• Vocal Music: "Nightfall (Arc I, II, III)" - HeyLasFas / The Air Beneath My Hooves

    And all done by one person, in one song.That sounds like it took forever!

    We also have a vocal track to follow up on it for those that prefer the more electronic vybe.  Find both below.

    1.) "Nightfall (Arc I, II, III)" - HeyLasFas
    2.) The Air Beneath My Hooves (Original Song)

  • Final Call for Video Submissions for Thank You Ad

    Over at the Brony Thank You Project site, the reminder/last call for video submissions has been released.  If you wanted a chance at being included, check out the information below and follow the relevant links for assistance with it!

    Copy Paste:
    This is just a reminder that the deadline for submitting videos for possible use on the Thank You Ad is June 1st.  At this point, if you are planning to submit a video but haven't, we'd love a heads up so we know how many videos to expect in the next week, so please drop a note to submissions@bronythankyoufund.org.

    Also, if you would like to submit a video, but don't have the technical know-how or equipment, drop a line to the same address and we'll try to hook you up with someone in your area that can help.  If you live in New England, I can probably drop by myself.

    People we're especially looking for:

    Military bronies
    A parent and 6-13 year old brony pair

    You can get all the details on the submission process and a copy of the final script at: http://www.bronythankyoufund.org/?q=node/2
  • Story: To Make Old Friends (Update Part 8!)


    Author: Incidental Pegasus No. 5
    Description: It started out as an ordinary day for Fluttershy – waking up in her house in Cloudsdale and going to work managing the weather for Ponyville alongside her best friend Cloud Kicker. However, she finds herself troubled by feelings she can't explain, feelings that something serious is wrong. When she starts having visions of a strange life with strange ponies, she's determined to find them and find out what's going on. But how can such a timid pony convince others of what she isn't sure of herself?
    To Make Old Friends (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Weather Manager Fluttershy
  • Vocal Music: Lady Rarity / Seeking Applejack /Way - Blaze & Spoon


    Suddenly, Rarity is evil. She also demanded vocal songs OR ELSE.  We must comply.  Have some after the break.

    1.) Lady Rarity (feat. DJ Shamrock)
    2.) Seeking Applejack - Blaze
    3.) The Hard Way - Blaze & Spoon

  • Blast from the Past #3

    Greetings once again everyone! It's time once again for a Blast from the Past. As always, thank you all for sending in your suggestions. If you have any other pieces of pony history you'd like to see featured, send them my way at calpaina@gmail.com.

    First Video: My Little Pony Physics Presentation - Since I have a presentation I have to give myself tomorrow, I thought this classic pony presentation deserved to be spotlit again! While not the first ever pony presentation, it can arguably be said it was one of the best early pony presentations out there and certainly the first that went viral. First appearing back in May 2011, the video eventually spread across the net bringing in pony fans and non-pony fans alike. The Physics Presentation Brony saga culminated in a present from Hasbro themselves for the hard work on the presentation.

    Check out the rest of the vids and music I have for you after the break!

  • Andrea Libman Announced for Everfree Northwest!

    Looks like Andrea Libman (Voice of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) has been signed for Everfree Northwest!  These conventions just keep getting better and better!

    Have a press release:
    You know what this calls for? A party!

    Everfree Northwest is honored to add the wonderfully talented Andrea Libman to our list of featured guests. As you all know, Andrea provides the voices behind both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. In addition to her double roles in Friendship is Magic, Andrea has done voice work for shows including Care Bears, ReBoot, and Dragon Tales. She has also voiced numerous characters from dubs of popular Anime, such as Card Captors, Dragon Ball, and Darkstalkers.

    Andrea will be hanging out with us throughout the weekend, and we hope you will too! Badges are going fast, so hurry on over to everfreenw.com and register now before this event is sold out.

    Come on up to the Emerald City this summer, and join us all in saying "yay."


    [ Love the exclusive art for these EFNW announcements? They are all created by the lovely Cat! Go check out her other fantastic works: http://catwhitney.deviantart.com/ ]
    And the announcement from Sibsy:

  • (Official?) Spike Plushie Floating Around on Ebay

    It looks like  a bunch of eBay shops from the New York area have started carrying this Spike plushie, wearing an apron from the show (Found below).  I haven't had any luck finding an actual store that has these on sale, and some are even calling it a "custom", while saying its a "rare limited edition hard to find" toy in the description. 

    I guess you New York people get to go hunting!

    Thanks to Lauren for the heads up!

  • Las Pegasus: The Truth Comes Out!

    I actually got around 10 or so emails when that poll went up a while back going into fine detail on why I am the worst person on the planet for not calling it Los Pegasus instead of Las Pegasus.  They also stole my cat.

    It looks like the folks voting for "Las" were in the right though! Vegas was the intended city according to M.A. Larson on Twitter.  Casinos, Magic Shows, Showmares, and more can be found in Equestrias Very own Sin City. 

