• Comic: Discord's Pony Hunt / Between Seasons / Great and Powerful

    Mickeymonster's Discord comics are some of the best out there! Who knew that ponies were so ticklish?

    More comics coming at you! Click for full.

  • Music: Becoming Popular (Extended Rock Cover) // Winter Wrap up Folk Metal // Gypsy bard (8-bit) //

    No pulse inside of me.
    Stone cold lips and heresy.
    All lies and to a degree,
    losing who I want to be.

    Remixes, remixes, remixes! This hour we have a remix of Becoming Popular, Winter Wrap-Up, and FiW's new song, Gyspy Bard! I still can't stop listening to the original. It's been on loop since the con ended. Help.

    1) MLP-FiM: Becoming Popular (Extended Rock Cover)
    2) Winter Wrap up Folk Metal (Instrumental)
    3) Gypsy bard (8-bit)

  • Friendship is Magic Stepmania/ITG Pack

    Hey! I remember these games.  I went through a huge In the Groove phase back in the day, followed by Stepmania when I got lazy and realized how much money I was spending in the arcades.

    This is the Season 1 song pack.  It isn't actually related to Friendship is Magic season one, in fact only a few of the songs are straight remixes.

    I went through all of them on expert and was pleasently surprised.  Usually SM packs are hit or miss, but all of these songs were well timed and the variety is great.  Some are technical, others are speedy.   Now I just need to buy a DDR pad for the computer...

    Anyway, head on over to this page (see below if it wont work ) to download them.  You will need a program to run it.  Simply follow the instructions in the included readme.

    Have a mirror if the link wont load. 

  • Operation: Submit Whales, Win a Prize

    So, I heard a lot of you went to Bronycon. A few of you even requested autographs from us! That was very nice, and we appreciate you asking.

    You might have also noticed that with most of our autographs we drew you a tiny whale to go along with our signature. I'll bet you're wondering what the heck was up with that. Did the EQD staff have a little too much to drink the night before? Probably, but they did have a point. They're your ticket to a raffle!

    Here's the skinny: submit a picture of one of our whale signatures to our brand-new contest submitter (coded by Knighty of FimFiction), and you're entered into the raffle to win a small prize. We'll need your email along with your submission, of course- rest assured that this is not publicly visible and we'll only use it to contact you if you won.

    Ready? Start here!
    The contest is labeled 'Whale Signature Raffle'.
  • Comic: One More Word / Trixie Vs Twilight / Breakfast With Derpy

    Pinkie and Rainbow comics are some of my favorites! Actually, any comics with Pinkie are usually a treat considering how crazy her antics are.

    Anyhow, comic time! Click for full you guys!

  • Balloon Party: Afterparty Released!

    Time for another round of huge music.  The Baloon Party After Party is the second album in the Baloon Party line, filled with tracks that either didn't make the deadline, or that barely missed the mark last time around and were revamped to increase the quality tremendously.

    Lets get these musicians to Everfree Northwest! 

    Head on over here to check it out!
  • Music: Hush Now - (JoinedTheHerd) // Pony NuJazz - HIPpology // Radiarc - From the Moon

    I'll try and help you
    with the things that can't be justified.
    I need to warn you
    that there is no way to rationalize!

    I hope you're not in the mood for vocals, because there aren't any in this special instrumental music post, sponsored by whales! I hope everyone got a whale at Bronycon, by the way. I drew tons of whales.

    These three are all original tracks. Have at them!

    1) Hush Now - (JoinedTheHerd)
    2) Pony NuJazz - HIPpology
    3) Radiarc - From the Moon

  • Andrea Libman Seeking Art!

    Artists! It's time to get to work! Andrea Libman, the voice actress behind Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie is seeking someone to draw her Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie with a bike for her "Ride to Conquer Cancer" page. 

    You know what to do! I'm assuming she wants the submissions to go to her twitter.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #493

    Happy 4th of July for you pony folks in the USA! Pinkie has everything planned to make sure this July 4th goes down with one heck of a blast.

    Time for some art!

    Source 1
  • Update on Welovefine Sale

    As many of you have emailed, it looks like Welovefine is still dead after the initial rush at 11:30 AM.   Unfortunately, I am not sure if they are actually available due to the holiday.  I have sent an email off to see if we can get either an extension or possibly an event later on down the road.

    Your best bet is to keep checking back!  We have two and a half hours left.   Hopefully they fix it soonish! 
  • Mane 6 for Tomtom

    Time for more pony voice modifications for TomTom.  If Fluttershy wasn't your thing, the rest of the ponies have been added.  Qcom even brought on some of the incredibly skilled voice actresses from Friendship is Witchcraft, Vinyl Scratch Tapes, and Epic Cupcake Time to help guide you on your way.

    Each character has it's own video, so check out the playlist here!

  • Equestria Inquirer Interviews John de Lancie and Laurent Malaquais

    I'm going to run out of Discord images soon.  John de Lancie was hit by yet another interview at Bronycon, this time joined by Laurent.  Check it out below!

  • John de Lancie + Bonus Short Peter New Interview

    Celestia Radio snagged John de Lancie for a back-room interview on all things Bronycon, as well as his take on the fandom as a whole.  You even get to see the back of my head from 16 minutes on!

