• Amy Keating Rogers Reveals Cut Material

    Earlier this month Amy Keating Rogers, one of the writers for MLP:FiM, released a small batch of information on cut material from some of the episodes. Apparently AJ had more of a part in the MMMystery Express and some songs were cut from The Best Night ever! The information is a little old, but for those of who have not had the chance yet to see them, well, take a gander after the break!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for sending this in.

    Click the images for the original source.

  • PMV/YRPMV: Shocking Pink / FlutterPie is Blue

    Got two clever little PMVs for you guys tonight! First up is a nice little PMV starring everyone's favorite party pony while the second is a clever little rendition of Blue from Eiffel 65 with a distinct Pinkie Pie flair.

    Check them out after the break!

    1.) Shocking Pink
    2.) FlutterPie is Blue

  • The Red Giant AKA the Sonic Roadboom AKA GIANT PONY TRUCK Invading Bronycon!

    We have invaded every single corner of the internet at this point. You can't go to a forum without seeing at least one person with a pony avatar. Travel around the mall though, and you won't see a whole lot of pastel equines walking around.  It's pretty rare to see someone sporting even a pony shirt!

    So how do we bring ponies to the real world?  With the magic of GIGANTIC ROLLING LED SCREENS.   The Big Red Truck will be invading bronycon and the USA sporting EQD logos, Ponies, and all sorts of other brony related crazyness. 

    If you are curious about the actual truck, head on over to their Facebook page here, or to participate in the event, check out their main page here!

    They released a video showing off what the truck is capable of.  You can find that one after the break!

  • Fighting is Magic Playable at Canterlot Gardens + Pon-e3 and Evo

    It looks like they are finally ready to let the masses test out Fighting is Magic! At the upcoming Canterlot Gardens convention in September, a hands on demo will be available for all you crazy fighting game lovers to bombard each other with party balloons, book lasers, and floating death beads.  On top of that, they are holding a full on tournament for the game.  It sounds like it's getting really close to release! I can't wait!

    Update: They just dropped yet another bit of information.  It looks like they will actually be showing at the fight game fighting game convention/tournament, Evo.  That is straight up amazing.  

    Update 2:  And a quick clarification - Pon-e3 is an online streamed convention, so everyone can join!

    Head on over to this page for the full FAQ and press release on it.
  • Canterlot Garden Announces Meghan McCarthy

    It looks like we have yet another guest announcement, this time dedicated to Canterlot Gardens! Meghan McCarthy is becoming the next Tara Strong with all these appearances! Check it out after the break.

  • More Toywiz 3-Pack Sets Available for Pre-Order

    Toywiz has been posting pre-orders like crazy lately! Tonight they have posted three of the 3-pack pony sets for pre-order on the site which you can see above. Looks like they have quite a diverse set available for sale which you can find altogether on this page here.

    I can't believe the show accurate toys are just around the corner. You know what to do guys, time to show some support for such great looking toys!
  • Pony Trading Cards: Sneak Peek Day #7 - The Apple Family

    Enterplay does not do things by halves. When they say the Apple Family, they mean the Apple Family, if you catch my drift. Stay away from Barn #6, if y'all know what's good for you. As we can see in this card, perfectly capturing Applejack and Twilight's first ever Ultimate Staring Contest, sometimes a card just comes together. Check out what our man on the inside has to say about it:

    "'Apple Fritter, Apple Bumpkin, Red Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apples, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Brioche, Apple Cinnamon Crisp, Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith. Up’n’at’em, Granny, we got guests!' ... A couple of the cards just wrote themselves!"

    I'm not sure I'm prepared for the brave new future of self-writing cards, but I can't wait to see what the rest of these look like, already. Get in my binder, darn you!
  • My Little Pony Collector's Series Available for PreOrder on Toywiz + Blindbag Set 2 Singles

    Hey, remember these things? With the super awesome Vinyl Scratch and Nightmare Moon figures? Well, they're available for pre-order after months and months of waiting.

