• NIghtly Roundup #343

    Adult Diamond Tiara Screwball edition! Compare to Adult Scootaloo edition.

    Fixed by Seth edition too. Blog intern PK has been re-locked up in his closet.   
  • Games: Pipsqueak's Thunder Plunder

    We have two games for you all to dig into this time around.  First off is a game based off of Interrobang Pie's Pipsuqeak's Thunder.  It's a simple platformer with EVIL canon balls that come out of nowhere and drive me crazy. 

    Anyway, go play it here!
  • Instrumental Music: On the Equestrian sea / Bass Muffin / Cutie Pox Problem / Antipodes Soundtrack: 2-6

    Pirates! Dubstep! Fanfiction music! We have all sorts of instrumental stuff for you guys tonight.  Check them out below!

    1.) DasDeer - On the Equestrian sea (Pirates!)
    2.) Pinkie Cake - Bass Muffin (feat. Derpy Hooves) (Dubstep)
    3.) Cutie Pox Problem ~ Nix_Spark
    4.) Antipodes Soundtrack: 2-6 (Orchestral/Piano/Fanfic Related)

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Dan V.S. FiM

    I've been meaning to spotlight this one for a while, but never got around to it! Way back in early December, graphic artist Mixermike622 started up a crossover pony tumblr based around another hub cartoon that many of you have probably seen by now. Dan Vs. follows the life of an angry guy named Dan, who hates just about everyone and thinks everyone hates him.

    The actual tumblr explores his exploits in Ponyville, interacting with the mane cast and various other ponies in ways only someone of Dan's level of insanity possibly can. The creator also does an amazing job of filling the role of Dan, and barely ever drops character.

    Unfortunately, due to computer trouble, he was unable to update for quite a while, he even gave up at one point.  Fortunately for you, the archives are chock full of awesomeness, and the video above was released just yesterday, so even if he doesn't continue it, there is still a ton of content from the last half a year to dig through.

    Anyway, check the blog out here, and the archive here if you need to catch up! 

  • More From Everfree Northwest:: Sponsor Memberships Announced

    It's an Everfree double whammy. If all of the tasty delicious guest announcements have appropriately whet your whistles, then there's something here that may interest you.

    A Sponsor Membership is a new level of registration with a lot of bonus perks to go along with the deal. Even if you've already purchased a badge, you'll be able to upgrade for the difference in cost. If you happen to have a few extra bits squirreled away or are just that excited about the highlight of all of our Augusts, then check below the break for a little more information!

    Exeunt, stage Phoe.

  • Everfree Northwest Announces: Cutie Mark Crusaders Convention Guests, Yay!

    And then there were three. Everfree Northwest is announcing a trifecta of little pony guests: two best friends to go along with the previously announced Michelle Creber. Claire Corlett and Madeliene Peters have just been announced, bringing Sweetie "Best CMC" Belle and Scootaloo to the festivities for all of your viewing pleasure.

    It feels impossible that this convention could get anymore awesome, and yet it keeps doing it. Coming soon: a cure for the common cold! Press release after the break

  • John de Lancie Joins BUCK and Documentary for Galacon + Drawing Contest Reminder

    World Domination at 50%
    It looks like John de Lancie's bronycon documentay has been signed up for all those crazy European conventions that are planned for later in the year.  Both BUCK and Galacon have announced their attendance!  With the goal of $270,000 being hit on the Bronycon documentary, things like this have become a reality!

    And for those that haven't been following their updates at all, there is currently an art contest going down.  They need a limited edition 8x10 art print, and you guys are the ones that need to draw it! The winer gets a whopping 500 bucks in prize money, and right now there are only 117 entries in the pool. Those are pretty good odds for such a huge reward! Head on over to this page to enter!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #470

    We haven't had a creepy header in a while, and I'm tired of waiting for Halloween, so have one!  Mannequins are always a little creepy.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Cowbell Party: The Greatest Album of All Time

    Remember that Balloon Party thing from a few days ago?  Did you feel like it was... missing something?   I know I did.  Clearly this needed to be fixed.

    Introducing Cowbell Party, the ultimate successor to Balloon Party, filled to the brim with the sweet sound of everyone's favorite instrument. 

    One fine example of it's greatness can be found after the break! Or you can just go listen to/buy the album here! (Woops)

    (Our music community is best community)

  • Sneak Peek at the Friendship is Magic Trading Cards from Enterplay

    Our new friends over at Enterplay have sent over a whole bunch of information about the upcoming Friendship is Magic trading cards.  It sounds like they have some great stuff set up for the brony community specifically. They actually brought a few people from the fandom on board to help design the cards, so expect a whole bunch of neat little shoutouts to be hidden within!

    Each booster pack will include 4 trading cards (One of which will always be a location, and another a sweepstakes card-info on that below), 1 foil/standee, and a pony tattoo to stick on wherever you damn well please. 

