Fantasy 7? I'm alright with this. 

    Have some art! 

    Source 20

    And remember to visit sources and like+comment! That's what they are there for! 

  • Pre-Readers' Q&Neigh Episode 3

    Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the third pre-readers round stable Q&Neigh! We have an eclectic mix of odd questions and odder answers for you tonight.

    Join Aqua, Cray, Cassius, Seattle, Argem[censored] and Alexstrasza (who must have done something wrong in a previous life to end up editing this) and myself, Midnight, as we attempt to bring light to the darkest corners of a round room.

  • Swedish News on Bronies!

    We've been getting this one in our inbox all day! Apparently, a Swedish news program on TV4 spent some time on a short interview with some bronies and asked them some questions about the show and the community. It's presented very nicely overall and definitely worth a watch! It's certainly nice to see our European pony fans getting attention from the media as well.

    Check out the subtitled segment above for the interview!

    Click CC for subtitles!
  • Flash: Fluttershy Surprise / Celestia being ridiculous

    We have two short ones this time around! The first one involves Fluttershy drinking out of a straw.  You guys like that sort of thing don't you?

    And below is Celestia being ridiculous.

  • The Brony Show, Episode 60 - Toxic-Mario

    Hey there, everypony! Welcome to a fresh, new episode of The Brony Show. We have a preshow treat for all of you, so show up early (about 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST) for fanfiction reading by Anchors. Then, our guest interviewee will be none other than Toxic-Mario, whom the majority of you know from his fantastic work as a comic artist! Check out and watch his deviantArt page if you haven’t already: http://toxic-mario.deviantart.com/

    We’ll also be playing some abridged series and giving them our critique, then watching some awesome PMV’s and music videos. Be sure also to stick around for CrimsontheWolf’s Oatmeal Galore Afterparty, where we will continue our crazy party long into the night with video games and random shenanigans..

    Check it out at www.thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    It all starts at 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST Can't wait to see you there!
  • Story Updates July 23rd (Morning)

    Story updates! Scratch is asleep though, so you should probably do that too!

  • Story: Hostile Takeover (Update Complete!)


    Description: The Mane-Event, a popular stage show in Manehattan, has acquired a rare creature they intend to use as part of a new act. Their typical animal handlers prove inadequate for the new job so they invite Equestria's best to be the caretaker-- Fluttershy. Moving to a new city requires the inconvenience of finding a new place to stay, however. What fortune that Trixie, one of the primary acts of the Mane-Event, just so happens to have free space at her apartment.

    Hostile Takeover (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Too Much Kindness, Attempted Rivalry, Nightmares Made Real, Revenge, Homemade Food
  • Nightly Roundup #385

    We need at least 30 minutes of Screwball in season 3.

    Have some nightly roundup!