    They'll ship in August, but I don't see any reason why we shouldn't go crash their servers with orders right this very moment. What are you waiting for? You could have clicked that a dozen times over by now. Get going, and secure your own set right now. If the wedding Lyra is anything to go by, this is going to be something they'll have tremendous difficulty keeping in stock.

    They also have the Blindbag set 2 ponies for purchase.  Find those here!

    Go forth, my loyal minions. Go forth and purchase!
  • Galacon Announces Julia Meynen (German Twilight Sparkle) and Anneli Heed (Sweedish Spitfire)

    Remember a few months ago when the first signs of the Swedish Spitfire popped up?  Yeah, she is amazing.  It looks like Galacon has recruited her to speak at their upcoming Stuttgart pony event!   And on top of that, they picked up Julia Meynen, the voice behind the German Twilight Sparkle.  It's time for you european bronies to get some acting love!

    Check out their press release after the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #487

    Luna jumping out of a tower edition, because I still can't wait to see that animation completed.  

    We have a shorter one for you all today!  I'll try to find time to make a longer one tomorrow.  Have some art! 

    Source 1
  • Random Merch: Shirts Sales, Hair Clips, Underpants, and More!

    We have a whole pile of merch this time around, because you guys just love random merch stuff! 

    First off is yet another birthday card, this one has the added bonus of talking though.  I wonder what the voice is like?  Hopefully they got the real Pinkie Pie on board.  If that Tara Strong interview from the other day was accurate, they probably hired someone else to do it.   Thanks to Chase for the submit!

    Check out a whole pile of more stuff after the break!
  • Flash: Meanwhile at the ___ Base

    A new meme has spawned out of the bowels od Deviant Art, putting each pony into the position of DJ and playing dubstep in the background1 So far there are a ton of them, so have a list!

    Derpy and Vinyl Scratch
    Bat Ponies
    Trixie and Ursa Minor
    Pinkie and Derpy
    Celestia and Twilight in 3D 
    Twi and Rainbow Dash 
  • Story: A Teacher With No Class (Update Sequel 2 Part 25!)


    Author: Kavonde
    Description: A special guest speaker arrives in Ponyville to teach Cheerilee's class about the inner workings of Equestria's government. And, well... it's Prince Blueblood.
    A Teacher With No Class

    The Strange Destiny of Prince Blueblood (Sequel)

    The Prince of Ponyville (Sequel 2) (New Part 25!)

    Additional Tags: The Adventures of Prince Blueblood
  • Instrumental Music: Twilight's New Stockings / Dodge Junction / Radiarc - Canterlot at Night

    Instrumental time! Electronic and classical abound!

    1.) TeiThePony - Twilight's New Stockings (Splicing)
    2.) Dodge Junction (Acoustic/Western)
    3.) Radiarc - Canterlot at Night (Piano)

  • PMV: Ring-a-Ding Baby!

    I have to admit, ever since finishing Fallout 3 all those years back, I have a soft spot for the old 1950's swing music.  And now they combined it with electronic stuff! I'm in heaven.

    Also this PMV is really cool.  Check it out below! 


    The next installment of the .MOV series has been released, this time dedicated to Pinkie Pie.  As always, its filled with all sorts of NSFW, so avoid it like the plague if you are easily offended.  Fans of Ren and Stimpy might find something to enjoy though!  Just don't take it seriously guys! (and don't send me angry emails).

  • Game: Pegadrome

    I heard you guys liked online multiplayer! I think this is the first pony game that has actually been released with such functionality.  Choose a friend and battle it out as Spitfire Vs. Rainbow Dash.

    The code system is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.  Just have one person create a game and send their code to a second player who inputs it in the slot right after clicking play.

    Now head over here and do it!

    And drop your codes in the comments! They don't last long.  
  • Story Updates June 26th (Morning)

    We have five stories tonight for you all! Check them out below.