• Game: UFO Repel with ponies / Pinkie's Perilous Platforms Trailer

    Aliens are attacking Ponyville, and it's up to you to save the inhabitants!  This is a pretty simple shooter style game, fun for a few runs or so! Click the image to play it.

    And in the second spot, we have a trailer for the upcoming Pinkie Pie's Perilous Platforms game.  Check that out below!

  • Mix of Music: Still Shy VIP (Silva Hound Remix) / The Ultimate Pie Bomb! / Derpy's Bubble Balloon

    Lots of music coming in lately! We have a mix of stuff this time around. First off is new rendition of still shy, followed by Pinkie Pie being spliced to ridiculousness, and finally a Derpy 8bit instrumental song. Check them out below.

    1.) ArtAttack ft. Metajoker - Still Shy VIP (Silva Hound Remix)
    2.) The Ultimate Pie Bomb! (Splicing)
    3.) Seventh Element - Derpy's Bubble Balloon

  • Instrumental / Remix Music: Twilight Sparkle feat. Dusk Shine - Magic / Sunset Flight / Lunas Tranquil Night

    That first one is straight up awesome! All sorts of songs remixed together into one really neat electronic track. 

    And just in case that wasn't enough, have some trance and orchestral to finish you off.

    1.) Twilight Sparkle feat. Dusk Shine - Magic
    2.) Nicolas Dominique - Sunset Flight (Trance)
    3.) Lunas Tranquil Night (Orechestral)

  • Mane 6 Bite Sized Update - Rarity Edition

    I was going to make Cereal post this one, but he is at work! Sadly I'm not as good at talking up Rarity as he is, but I do really like her mane!   This time around, they have detailed all sorts of things about ponyvilles number one tailor, with a whole pile of concept art and a look into the Carousel Boutique stage.  

    Head on over to the Mane6 website to check it out!
  • Phoe Plays Legend of Zelda: A Derp to the Past

    Remember awhile back when we mentioned a new mod was out for Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that replaced Link with Derpy? Well, our resident gamer pony Phoe has taken up her sword and shield and dived right in, recording the experience for you all in her own pony based Let's Play!

    For those of you who are interested in seeing how the mod works or have never seen or played Link to the Past (Shame!), I recommend getting some snacks and joining Phoe on her adventure with Derpy as they try to save Hyrule together!

    You can find Phoe's Let's Play here and more information on the Derpy mod here. She hopes to update frequently so keep checking her channel for more!
  • Story: Equestria's Secret Service (Update Part 10!)


    Author: Edward J. Night
    Description: Peace reigns in Equestria in a glorious tone that rings throughout the land. Surrounding it are rival nations, each embroiled in their own bitter struggles, each looking upon the home of ponies with envious eyes. When all around them are corrupted by greed, selfishness, and bitterness, how does this nation remain free of war?

    Equestria's Secret Service is an organization hidden from the public eye. These brave ponies are unknown to the populace, and their brave deeds are ever unsung. In a world brimming with cold anger, hate, and violence, they move to prevent conflicts before they ever happen.

    For peace. For Celestia.

    For the good of Equestria.
    Equestria's Secret Service (Update Part 10!)

    Equestria's Secret Service (Alt)

    Additional Tags: Conspiracy, treason, and gratuitous pegasus
  • Ponies Playing with Pony Toys: Drawing Contest!

    We haven't run a big event here on EQD in a while!  It's time to get one going before Bronycon, and we have some awesome rewards for the top five.  Our friends over at Toywiz have offered to donate a box of blindbags and a box of playing cards to split amongst the winners.   It's pretty awesome when actual toy companies start noticing this crazy brony thing isn't it?  Usually they're the ones that enforce that pink aisle rule!

    So what exactly do you need to do this time around?   I figured, if we are going to be giving out toys and cards, we might as well have ponies playing with said toys and cards!

    What do I need to do?

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take a character from the show and draw them using some form of Friendship is Magic merch.  How you choose to interpret that is up to you!   Maybe Rainbow Dash got hold of a Daring Do plushie? Or Fluttershy decked herself out in a full suit of My Little Pony gear, sweater and socks included?  You decide! Creativity will be one of our top priorities.

    How to Enter/Specific Rules:
    • All submissions should be sent to Submit@equestriadaily.com with CONTEST as the email subject. Include the image + a source link or name you want to go by If it does not follow this format it will probably get lost or sent to the moon! 
    • No Gore
    • No Clop
    What do I win?