    They also grabbed Peter New for a shorty while wandering the hallways.  Finding a quiet place at this convention was near impossible.

    Check out both of them after the break!

    Or check the audio version (with somewhat cleaned-up sound) out here!

  • Equestria Inquirer : Fire At Bronycon Report!

    Equestria Inquirer is at it again with their report on the fire at Bronycon!  Joe and his group of intrepid reporters scour the crowds for reactions and information on the blaze.  Check it out below!

  • Augmented Reality Ponies - Window to Equestria

    Dobro has created an app for Android devices that allows you to project ponies out of a "marker" , essentially creating a window to your own 3d pony via your phone or tablet. 

    I guess it's the closest thing we got before someone starts mass producing ponybots or test tube equines that don't attract flies and produce massive quantities of fertilizer. 

    Check the application out here! Just print the marker, place it down, and run the camera to try it out.
  • New Pony Plushies Popping up at Target

    It looks like Hasbro has decided to start releasing 5 inch pony plushies.  These in particular were found in a recent shipment at a Target in Alaska.  The box is saying a release date of July 29th, so we have a bit of time before they become officially available.

    Only Pinkie, Rainbow and Twilight have been seen so far.

    Thanks to Cluchey for the heads up!

    Have some new individual images: 

  • Music: The Changeling // Love is in Bloom // Discord Jazz Cover

    My infiltrated mind.
    My lacerated soul.
    It took me years, create me, control you.
    I left myself for an idea I stole!

    Time for remixes all over the place! We have a remix of The Changeling, Love Is In Bloom, and Discord. Have at them!

    1) The Changeling - Blaze, Tuxe & Ozzwald (TheShadowRusher Remix) [BALLOON PARTY:APM FULL SONG]
    2) Love is in Bloom (Complextro/Rock Remix)
    3) Stablefree - Discord Jazz Cover (ft. Replacer)

  • EqD Reviews: Bronies, For the Love of Ponies

    A little while back, we were contacted by indie publisher Kazka Press and asked if we would be interested in writing a review for their recently published anthology Bronies: For the Love of Ponies. The pitch seemed interesting enough, and one advanced copy later here we are. This is a bit of a lengthy one, so for the full writeup check under the page break:

  • Welovefine 4th of July Promo - Code and Reminder!

    Time to get your shirts! As was announced yesterday, Welovefine is doing a 25% off sale on all of their ponywear from 12-6 PM PST (Extended for an unknown time period).  And the code:


    This is usable just one time per account, so if you require more purchases, you will need to make another.   Their selection is massive at this point, they have had new designs almost weekly for a year.  You can find all of their pony shirts at this link.  The code will not work on anything else.

    Have fun!

    (And then we crashed the site.  Hope you guys took my advice and chose yours beforehand!)
  • MLP Trading Description Scans

    Lionheart over on Tumblr has scanned the backs of all of the Friendship is Magic trading cards, showing off their descriptions for those of you that are curious.  I gotta say, they did an amazing job on almost all of these.  They kept it simple, yet made them interesting at the same time.  And all those potential season 3 shoutouts...   I guess this is what we get for actually becoming a worthy market to sell to! Good work everyone. 

  • June Equestria Daily Art Contest Results

    The Ponychats group has completed their first month of art here in the land of Equestria Daily.  25 Wonderbolts joined the herd and dazzled us with their flying skills.  Head on over to this page to check out all of the entries and vote for a winner!

    Time for the July prompt.  Head on after the break to see what you will be drawing this time around!

  • Music: Panoramic // Fashion Is The Passion // A Thousand Butterflies // Up Above The World

    Merchants and captains of the world,
    sailors, navigators too!
    Will weep and mourn this loss,
    with her sins piled to the sky!

    Vocal tracks! We have two with Fluttershy and an original song! Click past the break to check them out.

    1) And The Rainfall - Panoramic
    2) Fluttershy Model Mix (WITH VOCALS!) Fashion Is The Passion
    3) A Thousand Butterflies - (kindness) - Music Video - Scarlett Peace
    4) Hirosashii - Up Above The World (feat. All Levels at Once)

  • Animation: Why was pinkie pie farming rocks anyway?

    Ever wonder why Pinkie Pie's parents farm something as mundane as rocks?  This animation sets off in an attempt to explain this bizarre profession.  Check it out after the break!

  • Untitled

    Click for FIREWORKS
  • Documentary Head Micheal Brockhoff's Closing Bronycon Speech

    Many of you were probably emailed this one, but I figured I'd share it for those that aren't subscribed.  Micheal Brockhoff of the Bronycon Documentary send this out to as a closing to their work during the convention.  I'll stop blabbering, check it out below!
    30 crew members, 10 cameras, a lot of hard work and long hours and it was all worth it. BronyCon was one of the most amazing experiences of my personal and professional life.

    I can't thank you enough for your support of this film.

    Before this weekend when people used to ask me who Bronies are, I didn't really know how to properly answer. Now I would describe Bronies as genuine, kind, dedicated, smart and loving. A true community of people who share not only the love of MLP, but also embrace and live the values of the show.

    I'm really excited about the stories and footage we've captured. Next step is weeks of logging footage, transcribing and preparing to edit. We're also making plans to film GalaCon and BUCK.

    I will post updates as the process continues.


    Michael Brockhoff