• Tara Strong Invades Pound Puppies

    You know that show with those crazy dogs that always airs after Friendship is Magic? It looks like they recruited Tara Strong for the cast.  A recent clip over on Toonzone reveals her voice work on the small black and white dog in the screenshot above.  It's kind of weird hearing a super excited Twilight Sparkle speak from a dog! 

    Anyway, check it out here! (the second clip)
  • Cathy Weseluck Invades Twitter

    The voice of both Spike and Mayor Mare has joined the Twitter MLP VA armada.  Her page is looking a little bare with just over 500 followers.  Clearly this needs some attention!

    Now go follow her
  • Design a Pony Contest - King Zebra Disqualified

    It looks like King Zebra went the way of the Dodo.  I am completely 100% O.K. with this.  Meet Cocoa Steam, the new addition to the 10 ten pony family over at the Design a Pony contest on the My Little Pony Facebook page. We need more ponies with pigtails. 

    I'm still rooting for Sugar Sprinkles though.  It's doughnut day.  
  • Welovefine Facebook Pony Poll

    It looks like Welovefine has tossed a best pony poll up for you all to invade with your ridiculous idea of best pony.  Clearly they are all best pony! (Minus Silver Spoon of course, unless Rainbow draws her). 

    Check it out here!
  • John de Lancie at the Dallas Comic Con Interview

    John de Lancie sure is popping up everywhere lately! Once again, someone has cornered (Literally) him at a convention and asked him all sorts of questions about Star Trek, Ponies, and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out after the break!

  • Story: Ponyville 911 (Update Part 8!)

    [Adventure] [Comedy]

    Author: MisterMoniker
    Description: Every department has them. The standouts. The supercops. The other guys. And for some reason, there's always one or two loose-cannon cops who absolutely refuse to play by the rules.

    These are the reports of two such officers in the Ponyville Police Department, Officer Cherry n' Berries and Officer Dodge Charger. Two officers that seem as determined to uphold law and order in town as they are to rip the place to shreds, upholding the hell out of law and order in town.
    Ponyville 911 (New Part 9!)

    Additional Tags: Hot-blooded, Police, Really Wild Things
  • Music: CopyCat - Sharing Is Caring // This Day Aria + Reprise // Budding Friendships //

    So how far did you go for shelter?
    How long did it take you to find-
    a place to sell your providence-
    and to pawn your peace of mind?

    Regular music post time! Two remixes and an instrumental this hour: Sharing is Caring, This Day Aria, and something from the upcoming game Budding Friendships.

    1) CopyCat - Sharing Is Caring (Pinkie Pie's Special Mix)
    2) Laservega - This Day Aria + Reprise (space disco remix)
    3) Budding Friendships - Minigame

  • BronyCon Miscellaneous Announcements

    We have a few items of note from the Bronycon staff! They're accepting advertisements for the con booklet, there's been a few schedule changes, and they're looking for miscellaneous volunteers for helping with various things throughout the day. Read: you could get into the con for free for eight hours of work!

    You can find all the details for each of these things after the break!

  • Vocal Rock Music: Passing By / My Sister And Me / Caramel's Light

    It's not often we get three rock tracks in a row! I for one welcome out new vocal overlords. All three of them are awesome.

    Now go listen!

    1.) Peak Freak - Passing By
    2.) MLP: My Sister And Me
    3.) Meelz - Caramel's Light

  • Eurobeat Brony and The Living Tombstone Bring First Brony Song to Rock Band

    Harmonix (the creators of Rock Band) have long had a system called the Rock Band Network where bands could chart their own songs and submit them for inclusion in the Network. Players could then grab the tracks and play them locally, supporting the musicians in the process.

    I'm happy to report that "Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix)" by Eurobeat Brony has made it onto said network! This marks the first time that a pony song remix has made it onto a major game and it's pretty freakin' sweet. If I could still play Rock Band to save my life, I'd pick this up. You should do it for me.

    You can find the press release here, and a video preview of the tracks below the break.

  • Blast from the Past #5: Fanfic Edition

    You asked for them, so here they are! Thanks to the efforts of our wonderful pre-readers, I welcome you to the first fanfic edition of Blast from the Past. So go get a snack, get your reading glasses, queue up some music and relax this weekend with some pony classics!

    If you have any suggestions for a classic piece of fan fiction, send them to calpaina@gmail.com and I'll make sure our pre-readers review your suggestion.

    First Story: Bubbles
    Now I haven't read a lot of fan fiction, but I've certainly heard of Bubbles. Released in March 2011 the story became a classic for developing a heartfelt and very emotional origin story for our favorite little mail mare. If you're in the mood for an emotional story, check it out below!


  • Firefox Joins the Herd

    It looks like our bros over at Firefox have jumped on the pony bandwagon.  Their facebook wall was updated with this awesome pony right here an hour ago.  This is an OC pony with a fire mane I can totally back!

    Even if she would burn me.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #464

    I could see this one at one of those art history museums. 

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Random Merch: Wall Stickers, Toothpaste, Bracelets

    Time for more of that random merch!  Your world will be completely covered in pony soon.

    First off, we have some wall stickers found at a Home Depot style store called Leroy Merlin in Poland.  Each is about 40cm long according to Acid Rainbow who submitted them.  The vectors are your typical ones they ahve been using for months, but hell, being generic doesn't mean you can't cover your walls in them!  More can be found after the break.

    And for all of you clean teeth enthusiasts, Purple Tinker discovered this one dollar Pinkie Pie toothpaste/brush travel kit.  We have had pony toothpaste in the past, but I don't think we have posted this one before.  It looks like it goes for a whopping 1 buck, which screams clearance to me.

    And over at H&M, a few people sent in this charm bracelet with various pony pictures.  Apparently this one has been available for a while now.  I probably wouldn't wear it, but i'm sure some of you would.  Thanks to Acid Rainbow and Katai for that one.

    And finally, Hot Topic has started carrying a Derpy shirt.  I guess they figured out which pony sells the best? She's usually the top of Welovefine's best seller area. Thanks to Ginger Snap for that one. 

    That about covers it! If you find weird pony merch, sent it on over to submit@equestriadaily.com!

    (More Wall stickers after the break!)

  • Comic: Sweet Obsession Continued / The Mare in the Mirror / Fanmail

    The saga of filly Twilight as she seeks sugary snacks continues above as Solar Slash gives us another dose of cute. Part 1 of the comic was posted here.

    Comic time once again everyone! Click for full view.

  • Music: Across Equestria (Across the Universe) // World Without Rainbows // Mare With The Books (Fool on the Hill)

    Give me the wheel,
    so we can move a little faster.
    I make it real,
    I'm not a glorious disaster.

    Are you ready for some vocal tracks? Celestia sure is. Or something. This hour we have some Beatlebrony, some original pony metal, and Twilight Sparkle loving books! And you know how much I love metal.

    1) Across Equestria (Across the Universe)
    2) World Without Rainbows ORIGINAL PONY METAL
    3.) Mare With The Books (Fool on the Hill)

  • Music: Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading // Pinkie Pie Propaganda // What is This Place (ER|C remix) //

    All it takes is a main attraction-
    Scattered bones underneath the fashion.
    Lower life on a higher plain.
    That's what you want!
    That's what they're givin' away!

    Remixes, and some more remixes. This hour we have the cutie mark crusaders, the Pinkie Pie, and a remix of a Tap song!

    1) Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading - Blues Arrangement
    2) Pinkie Pie Propaganda
    3) What is This Place- Taps (ER|C remix)

  • Story Updates June 1st (Morning)

    Story update time!  We have 6 this time around.  Check them out below.