    Toywiz has generously donated a whole bunch of blindbags and card packs.  Four lucky first place winners will receive 6 blind bags and 6 booster packs each.  And since it's always near impossible to choose just four, we are giving a 5th place runner-up slot the remaining 6 boosters.

    The top 30 will also be compiled into a drawfriend style post.  

    What is the deadline?

    With Bronycon right around the corner, we wanted to end this one on Thursday at 1:00 AM PST. Due to time constraints, we will probably not be able to extend it further than this, so get those drawings in before it's over!

    And for those lacking in the art area, Toywiz still has pre-orders available on all of the up and coming pony stuff.  Check them out!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #486

    Too bad I can't make bed head look good. I swear each morning when I look in the mirror it screams until I get everything combed down.

    Anyway, have some art!

    Source 1

  • Vocal Music: Doodle / Normal / Rainbow Escape

    It's time for some vocals, two rap and one parody! We have a new song from Living Tombstone collaborating with Temporal Walker, followed by everyone's favorite 14/13 year old (I always forget), and finally a parody of that one Sonic the Hedgehog song that got stuck in my head for 2 weeks straight when I played that recent one. Check them out below!

    1.) Temporal Walker & The Living Tombstone - Doodle
    2.) TheDumplingz - Normal
    3.) Rainbow Escape

  • Comic: Pinkie Pie vs the Wopa / Queen Crysalis, Broken Record / Future Fashion Tips

    We have Pinkie Pie doing technology, Chrysalis being cute, and whole bunch of awesome Rarity designs.  Seriously that last comic is worth checking out for the costumes alone. 

  • Pony Trading Cards: Sneak Peek #5

    We have another "Moments of Friendship" card this time around.  It looks like they are including songs in this category.  Sweetie Belle showed off her crazy singing voice for the first time in this one, and then it was remixed like crazy.   Hopefully we see more of her in season three!
  • Vocal Musician Spotlight: M_Pallante

    So last night I was digging through the music folder as always, sorting things for review and prepping posts for the next day, when I ran into an email filled with four separate tracks.  Now usually, when I get an email filled with four separate tracks, it was someone bored one afternoon busting out songs on his ipad and putting Vinyl Scratch on top.

    Not this time though!

    M_Pallante came out of nowhere with four really well done vocal tracks, each dedicated to a different pony.  It looks like we have a new kid on the block!

    We have two fast rock style songs with Rainbow Dash and Nightmare Moon, a sad Pinkie Pie piano piece, and a completely unique low-key Fluttershy song. I'd recommend starting with Dash, Checking out Pinkie Pie, then ending the initial trio with the Nightmare Moon. Fluttershy is a bonus if you need a break! She's a bit hard to hear.

    I think the best thing to compare all of these too (As pointed out by one of the EQD music reviewers) would be 80's rock, though they vary between sections. 

    Anyway, check all of them out after the break, or just hit his channel up here

  • Story: The Knight's Gambit

    [Normal-Slice of Life]

    Author: Obselescence
    Description: As day comes to a close and night starts to fall, two sisters decide to play a game.
    The Knight's Gambit

    Additional Tags: The Two Princesses Play Chess
  • Story Updates June 24th (Morning)

    Lots of story updates tonight, because you all need to read things.  Now go do that.

  • Story: Mixing Relationships (Update Part 12+Epilogue!)

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life] [Comedy]

    Author: Aryn240
    Description: When Octavia and Vinyl Scratch decide to combine their respective musical styles into a new genre that will celebrate not only their talent, but also their unique bond, they feel confident that they're the pioneers of the new age. So when the two find their music challenged by another pair of musicians, they set out to make sure that theirs is the best. However, the rival two aren't bad artists themselves, not to mention they’re certainly not… of the same persuasion as Vinyl and Tavi. In the snow-wrapped streets of Manehattan, can they risk exposing their new found -and still taboo- relationship, or will they be doomed to second place?
    Mixing Relationships Part 1
    Mixing Relationships Part 2
    Mixing Relationships Part 3
    Mixing Relationships Part 4
    Mixing Relationships Part 5
    Mixing Relationships Part 6
    Mixing Relationships Part 7
    Mixing Relationships Part 8
    Mixing Relationships Part 9
    Mixing Relationships Part 10
    Mixing Relationships Part 11
    Mixing Relationships Part 12 (New!)

    Mixing Relationships (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: Recording, Banter, Rivalry, Shenanigans, Medium-Long
  • Nightly Roundup #359

    We have never had a Philomena roundup, so lets do it for once!

    And the new EQD Celebration banner from Maddermike on Deviant Art! It's surprisingly accurate... I wonder if hes sneaking into our Skype chats.