• 30 Minutes in Second Life BronyTown

    I have no clue what I am doing and my pony has a missing leg.  This Second Life thing seems pretty cool though! I decided to head on over to Bronytown and chronicle my journey live on EQD via screencaps.  It has since ended, but my curiosity is already planning a trip with friends for another excursion. 

    Check out a bunch of completely random nonsense as I explore the world after the break!

    Also Trixie.  They have a Trixie guys.

  • Story Updates July 5th (Night)

    Ponies reading BOOKS.

  • Animation: Pipsqueak's Thunder Plunder - The Pretend Game / Go Weegee Go

    Click for Flash!
    This time around, we have a Mushroom Kingdom/Pony crossover, with Luigi as the star.  Watch as he teams up with each of the mane 6 to defeat bowser and save Luna!  It's pretty basic, but also an interesting crossover to watch.

    And in slot two, someone has made a mock animation of that Pipsqueaks Thunder Plunder game from a while back.  It might look like a gameplay video, but he actually animated it.  (Either that or he is lying and has played this game way too much to be that good at it!)

    And finally, Sonic the Hedgehog races Rainbow Dash, with the demise of the majority of those "friends" that were added in later installments.  It's got a bit of the juvenile humor going, but its pretty impressive for just one guy doing it!

    Check those 2 out below!

  • PMV: Boy, You Got My Hoofbeat Runnin Away!

    You know that a PMV is good when it impresses Cereal and I've got to agree this is one heck of a PMV. Go on, check it out above!
  • Comic: PFF / Lord of the Ponies / Not so Different / You'll Go Far

    Those cards are going to ruin a whole bunch of relationships around ponyville, that's for sure!

    Have a whole mess of comics. Everything from Lord of the Rings to Scootalove. Click them for full.

  • Comic: Diamonds for Free / Paper Hat / Hay Tail

    Considering how gems seem to literally be everywhere in Equestria I wonder what is actually considered a rare substance to ponies? Whatever it is must be pretty fantastic!

    Comic time guys, click for full.

  • Mine Escape Game

    I just love pony games and it seems like lately we've seen quite a few of them released to the public. It sure is a stark contrast to where we were last summer when all we really had was Story of the Blanks to slake our thirst for pixel ponies.

    Mine Escape is a simple point and click adventure game reminiscent of the NES games of old that takes place during Twilight and Cadance's escape from the underground. Overall, it's pretty good so go give it a look at the link down below!

    Mine Escape
  • Cereal and PK Interview Tara Strong

    So this past weekend there was this little thing called Bronycon. Maybe you heard about it? People have been talking about it a lot for some reason. Anyway, there was this really awesome person there named Tara Strong, and she dropped by today to chat a bit with Equestria Daily. We gave PK and Cereal our best reporter hats and sent them forth with a big list of questions.

    What they brought back was an Experience. Check below the break to see the video, containing 46 minutes of Tara at her Queen of the Bronies best, talking about her Bronycon experiences, her work, and her life. You will laugh and unless your heart is made of stone, you will also cry. So go on, click that page break. This is something you don't want to miss!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #494

    Tf2 Bonbon Edition!  We were thinking of getting back into TF2, who wants to join us?

    Source 1
  • Music Vocal/Remix: From Grey to Pink / And The Rainfall - Panoramic / Rarity's Underwater Tour at the Hydrocity Zone

    So, we derped and didn't post that second one even though it was listed in a music post yesterday. I blame PK!

    We also have another vocal song from Taps, and finish off with a NOSTALGIA BOMB mashup of Hydro City zone and Rarity. Check them all out below!

    1.) From Grey to Pink - Taps Ft. Moopy ( Upcoming Main6 Album )
    2.) And The Rainfall - Panoramic
    3.) Rarity's Underwater Tour at the Hydrocity Zone

  • TetraPony's Art Request Challenge!

    You guys may have heard about of a little artist going by the name of Tetrapony.  He regularly follows us around to whatever game we are all playing at the time, and it always ends in a pile of art about whatever went on. 

    Pic related but completely ridiculous
    Well, the kid is bored, and he wants to draw YOU, or your requests at least!

    For the next hour or however long he lasts, he will be taking requests in his Livestream channel.  Want your OC pony to finally escape the clutches of pony creator? Or do you just want to see Trixie drawn as a warlock from Diablo?  Tetra is where it's at! 

    Head on over to his page here to go bug him to draw things for the next hour.  We are thinking of making this an annual show, so don't fret if you aren't able to get your request done today!
  • Story: Growth

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: LimeAttack
    Description: Florists take good care of their plants, especially Rose. Eventually she comes to learn that while flowers grow and die, with enough care and attention they can learn to love, too.

    Additional Tags: roses caring learning distant emotion
  • Traveling Pony Museum Post-Bronycon Update

    The Traveling Pony Museum (See eqd banner, courtesy of Purple Tinker) had it's big debut at Bronycon, showcasing all sorts of amazing customs, art, and plushies that the fandom has created.  Walking through their display room, it really is impressive what we have accomplished so far.

    They have a whole mess of new updates for you all.  Head on down past the break to check it all out!

  • Smile Song Lyrics by Amy Keating Rogers

    Hey Everypony!

    This is Amy Keating Rogers.  There has been a request for my original lyrics to the “Smile Song.”  I've put them at the end of this post.

    By looking at them, you can see how Daniel took my lyrics, tweaked them, and built upon them to make the amazing “Smile, Smile, Smile” that’s in “A Friend in Deed.”

    And I just want you all to know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Daniel Ingram’s version.  I think it is uplifting and fun and shows how magical a song can become when given to a talented composer.  It’s a perfect Pinkie Pie song.  And I was lucky enough to hear it sung twice by the huge BronyCon crowd last weekend!
  • Equestria Inquirer Interviews: Andrea libman

    The next in the series of Equestria Inquirer interviews has been released! The guys grab Andrea Libman and sit her down for nine minutes of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy related questions. 

    Check it out after the break!
  • Friendship is Magic Trading Card Game: Archiving Sites

    It looks like you guys love creating card game repositories. I supposed it's only natural for this fandom! Two of them have popped up, each with different positives and negatives. 

    The first goes by the name of "MY Little Pony TCG Archive", and the second simply "My Little Pony Trading Cards".  Both sites are as simple as simple can get, with basic HTML And link lists.  Neither are complete, though the creators of each are slowly adding cards as we speak.  Hopefully we will have a fully completed repository soon!  
  • Bronycon 2012: Psychology of Bronies Panel

    You guys are CRAZY! Doctor Patrick Edwards from the Brony Study did a fourty minute panel at Bronycon for all you people that want to dig into the average brony psyche.  Check it out after the break, Or here.

    It looks like all we need now are the game developers and fanfiction panels. In fact, I'll challenge you guys - The first ones to send us the Everfree Northwest panels in HD win a Trixie and Lyra set! Should be easy for you Washington bronies with your high speed home connections right?  I still really want to see that game dev one! 
  • Nightly Roundup #367

    Oh hey, we haven't done a roundup in a few days.  Have a billion things in one.   And Chrysalis Trixie, because combining those two would create a black hole and gobble all of Equestria up. 

  • Story Updates July 5th (Morning)

    So much Twilight Sparkle tonight.  If it wasn't for horse Rarity it would be Sparkle edition.