• Random Media: Portal 2 Pony Spheres / Terminator 2 (Sweetie Belle) / Doctor Whooves - Season 6 Trailer

    I guess you could call this a "lip sync compilation".  We have the uncut Pony Spheres section from the Anthology II video (Because portal and ponies is a requirement and needs more love), followed by Terminator and Doctor Whooves Ponified.  Check them out below! 

    1.) Portal 2 Pony Spheres
    2.) Doctor Whooves - Season 6 Trailer
    3.) Pony Trailer: Terminator 2 (Sweetie Belle)

  • BGM Compilation #4

    We haven't had a BGM post in forever, but this stuff is always really impressive when it's focused on.  Senn555 has released a few new ones on his Youtube page, check them out below!  He also gave us a bit of copy paste for those that are fans of this stuff. 

    Parasprite Infestation
    Belching Contest
    Lava Cannonball / One Tough Little Dragon
    Wedding Rehearsal / B.B.B.F.F. (Reprise) / Sorry Doesn't Cut It

    Copy Paste:
    Hi all,

    I've created new Facebook and Twitter pages representing MLP:FiM Background Music - the rips that I and others make to share on YouTube, as well as related news on the score composed by William Anderson & Kristopher Gee and the songs by Daniel Ingram.

    MLP:FiM BGM is currently representing InfinityDash, MrNewbyNewb (aka JunkiesNewb), Wingbeat Pony, and myself. If you are a BGM ripper and you'd like us to post your new rips on your behalf, feel free to send me a private message on our Facebook page or on YouTube.

    However, we need some "likes" and/or follows on our pages first! Come join us here:

    Feel free to ask if you have questions.


  • Top Ten Brony Songs of July

    Luna needs some music for her 3DS, and she wants YOU to help her decide what to add to it.  What better way to do that than a community vote?   Now get on it!  Video is after the break for rules.

    Feel free to toss your nominations into the comments section too!

  • G4TV Attack of the Show spot on Bronycon (updated)

    As mentioned before, G4TV's Attack of the Show had a live interview with Zephyr Sparkle, who is Vice Con Chair for Bronycon. And since Seth is stuck somewhere in the midwest without access to this wonderful invention called internet, I figured you would want to see the clip! Check it out after the break.

  • Vocal Music: Fire Fire Fire! (Smile Smile Smile! Parody) / Blueblood's Lament / Blank Flank

    Time for some vocal! We have a parody track, some Blueblood being sad, and an acoustic Apple bloom song.  Check them out below!

    1.) Fire Fire Fire! (Smile Smile Smile! Parody)
    2.) Blueblood's Lament
    3.) Blank Flank

  • Discussion: Create Your Own Mane 6

    We love our mane 6 ponies.  Their personalities work well in unison and the show is filled with friendship because of it!

    We have fake virtual Hasbro here though, and love to spice things up! You have been given the task of creating a side series dedicated to a new set of six ponies.  They must fall into the current Friendship is Magic world (No crossovers) but do not have to follow fandom personality types completely (though it would be preferred)

    So which six ponies do you choose?  Our stock of backgrounders is pretty massive.  What kind of personalities do each of them have, and how do they relate to one another?

    Hard mode: No Friendship

    Question by N.1.S.
  • Instrumental Music: Thy grace, Queen Chrysalis / Silverstar / Paint the Sky

    We have some instrumental tracks this time around.  Genres can be found next to their respective songs!

    1.) DasDeer - Thy grace, Queen Chrysalis (Orchestral/War)
    2.) Silverstar (Jazz/Rock)
    3.) Paint The Sky - TheMalenEst (Progress/House)

  • Wallpaper Compilation #59

    This time around, we start with an actually useful wallpaper.  Sort your stuff wherever you please! Assuming you still use icons.

    Have some stuff!

  • BronyCon Featured on Attack of The Show Tonight!

    A brony from G4 sent us a heads up on a planned segment dedicated to Bronycon tonight on G4TV at 7:00 PM ET.  Zephyr Sparkle (Vice Con Chair at Bronycon) will be joining in as a live guest to answer questions from the Attack of the Show hosts, as well as give his two cents on what exactly goes into helping run a 4000 person strong convention.


    The show will be sending out a Twitter question for you all to answer. The best tweet will be read live on the show and that person will win the Comic-Con Exclusive Derpy figure from Hasbro! Head on over here if you want a shot at it!
  • Music Remix: Friendship is Witchcraft: Gypsy Bard (Cover) - Coconeru / Equestria Girls (Fire of Friendship Remix) / Icky (ft. DJ Shamrock) - Spin That Record Again

    Remixes everywherrre.  We already have one for Friendship is Witchcraft's new song, a blast from the past with Equestria girls, and we finish with another Spin that Record.

    1.) Friendship is Witchcraft: Gypsy Bard (Cover) - Coconeru
    2.) Equestria Girls (Fire of Friendship Remix)
    3.) [Legends of Equestria Soundtrack] Icky (ft. DJ Shamrock) - Spin That Record Again

  • Backsides To Background Pony Cards

    A bunch of people have been requesting the backs of these cards, primarily due to the awesome background ponyness.  I personally really like that Scratch/Octavia description, with a preference toward BITTER RIVALS.

    Thanks to Maggie for the images!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #491

    I like this warrior Apple Bloom thing.  We need more battle ponies!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Associated Press Bronycon Video

    Pinkie butter party time

    We have another piece of news from Associated Press.  Aside from the crazy costumes, including horse head, skintight body suits, it's a relatively neutral look at the convention.  We also need more Nasa employees in the fandom.  In fact, the next one should be all Nasa employees. 
  • Morning Roundup #365

    Screwball edition! We need more backstory for her in season 2!

    Have some nightly roundup stuff, including way too many podcasts.

    Also, grats to My Little Dashie from the MLD show for getting engaged! Hope they had some fun last night. 

  • Tabitha St. Germain Joins San Diego Comic Con

    Comic Con is sounding really amazing right about now.  Not only are we seeing all sorts of neat merchandise pop up, but Tabitha herself will be attending, and hanging out at the Hasbro booth.  This was recently confirmed over on her website

    Technically this is the first convention now with access to her.  Hopefully she is ready for the swarm!  Back when they announced her at Everfree Northwest, they sold out an hour later.

     Thanks to Chris for the heads up!
  • Bronycon 2012: John de Lancie Q&A

    John De Lancie doesn't need an interviewer.  He does it himself, and really well at that!  After the break, you will find the full 47 minute recording in actual camera quality!  Now go check it out!

  • Story Updates July 1st (Evening)

    Story updatin time! Yarrr

  • Bronycon 2012: Bronypalooza

    Bronypalooza was essentially a gigantic after-party on night one.  This specific video is a whopping 1 hour and 48 minutes long! If you want to see people dancing and being all around crazy, and the musicians dominating the stage, this is the one to check out. It is still EFR Livestream quality though, but hopefully some higher quality ones will show up soon! Considering this took 19 hours to upload, it might be a while.