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    Yep.. need that season 3 already.
  • Music: Octavia's Day Off // Chaos Arranged // Clap Your Hooves (And Do A Little Shake!) // General Mumble - Pony Holiday //

    Death survivor- take me higher!
    Reunite my soul!
    Whisperer of truth- I trust in you
    to make me whole!

    Time for an old-fashioned music post- two instrumentals and two remixes. This hour we have an Octavia, a final battle theme for Discord, a remix of Cadance and Twilight's rhyme, and a Mumble remix of Winter Wrap Up. Enjoy!

    1) Octavia's Day Off (25k view+100 sub special!)
    2) Radiarc - Chaos Arranged
    3) Silva Hound - Clap Your Hooves (And Do A Little Shake!)
    4) General Mumble - Pony Holiday (Winter Wrap Up remix)

  • Story: Beyond the Wall


    Author: Filler
    Description: Never enter the woods alone, for there are monsters there. They can look like anything, even another pony. And if you waver in Gaea's love, you will become one.

    Beyond the Wall

    Additional Tags: Dare to think, to act
  • Simple PMV: Everybody's Changing // Glad You Came // Equestrian National Anthem //

    Luna controls all the things. If those screens were green, I'd think that we were on the Nebuchadnezzar.

    Oh yeah, I'm back, by the way. I was actually mining/panning for gold in Colorado. Not Minecraft.

    Anyway, some simple PMVs for you this hour. Check em out after the break!

    1) [PMV] Everybody's Changing
    2) [PMV] Glad You Came
    3) Equestrian National Anthem (PMV 1080p)

  • Plushie Compilation #62

    Braeburn having some time to shine because I don't think he's ever had an edition before. Can't let him feel left out now can I?

    It's that time once again for some plushie madness! Check them all out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Peter New (Big Mac) Announced for Everfree Northwest

    "Hey, Big Macintosh. Got anything planned for the middle of August?"


    "Great! Think we'll see you at Everfree Northwest in Seaddle?"


    Please join us all in welcoming Peter New to our list of Featured Guests! Truly a man of many talents, Peter is an accomplished screenwriter who received the 2002 Leo Award for best screenplay for the Canadian comedy "Point Blank." Peter is a versatile actor, both inside and outside of the voice booth. In addition to the beloved Big Macintosh in My Little Pony, Peter lends his voice to several popular anime series, such as Hikaru no Go, Deathnote, and InuYasha. On the silver screen, Peter has had roles in such recent films as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon. 

    So come on down to Everfree Northwest, where a hardworking pony can put up his hooves and relax and have fun! Bring your very special somepony, but don't wait too long because space is limited and badges are going fast!
  • Equestria Daily Logo Contest Winners Announced + New Shirts in the EQD Store!

    The logo contest has come to a close!   We had a few issues with the submission system, so only the first couple of days of voting went in.  Out of the top 10, these are the three we chose as winners! I have to say, I'm really impressed with what you guys came up with, and how many we received.  This community never ceases to amaze me.  Choosing just three was extremely difficult. 

    I bet you want the winners though!

    First off, we have the one found up above.  The new official logo for EQD was done by none other than LearlessFeader on Deviant Art.  everyone really loved that one!

    Kman-Studio over on Deviant Art created this awesome silhouette pony.  It sort of has a wild west vibe to it.   We figured this one would make a great shirt, so to the top three with it!

    Knighty from Fimfiction added this one to the mix.  The orange/blue color scheme is a nice combo, and the inner shadows give it an almost 3D look.  Very cool!

    Thanks again to everyone that entered! There were so many awesome submissions for it.  I'm glad you guys like us enough to go through the trouble of designing a logo!  It's something most of the EQD staffers have trouble with. 

    All of these designs have already been re-created as shirts.  You can find them and more over at our store page.  (Or click the store button at the top!).

    Once we get our image submitter going again, expect a lot more competitions over the summer.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #458

    Sonic BOOM.  I wonder if the citizens of Equestria ever get sick of that now that Rainbow Dash can do it at will anytime she damn well pleases? You know she shows it off every chance she gets.

    Have some art! 

    Source 1
  • Vocal Music: It's All Fanfic to Me - Caramel's Light

    If there is anything this fandom creates a ridiculous amount of, it's fanfiction.  We haven't had a song dedicated to it before though! If you are in the mood for some rock music, look no further than after the break!

    It looks like he has an album too with proceeds going toward getting him to Everfree Northwest.  Check that out here!

  • Comic: Love and Comfort / Shoo Be Derp / Do Ghosts Exist

    We all end up feeling homesick every once and awhile. Missing our parents, our old friends we've had to leave behind as we proceed into the future with our lives. But Spike teaches a wonderful lesson, that no matter what we leave behind your family and old friends will keep you in their hearts, and that new friends will always be there to stand by you.

    Comic time guys! Click for full as always.

  • Vocal Music: Trixie [Original by Forest Rain]

    Showmares! Rock Music! Vocals! Trixie! This song is definitely Great and Powerful tier.

    Obviously this means you should go listen to it, after the break of course.

    inb4biased (It's a good song!) 

  • White Celestia Invades Taobao

    It looks like White Celestia has been spotted over on Taobao by MrPony on MLP Arena.  One thing to note: These Toys R' Us toys are considered collectors items.  We do know we as a community played a pretty huge part in these things popping up, so I guess the label fits doesn't it? I wonder what they gave her for speaking lines?

    Now we just need the rest of the set to show up! I'm still going to invade the world with my glowy Zecora army.

  • Doctor Whooves Episode 2 Animated Trailer

    The first one was a huge hit, and I'm sure a good amount of you whoovians can't wait to see the next one. The team behind the Doctor Whooves animated show has released a trailer for their second installment. Check it out after the break!
  • Events Tonight - May 26th

    A couple of events are going on tonight for those looking to spend an hour or so on something to do.  Click after the break for both of them!
  • Story: Of Silk & Bone

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: SoundofRainfall
    Description: A princess and queen are both having trouble sleeping, and each finds their thoughts meandering to the other.

    Of Silk & Bone

    Additional Tags: Reflections, Assumptions, Differences, Fireworks, Needs
  • Comic: Rainbow's World / Double Date / Sibsy's Birthday Fanmail / Them's Fighting Words

    Comics sure can be confusing if you don't get the reference.  Luckily most of these avoid those subtle hints at something completely unrelated to ponies! Click for full as always.

  • Story: For the Love of Science


    Author: Cold in Gardez
    Description: Twilight has a date! Maybe. Her date doesn’t know it’s a date, which makes it more like half of a date.

    But before she can go on her date, she needs to retrieve her journal, which has become unstuck from time. Her journal, full of hopes and dreams and pleasures, none of which can ever be allowed to see the light of day.

    It’s a story of love, science and time travel, and the lengths one pony will go to for all three. Paradoxes be damned; Twilight has a date!

    For the Love of Science

    Additional Tags:
    Adorkable Twilight is Best Twilight
  • PMVs and Trailers: Take On Me / The Expendable Ponies 2 / The Great Pinkie

    Applejack demands more PMV's like the first one! Dat editing!

    We had a few trailers that have been sitting around for a while, so I'm adding them to this post as well.   Find it all after the break!

    1.) Take On Me
    2.) The Expendable Ponies 2 Trailer 2
    3.) The Great Pinkie

  • Story Updates May 26th (Morning)

    I can relate! Have some story updates.  Once again, we have seven.  That seems to happen a lot.

  • Nightly Roundup #330

    Oh CMC, why are you so cute? Keep trying and one day you'll find those Cutie Marks!

    Once again another late night edition with Calpain. Ready for the news my friends?