    Now give me back my cat!
  • Story Updates May 24th (Evening)

    Story updates coming in swarms as usual.  Check them all out below!

  • Avengers Re-enacted by Ponies

    It seems like just yesterday I was posting another one of these.  Talk about fast animation!  Fans of The Avengers will probably find something to enjoy here.  I could definitely see Rainbow Dash as Tony Stark. 

    Check it out after the break!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #456

    Murder mystery edition!  I remember reading a ton of these style books as a kid.  It's a shame the genre has lost the spotlight. 

    I tossed some of the trailing Sibsy art in here as well.  I think that about covers it for EQD submissions.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Drawfriend Stuff - Wildfire Edition

    Looks like you guys responded even better than expected to the blurb in yesterday's drawfriend.  I had more Wildfire art submissions than normal art, enough to build her a completely focused drawfriend.

    Have a bunch of stuff after the break! And happy birthday once again Sibsy, you deserve it!

    Source 1
  • Comic: Happy Birthday Sibsy! / Hapvw Mnulh Uulalkvmi / Sibsy's Berry Punch / How Sibsy Got in the Show

    Onward to Phase 3: Wildfire Comics.  We start with one by the ever talented Pixelkitties, and continue on with a language I can't seem to find the roots in, and two behind the scenes at DHX tributes.  Click for full as always!

  • Flash: Low Flier / Happy Birthday Sibsy / Wild Fire Hellion / Happy Birthday Sibsy / Sibsy's Birthday Card

    And round 2 for the Sibsy Birthday post celebration: Flash, Animations, Lasers and Videos!  Pretty much everything has been covered this time around.  Click each of them for the full versions as always with media style posts! 

    The drawfriend should be done by 3:00, and I'll sneak comics in somewhere between this post and that.

  • Instrumental Music: Wildfire rock / Burn Me Alive

    As many of you have probably gathered by now, it is officially Sibsys Birthday! What does that mean? Incoming a flood of  Wildefire and Vinyl Scratch related posts! I asked for submissions to be sent before noon, and holy Celestia did I get a bunch!

    First off we have some Wildfire Rock from Mandopony, and a vocal song by DongleKunquat. The drawfriend will be either in the next hour or next two hours, and comics/flash some time in between.

    Anyway, check this one out after the break!

  • Story: Two Peas In A Pod


    Author: Blueshift
    Description: "Like two peas in a pod we did everything together!" sang Twilight in the season finale. But what if she was letting on more than everyone else knew? What if Twilight really was a pea?
    Two Peas In A Pod

    Additional Tags: Pod ponies, peas, changelings, awkward
  • Comic: Waiting for Season 3 / Pancake Time / Rainbow's World

    Season 3 seems so far off, but it's already been a few weeks since season 2's finale. Something about pony just makes time fly! Before we know it season 3 will be on the horizon with promises of more pony fun!

    More comics for you guys. Click for full as always!

  • Remix/Vocal Music: Azure (Ft. Zatslol) / Love Is In Bloom ~Super Street Fighter II Remix~ / So Many Wonders

    Lots of great vocal tracks coming out lately! Lets start off with one this time around, and finish with a few remixes!

    1.) Azure (Ft. Zatslol)
    2.) Love Is In Bloom ~Super Street Fighter II Remix~
    3.) 3ight8it [music] So Many Wonders (Remix)

  • Flash: A Night to Remember

    Titanic and Ponies? I have to admit, I always did like the movie as a kid, even if I really didn't pay much attention to anything other than a giant ship sinking. 

    Check it out here!
  • Bronyville Episode 55 – Friendship is Commercialized

    55 episodes? That's a lot of podcastin! Check it out below. 
    Greetings EQD readership!
    As we continue our ways through the harsh ponyless summer we still are
    providing you with fantastic MLP shows every week! This week Sandy and
    I were joined by Sethisto and Inky Spots to talk about John DeLancie’s
    new pet projects and the nifty words he said about us, what’s cooking
    with Anthony Bordain, and then interviewing CoderBrony whose Brony
    Thank You project aims to air a commercial on the HUB for and by
    Check out out here!
    Or on iTunes!
  • Music: First Night Alone

    A vocal song about time traveling Colgate? It's about time!

    All Levels At Once and ThatsonofaMitch have teamed up to create one of the stand out tracks of the month! Time to celebrate with some Nightly Media.  Check it out after the break! 

  • Story Updates May 24th (Morning)

    Story update time!  Always did love the cover on this one..

  • Nightly Roundup #328

    Why does filly Twilight have to be so cute? Every time I see a picture of her I have to stop and make sure my heart didn't just stop.

    The tired science pony is here once again to provide you with the Roundup! Check out all the pony news after the break.