• The Humble Brony Bundle takes the lead once again!

    For those following the all out war between Humble Brony Bundle, Notch, and new kid on the block Crashplan, it looks like we have finally come up ahead once again! The swarms of donations are completely dominating these guys. 

    If you would still like to contribute to secure out lead even more, head on over to the hub page!
  • Story: Words Failed Her


    Author: Nonsanity
    Description: In a world full of magic, words can carry viruses. When reading any correspondence or signpost could infect the unwary, and cases are already starting to turn up around Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle casts the one spell that can give her time: the Curse of Illiteracy. Now she has to figure out how to stop the epidemic... without being able to read.
    Words Failed Her

    Additional Tags: Twilight-focused episode about magic & words
  • Music Vocal/Remix: Breaking Bonds (ft. Mando, MHM, Lulz, George) / Dreams / MusicalPony - BBBFF Remix

    We have some awesome vocal stuff, Another one of those Quartet style songs this time focused on Twilight Sparkle, and finish off with more BBBFF

    1.) AcousticBrony and PrinceWhateverer - Breaking Bonds (ft. Mando, MHM, Lulz, George)
    2.) Dreams (BBBFF Remix)
    3.) MusicalPony - BBBFF Remix

  • Comic: Just Like Me Page / The Background Ponies Chronicles: The Everfree F / Great News

    We have a multi-part Discord comic (Find additional pages in the description), some background ponies, and Pinkie Pie being ridiculous. Click for full as always!

  • Story: A Package for Scootaloo

    [Normal] - Ignore the star rating

    Author: HiddenBrony
    Description: Scootaloo often goes down into the fields of Ponyville to watch the one and only Rainbow Dash defy physics and gravity with her dangerous stunts that wow even the most talented of pegasi. However, a chance encounter with Ponyville's mailmare leads Scootaloo to confront issues long held in her heart.
    A Package for Scootaloo

    Additional Tags: Scootaloo and Derpy. PANDER HARDER.
  • Animation: Twilight Sparkle and the BEES

    BEEEES! Almost as bad as SNAAAAAKES! Click it for the flash!
  • Story Updates June 5th (Evening)

    Did I ever mention how much I like SosweetnTasty's art? Cause its awesome.   They really need to update that blog though !

    You aren't here for art though, have some story updates. 

    Or if you are here for art, have some cover art. 

  • Instrumental Music: Twilight's Library / I Stand For The Herd / Pony Emblem: On the Field / Goddess of the Sun / United Harmony

    Instrumental Music time!  We have two video games tracks, some orchestral, and an electronic one to finish us off. Check them out below!

    1.) Twilight's Library (Books and Branches) (Video Game)
    2.) Meelz - I Stand For The Herd (Orchestral Rock)
    3.) Pony Emblem: On the Field (Video Game)
    4.) Goddess of the Sun (Orchestral)
    5.) United Harmony - CommandSpry (Soft Electronic)

  • Tara Strong Interviewed on Everfree Radio

    The community proclaimed "Queen of the Bronies" has done it once again! A full 44 minute interview is up on Everfree Radio, complete with crazy accents and all the other fun stuff our Twilightlicious overlord is known for.

    I'll shut up though and let you check it out! Find it after the break!

    And someone get her a Taralicious pony already.  Don't make me start a drawfriend :Taralicious edition just to get it! I'll do it! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #468

    We haven't had a Discord header in forever.  Clearly this needs to be fixed!

    Have some drawfriend stuff.

    Source 1
  • Story: One Small Step


    Author: Benman
    Description: A prequel to Luna Eclipsed. It seems like a dream come true when Lodestar finds herself working directly for Her Royal Highness Princess Luna, but she soon learns that a thousand years of exile have left Luna dangerously out of touch. This makes for a poor combination with Luna’s limitless power and terrible pride. Now Lodestar has to deal with both her own failings and Princess Luna’s disruptive struggles to find herself, not to mention the threat of being accidentally asphyxiated by a careless goddess.
    One Small Step

    Additional Tags: Mid-length, dramedy, lexicography, inebriety, sesguin
  • Comic: Epic Muffin / Why is she your friend / Fluttershy's Secret

    It's been awhile since we have had an epic comic, especially one starring Derpy as a complete badflank. Why is it when she goes into overdrive mode she becomes so totally awesome? Check out above to see what I mean.

    Yep, even more comics. Click for full!

  • BronyCon Charity Auction Release

    For all you charity lovers out there, and I know there are a ton, Bronycon has finalized their charity auction information.  Time to empty those pockets! check out their press release after the break!

  • Derpy Invades A Link to the Past

    Remember way back in the day when you picked up your first Zelda game? Remember wishing link was a pony instead? You might not, but you actually did. Pony was embedded in the back of your brain at birth.   Now all of your childhood dreams are about to come true! Introducing a new mod that makes Derpy the main character instead of that boring old elf-eared wannabe. Check out the video of it after the break!

    It looks like the rom hack is in the description now too! 
  • Story: Short Cakes

    [Normal-Slice of Life]

    Author: Cloud Wander
    Description: The world is a strange and wonderful place, particularly if you are a child of Ponyville. Pound and Pumpkin Cake explore their tiny corner of Equestria.
    Short Cakes

    Additional Tags: The Twins at six months.
  • Bronycon Documentary Interview Video With Mike and Laurent

    For those looking for some extra info about the Bronycon Documentary, two of the major players behind it, Micheal Brockhoff and Laurent Malaquais, recently popped up on Celestia Radio for a two hour long interview! Talk about extensive!

    Check it out after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #340

    Mmm, that cake looks absolutely wonderful! Wouldn't it be fun to party with the ponies for at least one awesome night?

    Calpain filling in for news tonight, fresh from defending and passing his thesis today. Lots of meetup and group stuff tonight so get in on that if you're looking for a place to join up.