    And for those looking to complete the entire set (shouldn't be too hard considering how much we love our meetups and conventions), there are 137 cards total, including:
    • 12 Tattoos (6 of which are cutie marks, guess which ponies those probably are!)
    • 9 Pop Up Standees (an example can be found here)
    • 84 Base Collectable Cards, these will include characters, locations and scenes from the show.
    • 32 foil cards
    On top of that, they also have four foil gold box toppers that come with the booster boxes, and a six part Discord puzzle set.  And as is the norm for collectable cards, various events will be receiving promos, including the upcoming Bronycon! 

    If you were reading closely up above, you may have noticed the "sweepstakes" card.  This is essentially an online code you input for a chance to win one of 500 autographed cards, or a straight up complete set. 

    We are already coordinating an interview with the three bronies who were chosen to help build the set, so expect us to pick their brains for a bit more in the coming weeks, and starting on the 19th, Enterplay will be sending over one card a day up until their pre-release at Bronycon.

    Remember back in the day, before Welovefine was swarmed with pony stuff, and before we were even a fingerprint on the Hasbro Merchandise radar? I'm glad we have grown to a point where we can actually influence stuff like this! 

    Look forward to a July release, with a pre-release at Bronycon on the 30th of June.  Each pack will retail for $1.99, with online pre-orders opening up soon.
  • Animation Analysis: Walk it Off

    Gbeaudette over on Youtube has released yet another in depth Friendship is Magic animation analysis, this time devoted specifically to making ponies walk, or an overall look at animated walking in general in this case.  Ponies also have really cute back legs.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Pony 3DS Covers, Stylus, and More!

    It looks like we did have a very small presence at this year's e3!  Game controller/peripheral company PDP has an entire section of pony stuff, from sytlus's to 3ds covers.  Sadly Joystiq doesn't have any specific information on the set, but hopefully more pops up soon!

    Anyway, check out the video here (:40 for the actual items).  Thanks to Jason for the heads up!
  • Story: In Another Castle

    [Normal] [Sad]

    Author: Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: After a hard day of work, the last thing Rarity wants to deal with is anything outside of her comfort zone. Today, that happens to be Spike.

    In Another Castle

    Additional Tags: Antishipping, friendzone, fandom commentary, deconstruction
  • Discussion: Different Types of Animation for FiM

    Click for Animation!
    This is a Gif that has been floating around for a while now.  It was going to be in the drawfriend post yesterday, but I figured it would be a fun conversation piece!

    So, what would you guys think if FiM was animated in this style? It's probably one of the few alternatives I've seen that I'd be perfectly ok with.

    If you could take these ponies and convert them into another cartoon's visual type, which one would it be?  Maybe you are an anime fan, or really dig Spongebob.  Toss your two cents in the comments below!
  • Trailers: My little Hellsing // The Pony Games Trailer // Twilight Sparkle and the Huntsman //

    I'm using this picture again because I love it.

    Got some more ponies where they shouldn't be this hour, only in trailer form this time! Check em out- the titles are pretty self-explanatory.

    1) My little Hellsing
    2) The Pony Games Trailer
    3) Twilight Sparkle and the Huntsman

  • Vocal/Remix Music: Rage Against The Moon / / Dragon's Love

    Luna rock music, Eurobeat Brony's This Day Aria, and Spike being ridiculous! It's Vocal/Remix time.

    1.) Rage Against The Moon
    2.) This Day Aria (Changeling Mix ft. Jessa)
    3.) Dragon's Love [Caine the Doombringer]

  • Story: The Mane Six Hijack a Tank


    Author: Sabre
    Description:  Our favorite galloping gals have a tank, and it's not the slow kind with a shell.
    What could possibly go wrong?

    The Mane Six Hijack a Tank

    Additional Tags: Fast, Funny, What a Twist!
  • Story Updates June 7th (Morning)

    Just three tonight! Check them out below.

  • Nightly Roundup #342

    The roundup is pretty massive tonight! Lots of ridiculous things, including Marshmallow ponies, floppy drive techno music, Japanese This Day Aria, Pony versions of High School pranks, and more!  If you usually skip them, check it out!  It's not even flooded by successful meetups for once. 

    Also Nox

  • Deadmau5 Apparently Joined the Pony Thing!

    Judging by how popular electronic music in this fandom, and the swarm of emails in my box, this needed to skip the roundup!

    It looks like electro house musician Deadmau5 donned a Fluttershy shirt at his recent Dublin concert.  Is it perhaps a sign of ponydom claiming yet another? Or maybe he did it for the lulz? Maybe someone mind controlled him beforehand? Regardless, this video doesn't lie!
  • Untitled

  • Madman Collector Box Now Includes Cards + Pony Toy

    It looks like Madman has made some improvements to their collectors box! They now include some pony cards and a free toy.  Now they just need to bring this thing to the USA!

    Check out their facebook page here!